Monday’s Borking Report…

Monday’s Borking Report!

After a long stretch of too-cold weather with periodic episodes of a sick Auntie Paige and a lazy Potato, we finally had a Bork!

Yesterday was kind of busy because the Potato’s Auntie Abby came by to help do some stuff around the house (’cause I am on restricted activities) so the Potato got some scritches and love before Auntie Paige showed up.

One look at his Auntie Paige and it was pretty obvious Gus wanted to go for a bork. So, he got all kitted up and went out the door… only to discover the Instacart delivery guy was coming up the walk. So… a MIGHTY bork before they even hit the sidewalk. Abby grabbed the bag and Gus made sure the driver knew he best be on his way because the Potato was going to throw some paws if he came near the Aunties.

Well, he borked up a fest then continued on his merry way. From what I could hear, he grumbled a bit just to warn people he meant business and then they were off.

He came back to even more scritches, a lot of love, and a doggy ice cream.

It’s hard to be a Potato….

From his Auntie Paige:
Gus had a mighty Bork today! There really wasn’t much to bork out at, so that’s nice. He had a relatively peaceful walk until we got to the end of the street and that’s where the mighty bork came out. Of course that’s all aside from the delivery driver but you heard that commotion.
Best, Paige

Today’s Borking Report….

Today’s Borking Report!

It’s been a bit since the Potato has gone on a bork but weather and events just made it difficult. However, today was a Borking Day and after some hard grumbling, the Potato realized he actually DID want to go Borking. So he was dressed and raring to go off with his Auntie Paige.

It was a good long bork and there were people strolling about which he did take offense to because we have a storm brewing and they need to be indoors! Gus was quick to tell them to take shelter before the winds and rain picked up again. Then he came home, got lots of belly rubs and scritches… and had some ice cream.

And of course, even more scritches and love. Because it’s a spoil the Potato day.

From his Auntie Paige:

Friday! Woohoo! 🙂 Gus celebrated with a good Bork to remind the neighborhood who’s boss. He rubbed the mask off his face on a lovely patch of grass but I put it back on.

Thank you so much!
Best, Paige

Today’s Borking Report… 10 Feb 2023

Today’s Borking Report…

It was warm enough and the Potato was moving well enough to go on a Bork. He’s gotten a few new beds with thicker memory foam and it’s a flat surface instead of the curved beds he’s had in the past. This of course means that Harley can claim a corner as hers and they can share the sleep space.

He was definitely happy to go on a Bork when his Auntie got here and the world was informed of his presence within moments of Gus leaving the house. As it should be.

It was a lovely day and the Potato had a great time!

From his Auntie Paige:

Gus started borking in the middle of this picture! He definitely fulfilled his borking requirements for the day. 🙂

Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re doing well after your procedure!

Best, Paige

Ask Not For Whom The Potato Borks…

Today’s Borking Report!

It’s been really cold and rainy lately so the Borking Potato has been getting visits and scritches from his Auntie Paige instead of going for a Bork but today, he ventured outside a bit… mostly to roll in the grass and make sure the neighbourhood knew he was still on the job.

It was slow waking up for him because he was so comfy and snoring but I got him kitted up in his new jacket. When Paige got here, we let him decide if he wanted to go. He had a huge week with bathing, borking, and brushing as well as coming up onto my bed to sleep one night because he just wanted to. He used to sleep on my bed every night but… change is bad for the Borker and when I moved my bedroom around, he decided the bed was in a different dimension and he was just going to sleep on HIS bed in my room.

But… he must have been feeling a bit tender inside and wanted up. Went to his standard corner, fluffed up the pillows there and then crashed until it was time to get up. He has a much better time sleeping when he’s on my bed but well, seeing as my body springs massive leaks for no reason, it’s problematic sharing a bed with me. It worked out for him and he woke up feeling much more secure.

And right now, he’s snoring away. He needs a bit more brushing, especially his face but when he came back from his Bork, Auntie Paige visited with him for a long time, scritching his back, ears, and belly. So we have a very content Potato.

From his Auntie Paige:
So good to see you! Gus made it about two houses down before he said it’s ok to go home now. He did plenty of barking and grass nuzzling! 🙂

Best, Paige

Today’s Borking Report… and man it’s cold!

Today’s Borking Report!
I just got the picture for the day. Auntie Paige had a small dog poop emergency this morning and it kind of threw the day off but it’s all better now. We got her a London Fog Latte from Starbucks after the Bork as a pick me up for the morning. Because she deserves it.
It was chilly this morning and of course the Potato has been shorn. It’s sweater time and I need to go dig out his thicker clothing for the upcoming Winter months.
There was much borking today and we were scolded for talking a little bit. There are rules! When he came back, the Borker insisted on having his Auntie undress him. He wouldn’t come to me but eventually got stripped down to nekkid and he could roll about.
And right now, he’s eaten his dinner and is snorfling about to head over to his living room bed. There’s been a lot of shuffling about today. Just wandering about and settling in for naps everywhere he can. And of course, he just went to investigate the back yard a bit because well, I’m sure he’s telling the possums and other wildlife that it’s time for bed.
Also… our “trash neighbour” is a lovely man named Rich who brings the bins up for us. We also call him the trash faerie and every other week or so, I send gifts to him and his family. Mostly ordering in things that they’ve never had or stuff from the Asian bakeries that I know they would like. Sometimes a cheese and meat board. Because it’s a tremendous help and he’s a dear. Gus does like him.
From his Auntie Paige:
I’ve captured Gus’s enemy on the photo today. He was not happy about that noisy truck! Sure he also barked at your trash neighbor but the carpet cleaner was the real issue.
Thank you so much for having me as your walker!
Best, Paige

Today’s Borking Report! And a groomed Potato!

