Mid-May Borking Report

Today’s Borking Report!
I was dead asleep when Paige arrived. I’ve not been sleeping well at night, joints and muscles hurting and well, today is also the day I go in to get a CT scan to see if things are healed up enough for me to get the tubes out tomorrow. So… if they don’t come out, I have no idea what I’m gonna do because dudes…
But this isn’t about me, it’s about the Borker who actually had to be rousted out of bed this morning. And then he decided he wanted to go potty BEFORE his Auntie got here. Then he went into full seal mode while getting his kit on in the hopes of a belly rub.
But Auntie Paige came and took him out. Which he apparently enjoyed thoroughly. And now, he’s snoozing in his bed, enjoying the mild weather and the light breeze we have coming thru the open doors of the house.
Sometimes, a Potato just needs a chill day.
From his Auntie Paige:
Gus walked to the stop sign and told the world he was there! 🙂 Then on the way home, one door over, he found some lovely grass to roll on and happened to get his muzzle off! It was so close to home that I just carried it with us and there were no incidents.
Cheers, Paige

Today’s Borking Report!

Today’s Borking Report!
The Potato wasn’t awake or wanting to be awake this morning but was dressed with minimum of fuss after finally being coaxed out of his camo bed. Then he sat there and side-eyed me for a bit as it to say… Well, you got me the fuck out of bed, where’s my donuts?
And of course I was tending to medical issues when Auntie Paige came by to grab the Borker but I certainly could hear him.
He came back quite happy with himself and cavorted about. Talked story with Paige for a bit while he wandered and tootled because at some point last night, he got a bit of fried beans into him and we’ve been paying THAT price all night. So it was a fantastic bork with lots of scritches afterwards.
And then a bath. So he’s sleeping that off as well.
From his Auntie Paige:
Gus the sweet potato had a good patrol around the neighborhood. Today he was more relaxed than usual because there wasn’t a lot of people around. There was one bike going by that Gus wanted to talk to but that’s it. 🙂

Today’s BORKING REPORT! Marching On!

The Potato was up and ready when his Auntie Paige arrived. He took a little bit to sniff her out because well, she’s not quite known but then after a scritch, he was all… OH HEY! YEAH!
I of course spent a few seconds talking to her so we were promptly scolded about it. Because… BORKING is serious business and when it’s time to BORK, it is TIME TO BORK! Talk later.
He continued to scold and gossip as he went out, par for the course for the Potato and when he came home, he was over the moon and rolling about. Auntie Paige sat down and chatted for a few moments, giving him more scritches and I was able to unload about five pounds of Lion Coffee onto her. Trust me, we do not lack coffee in this house. SO MUCH COFFEE. I periodically send it off because I just can’t consume that much.
Gus was quite happy and tired, crashing hard about an hour later and Paige discovered you just cannot slow-his-roll when he’s out BORKING. He’s a strong little dog with opinions and he’s there to patrol. He did stop and potty, which is a huge sign of trust for him because he doesn’t potty outside of his back yard unless he trusts who he’s with. So kudos to Paige for that.
And right now, he’s snoring like he’s a band saw. Full belly, warm bed, and a safe home.
From his Auntie Paige:
Good morning! 🙂 I just realized by looking at this picture attached to hear that me and Gus match today! We’ve both got purple and blue on. 🙂
As mentioned, he did all his business while on patrol down the street. Thank you so much!
Best, Paige

Last Borking Day with The Potato’s Auntie Jessica

Last Borking Day With Auntie Jessica
It actually is a sad day at the Cabin today as this was the final Borking with The Potato’s Auntie Jessica. She has been walking him for a few years and he was the only dog who remained her client thru the pandemic. She had other clients come and go but the Potato… who has always been her very favourite… has been with her since the beginning.
She was able to take him for a bork and he told her about his life and he got to scold the workers across the street. A typical Bork for him and his Auntie. The hardest part is, him not knowing this was the last time.
When they got back, she was able to spend a very long time giving scritchies and pets. And that’s when she told us today was her last day with the dog walking company and Gus was her very last walk. She wanted to say goodbye and give love to her Potato as her final hurrah. He will miss her. He loves her dearly and spent a good deal of time rolling around on the floor with her.
Of course, we’re all sobby a bit but I know she will do well. She is hoping to adopt a pit-mix named Bear who has a fear of the outside and we told her to please have them contact us so we can recommend her for Bear’s placement as she’s worked with Gus’ fear aggression for years and is familiar with all of the processes we use to de-escalate and keep him on an even keel.
So a very sad day for the humans and a very happy, satisfying day for the Potato. His Auntie Paige starts on Monday and we’ll see how they get on. I think it’ll be fine.
Best of Luck, Jessica!
From his Auntie Jessica
I had so much fun with Gus these past 2 years! I will miss him so much! I hope he does well with Paige and gives her as much love as he gave me. Thanks so much for everything and I wish you all the best!
Best, Jessica

First Bork of March!

