Monday’s Borking Report… Or When My Dog Decided He’s An Olympic Runner

Delayed Borking Report from Monday!

Things have been… well, my body decided my manageable state shouldn’t be manageable so… well, here we are 😀 The Potato, however, has been a delight although he does need a good scrubbing.

He was ready for his Auntie Paige when she got here. He does need to get up close to see who is there but I’m certain eventually he’ll be able to scent her better. It depends. Some people he KNOWS like Meegan McNelly, his Aunty Holly, Jennifer Wolfe, Bru Baker, Bee Nels and her kids / husband Tim and of course his Irish Scritcher, TA Moore… as well as others. But it takes him a bit. He does love his Auntie Paige but he also is VERY much aware that she cannot wrestle him back once he goes into full tank mode.

Because apparently Monday was ENGAGE TANK MODE!

This is when the Potato decides that despite his 14 years on this rock, he was Tamakoce Te’Hila personified and takes off running. Once he hits a stride, good luck pulling him off of it and apparently off they went.

It’s not good for him. He IS old and his joints will ache. He also pulled something in his left back leg but he LEEROY JENKINed his way through his bork and came back quite smug.

Borking is VERY serious business after all.

We’ll be skipping tomorrow because I have to get labwork done and then the Badger needs to go get his neck looked at. Coffee will definitely be had.

From his Auntie Paige
Good morning! Glad to see you two! 🙂 As I mentioned Gus wanted to run today despite my protests. Hopefully his foot is OK. Let me know if he needs a rest from walking on Wednesday.

Best, Paige

Today’s Borking Report…

Today’s Borking Report!

We skipped Monday because it was a holiday and it would be unfair for everyone to get to sleep in except for Auntie Paige. Even Gus slept in and then had a good day.

And he was ready to get dressed when it was time. All kitted up, he was waiting for his Auntie with so much happiness… also he borked at us for talking to her. Because we’re NOT ALLOWED to talk before bork.

Borking is VERY serious business. Lots of work to be done in a very short amount of time so he needed to get on with it.

He’s such an odd Potato. But we love him.

From his Auntie Paige:
Gus saw a woman with a stroller today across the street going the same direction as us so he spent the time looking over and borking as we walked. She smiled and waved so she must have understood that it’s not personal. 🙂

Best, Paige

A Borking Potato and Char Siu Tofu

Today’s Borking Report….
Monday mornings are not the best Potato time and really who can blame him. The house was up early and he shuffled off outside to have his morning constitutional then shuffled to his living room bed. Then his Auntie called and there was a brief tussle in dressing him. It’s like dressing a limp toddler who doesn’t want to wear anything but his dinosaur underwear and who cares if we’re going to see grandma?
He had a lovely bork, came back and cavorted while we talked about tofu and how to prepare it… and I find out Auntie and her BF are using papertowels and their hands to press the water out of their tofu.
I gave them an unopened tofu press and said, welcome to the not doing that. We’ve been using tofu presses for centuries and maybe let’s not go backwards and use rolls of towels. Save the environment. Also, just twist the lever, put it in the fridge and walk off.
I also introduced her to char siu and chili crisps… and told her how to prepare it for pressed tofu. Well the char siu. Chili crisps go on anything.
Having a tofu press is great for removing all that excess water and then being able to soak it in a marinade or sauce to give it flavour. You also want to press the water out so you can deep fry the tofu after rolling it into seasoned cornstarch (potato starch works too) I think they call it corn flour but not to be confused with masa… a totally different corn flour.
Auntie also caught him in FULL BORK so…. this is him policing the neighbourhood and telling the lawn guys what to do.
From his Auntie Paige
Good morning!
Gus did not know I was standing by him for this picture and was shocked by it! He had otherwise been engaged in a good general Bork to tell the neighborhood to behave!
Thank you so much!
Best, Paige

A Borking Potato and A Quick Health Update

I don’t want to beat a dead kidney to the ground but… okay the kidney isn’t dead but fucking hell, it’s been a trial and a half in dealing with this. Got word I might be sporting all three tubes again because my body refuses to be managed. It’s like it is stubborn or something. So we’ll see. I need another surgery but when is the question. I do have to be in the UK in Sept so come hell or high water… or kidney bags, I’m going to go. Because I haven’t seen the Five in years and my heart and soul is hurting without them.