Today’s Borking Report…

Well I was taking a shower when Auntie Paige got here so I missed her but I definitely heard the Potato leaving because there was BORKING to be done!

He apparently had a fantastic time because he’s snoring away in his living room bed and enjoying the 72ºF / 22ºC weather. I’ve got the doors open (the screen doors are still closed so no bugs in and no cats out) and he’s getting a nice light breeze coming off the back yard.

Mostly, he’s snoring.

I’ll be spatchcocking a turkey later because I was just too creaky yesterday to cook but oh we shall have food tonight. 😀 I’m still debating if I should marshmallow the sweet potatoes. I mean, that IS traditional but I’m also just fond of mashed sweet potatoes with butter. Oh… since it’s Friday, maybe I should see if I can order some purple ones and have those instead. 😀

Hey! The Borker DID get a groom and is looking snazzy. He does like getting groomed. Spa days for the Potato are a good thing.

From his Auntie Paige:

Today, Gus had two things to bork at and had to pick which one he was going to concentrate on. We were walking by somebody’s house and they walked out of their front door just as we got by them. And then a UPS truck drove past. Gus picked that UPS! He completely ignored the people and let them go on their merry way. 🙂

Best, Paige

Today’s Borking Report

Borks were postponed due to travel and COVID but we are back on sked!


Ah, it’s been very cool in the morning so the Potato had to get his jacket on. Of course Paige and I got scolded because we were chatting about something and holding up his Bork. We HAVE to remember, Bork First, Talk Later.

He apparently had a grand time on his bork and came home very very happy and tired. Currently, he’s snoozing on his bed in the living room.

On Weds, his Auntie Charity will be here to give him a nice scrubbing and a trim because he is a stinky, itchy pupper who needs a good haircut. We’ll see how it goes. 😀

From his Auntie Paige:
Gus had a relatively quiet walk until on the way home a man on a bicycle went by and Gus thought that was very rude of him and had to say so!

I love his big puffer jacket! It makes him look very official. 🙂


Halloween Borking Report!

Yesterday’s Borking Report…

Sorry for being late but it was Halloween and there was a ton of stuff going on. Like all of the stuff. Despite this, the Potato was primed and ready to head out, hovering at my heels when I went to unlock the wooden door for Auntie Paige. Literally scolded us before we could chat, waited patiently for her to grab his leash and then it was… feck ya, ma… ah’m away.

He had a good bork and when he came back, Paige and I talked about Portugal and the benefits of spending more time in Porto than Lisboa as well as the food she encountered. And of course, the booze. Because well, if you haven’t ever been hammered off of ginja, were you REALLY in Portugal?

She got fat and happy about the cheese and the other fare… as well as discovering my mother’s people are very much carnivores and while she’s vegetarian, there was still plenty to eat. And of course, drink.

So a good time was had by all….

From his auntie Paige:
Good morning and happy Halloween!

Gus pooped in the middle of the sidewalk and only took a short break from borking to do so. Otherwise we didn’t find much to Bork at!

Thank you so much! See you Friday!

Best, Paige

Weds Borking Report… ‘Cause well, I’m late with it.

Weds Borking Report!

I didn’t forget so much as I couldn’t remember to do it. HAH!

The Borking Potato went out on Wednesday and it’s always funny when he’s gearing up to go out. He hates being woken up. Hates getting dressed. Pouts for a bit and then when his Auntie gets here, he stares at her for a little bit. THEN needs to sort of be cajoled to her, because he loves that attention as if to say, I GUESS I’ll go for a bork with you because you obviously need it.

BUT if you talk to Auntie Paige and delay the bork, we get scolded. Very sharply. In no uncertain terms, we are told to shush and let him be about his business.

And then when he comes back, he’s like a puppy who fell into a pile of treats. And he’s very happy. And very tired.

But so so happy.

From his Auntie Paige
I love this photo because Gus and I ate matchy matchy with our purples and blues. 🙂 Hopefully he doesn’t get sore today.

Have a good day! Thank you so much for having me as your Walker!

Best, Paige

Today’s Borking Report (And DRAMATIC Photo)

Today’s Borking Report!

The Potato was eager to go out and probably overdid it because he’s got a slight limp to his front right paw. As soon as he lets me, I’ll investigate his pad to see if he has something in it. It might even just be a small mat of fur. Or he stepped on something wrong.

Apparently there were many people to bork at and he stopped at every lawn to roll in. Because of course he did. Now he’s home and asleep on the floor instead of on one of the trillion beds he has throughout the house.

From his Auntie Paige:
I got a dramatic shot of Gus in front of the sun and barking to the world! 🙂 I am sorry though that he came back with a limp. He tried running most of the way to the stop sign and back and I tried to curb the running.

Thank you so much!

Best, Paige