Today’s Borking Report…
This is the next to the last Auntie Jessica walk with the Potato. I wasn’t home for this one but I will be for the last one and then for his first one with Auntie Paige.
But I did get reports that he was a grumpy old man and didn’t want to get out of bed but then… I imagine as always, he saw his Auntie and was like… Dunno who those people are, gotta go now.
I came home and it was warm out so we had all the fans on in the house… house is very cool inside and the Potato just slept thru me coming in and the cats serenading me. Because he’s like that. But once he rambled on it, he gave me a grin and much tail wags… then right back to sleep in his living room bed.
It’s a tough Potato life.
From his Auntie Jessica
Gus was walking fast today! I think maybe he just wanted to get back inside! It was a hot day but I think he liked the heat. Hope he gets plenty of rest and treats!
Best, Jessica

Last Borking Day in Feb!

Today’s Borking Report!
We only have TWO more walks with Auntie Jessica and then Auntie Paige will take over. She came by to visit with the Potato and he gave his Potato approval very quickly, rolling over for scritches and belly rubs. Auntie Jessica arrived at the end of the session and took the Borker out so Auntie Paige had the unique experience of hearing him sing the song of his people as he left the house.
Which I am sure the neighbours love but hey, if I have to listen to a really off key church band the entire summer, they can listen to my dog bark for a minute.
Okay, the band isn’t the neighbourhood’s fault but I’m placing it there, damn it.
It was cold today. Probably should / could have dressed the Potato a bit warmer but he literally was out the door before you could say BOO when his Auntie got here. We’ll see how it is on Tuesday.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus was so happy today. I’m glad he liked the new walker! He did do a bit of barking and saying hi to everyone we passed. He did a lot of rolling around in the grass too! I think he loved the warmer weather today.
Best, Jessica

Today’s Borking Report…and it is HOT outside!

Today’s Borking Report!
It is VERY hot outside today with temps going to hit the HIGH 80s but it was still cool enough for the Potato to go Borking.
He was very happy to see his Auntie Jessica and went out today NEKKID! Because it was very warm. We’ll be tossing on the fans and thankfully because the house is adobe, the interior will be cool. Also since the temp drops down to the 40s at night, we’re not carrying that heat all thru the evening. The Potato is happy about that too.
He came home, cavorted mightily and Harley rolled all over his kit. Because she’s a weirdo. Now she’s killing her blue squid toy and he’s lounging in his bed.
All is right in the world of the Gus Gus.
From his Auntie Jessica:
It’s a hot day I hope Gus stays cool and gets some rest! He was so happy today! He rolled around in all the grass and said hi to everyone we saw. I’ll see him soon!

Today’s Borking Report…

Today’s Borking Report… which is kind of covered by cat spit because Harley is VERY invested in getting scritches today and she bites and licks.
California is a bit warmer today so the Borking Potato went out in lighter gear. He for some reason loves to roll around when someone is trying to get him kitted up. Or at least when others do. He’s pretty well behaved for me. He’s a dork.
He was so very excited and happy when he came back and rolled around like a mad thing. It’s been a good Gus Gus morning. And he’s been loving his new food, a combination of dehydrated raw and refrigerated “fresh”. Since he likes it a bit soupy, I do add more water than necessary but like I’ve said, he’s an odd dog.
He also LURVES his Auntie Jessica and came back grinning after spending time with her.
From his Auntie Jessica
Gus is so happy today! He said hi to some people out on walks. He did a lot of rolling around in the grass too! I hope he gets some rest today!

Jan 27 Borking Report for the Potato!

Today’s Borking Report….
Today was a bit chilly but the Potato was ready to go! He was very happy to see his Auntie Jessica and had a LOT to tell her. Probably even about the two tiny sausages he got yesterday (which had his pills in them) and of course, the mashed potatoes and chicken food he had for dinner last night. And the belly scritches he got this morning.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus is so happy! There were a lot of people out walking right when we started the walk so he did a lot of barking. It was pretty empty out the second half of the walk but I think he was tired out from all the borking! I hope he’s feeling better! Have a good weekend!

Jan 25 Borking Report: The Potato has Borked!

Today’s a rather odd weathered January 25th and the first borking day in over a week. Last week, it was too cold and then the Potato had a quick pop down to the vets because his “allergies” were just getting out of control. Now, mind you… did all the things to contain his allergies then in the back of my head I remembered, he had a skin infection once that looked like this.
Because Cairn Terrorists DO get skin infections. They are such delicate grubby beasts.
So he went to the vet, got a few shots — including his boosters — was made a HUGE fuss over because he’s a darling pupper and no one can say otherwise. No really, the techs and vets down there love him. And he loves them. He’s very friendly. Just agoraphobic or something. But he does well and he came home with a few meds to take and a dreaded shampoo bottle for frequent baths.
Today however, it was Auntie Jessica day and while it was a bit nippy in the morning, he headed out and went for his Bork with tail held high and a bounce to his step.
A bounce he still had when he came back because he ran about and cavorted like a mad thing and finally wound down enough to say goodbye to his Auntie. His Auntie Jessica who gave him a BELLY RUB! He got his meds in some cheese and all was right with the world.
Right now, he’s snoring away and enjoying the nice weather. In a few hours, there will probably be lawn guys to bork at and his day will be complete.
From his Auntie Jessica:
I think Gus missed his walks! He was so happy today! He said hi to a lot of people out this morning on walks. I hope he’s feeling better after the vet last week!
Best, Jessica