This morning was a bit sad because I headed out to work and well, Gus did what he always does when I leave at the early hours of the morning… he heads to Jenn’s room to crash. I told him I was sorry and that I promise it’ll be okay. He also toddled back out to tell me the Evil El Asshole was in our bedroom and life was unfair.

I told him I agreed with that. But that Badger would leave him alone if he crashed in his doggie bed.

Andi was there this morning to kit the Potato up and from the sounds of it, while he was ready to go, he’s gotten a bit too much treats. So, we have to be diligent about not turning him into a sausage.

From His Auntie Jessica:
Gus had a fun walk! He got tired barking at everyone so he didn’t want to walk too far. Once he laid down and wouldn’t keep walking, we turned around and came back home. See him soon!

Monday’s Bork

The Potato spent the weekend supervising all of the activity in the house and was the project manager for many people. So today, he ventured out again and promptly began telling his Aunt Jessica all about his weekend and probably his new dog bed.
Life is very exciting for the Potato… including a NEW KIND of treat he got from his Aunt Meegan. He came back happy, tired and thirsty… and now he’s snoring away on his bed.
And he got the carpet a bit damp from drinking water and his paws are wet.

From his Auntie Jessica…

Hi Reece,

It was nice and cold out this morning so Gus didn’t get too tired! He had fun rolling around in the grass and he also did go poop today! There were a few kids playing in a bouncy house that were smiling and waving at him, so he said hi back and did lots of borking! I’ll see him next week.

Best, Jessica

Friday Borking Report…. And So Many Changes

There’s a LOT of activity here and the Potato is very chill and happy. BUT today became even better because…. BORKING AND AUNTIE JESSICA!

He hit the ground borking and came back happy, covered in pieces of damp grass bits and just generally pleased with himself. He came in, danced around, drank a lot of water then crashed.

So… it’s a GOOD Potato Day.

From his Aunt Jessica:
Gus had a fun Bork this nice Friday morning! There were a few dogs walking off their leashes but they stayed away from Gus so it was all good. I hope he’s having fun with all the people over!


Today’s BORKING REPORT! The Blond Potato Cruises!

The Potato got his eye binged because I accidentally poke him in the eye putting his kit on. He forgave me but there was a lot of side-eye. LOTS OF SIDE-EYE.
Mother, why did you do that to me? I am a good Borker!
He got over it with a few scritches. THEN his Aunt Jessica arrived without warning! Which was fine because the text just didn’t hit and he was ready and he was SOOOOO HAPPY!
And promptly began borking to tell her he’d been poked in the eye and the asshole cat got out yesterday and was a continuous asshole all day.
Dog’s a Narc.
From his Aunt Jessica:
The walk went pretty smooth! There wasn’t many people out. We also made it almost the full distance before he laid down and wanted to walk back! Hope he’s relaxing now!

Today’s Borking Report

Today’s Borking Report

It is FREAKING hot again today. We’re supposed to have cooler weather but it’s kind of warm out but not so warm that the Borker can’t go for his walk.

And yes, if it’s too warm, he skips. One, if you can’t lay your hand on the sidewalk and hold it there for 30 seconds without it burning, no walkies. Hell, 10 seconds.

He’s already had an exciting morning because he toddled out through the front door to investigate the charity pick up which is NOT something he’s allowed to do. He borked some instructions at the men… not in an aggressive ways… but probably to say.. why aren’t you wearing masks and pick up with your legs not your back, man!
He was then picked up and carried unceremoniously back into the house like a sack of potatoes! But he was sweet and wagging his tail.

His Aunt Jessica came while the garbage truck came by and there were SO many people out. Most not wearing masks or just existing! So much borking.

From his Aunt Jessica:
Hot day today! We took the walk very slow and I let Gus lay down and take a break wherever he needed! Quite a few people out today so we made sure to keep our distance.




BORKING REPORT! Monday’s Bork!

First off, it’s really hot and muggy here. Was a bit concerned about the rising temp but it was still cool enough for him to go out. The Blond Potato was in no mood to be denied.
Sure as heck, as soon as he saw his Auntie Jessica, it was a scolding bork for her to hurry up the walk so he could go! Not even a glance back.
He’s in his cool down and probably later, I’m going to have to give him a bath because I think someone put fish emulsion on their yard or something because he’s… hauna. That’s a good Hawaiian word for all of you to learn. Hauna (HOW-nah). It means stinky. He’s grubby and a bit… redolent.
From his Auntie Jessica:
We took a long shade break about half way through. I wanted to make sure Gus stayed cool on this hot day! We had a fun walk though!