It was BORKING DAY yesterday and well, stuff kind of got away from me.
Mind you, Gus was raring to go and after struggling to get him dressed… which is something he does ALL the time… for some reason, he acted like he’d been the one pushing us to get him kitted up and we were somehow reluctant to do so.
The Potato can sometimes be an asshole.
But the weather has been cool in the morning and off he went. Trust me, you could hear him. Paige adores him and that’s lovely because the Potato can have opinions, sharing them with everyone… and her… as he goes about his route.
I love him to death but he’s an odd spud.
From his Auntie Paige:
This picture is Gus trying to decide who to bark at: the landscapers or the dog across the street. He chose to do both! 🙂
Thank you so much!

First Bork of June!

Today’s Borking Report!
Auntie Paige was on vacation and I’d been doing the surgeries so Borking has been missing from Gus’ life but today, the Potato was able to go out.
Of course, we were talking a bit and got scolded because he wanted to go and there was just too much chatting. He’s hilarious when he scolds because there’s absolutely NO mistaking what he means. We were holding things up and he wanted to go on his tour.
So off he went.
He came back so freaking happy and it took a bit to strip him from his kit. And I can tell it was a good walk because he’s PASSED OUT in the middle of the living room floor.
It’s good to be a Potato today.
From Auntie Paige:
Gus took a nice long pee in your neighbor’s yard just at the outset of the walk. On our way back we were a yard or so behind a chocolate lab on a walk and Gus followed with gusto! 🙂
Best, Paige

Mid-May Borking Report

Today’s Borking Report!
I was dead asleep when Paige arrived. I’ve not been sleeping well at night, joints and muscles hurting and well, today is also the day I go in to get a CT scan to see if things are healed up enough for me to get the tubes out tomorrow. So… if they don’t come out, I have no idea what I’m gonna do because dudes…
But this isn’t about me, it’s about the Borker who actually had to be rousted out of bed this morning. And then he decided he wanted to go potty BEFORE his Auntie got here. Then he went into full seal mode while getting his kit on in the hopes of a belly rub.
But Auntie Paige came and took him out. Which he apparently enjoyed thoroughly. And now, he’s snoozing in his bed, enjoying the mild weather and the light breeze we have coming thru the open doors of the house.
Sometimes, a Potato just needs a chill day.
From his Auntie Paige:
Gus walked to the stop sign and told the world he was there! 🙂 Then on the way home, one door over, he found some lovely grass to roll on and happened to get his muzzle off! It was so close to home that I just carried it with us and there were no incidents.
Cheers, Paige

Today’s Borking Report!

Today’s Borking Report!
The Potato wasn’t awake or wanting to be awake this morning but was dressed with minimum of fuss after finally being coaxed out of his camo bed. Then he sat there and side-eyed me for a bit as it to say… Well, you got me the fuck out of bed, where’s my donuts?
And of course I was tending to medical issues when Auntie Paige came by to grab the Borker but I certainly could hear him.
He came back quite happy with himself and cavorted about. Talked story with Paige for a bit while he wandered and tootled because at some point last night, he got a bit of fried beans into him and we’ve been paying THAT price all night. So it was a fantastic bork with lots of scritches afterwards.
And then a bath. So he’s sleeping that off as well.
From his Auntie Paige:
Gus the sweet potato had a good patrol around the neighborhood. Today he was more relaxed than usual because there wasn’t a lot of people around. There was one bike going by that Gus wanted to talk to but that’s it. 🙂

Today’s BORKING REPORT! Marching On!

The Potato was up and ready when his Auntie Paige arrived. He took a little bit to sniff her out because well, she’s not quite known but then after a scritch, he was all… OH HEY! YEAH!
I of course spent a few seconds talking to her so we were promptly scolded about it. Because… BORKING is serious business and when it’s time to BORK, it is TIME TO BORK! Talk later.
He continued to scold and gossip as he went out, par for the course for the Potato and when he came home, he was over the moon and rolling about. Auntie Paige sat down and chatted for a few moments, giving him more scritches and I was able to unload about five pounds of Lion Coffee onto her. Trust me, we do not lack coffee in this house. SO MUCH COFFEE. I periodically send it off because I just can’t consume that much.
Gus was quite happy and tired, crashing hard about an hour later and Paige discovered you just cannot slow-his-roll when he’s out BORKING. He’s a strong little dog with opinions and he’s there to patrol. He did stop and potty, which is a huge sign of trust for him because he doesn’t potty outside of his back yard unless he trusts who he’s with. So kudos to Paige for that.
And right now, he’s snoring like he’s a band saw. Full belly, warm bed, and a safe home.
From his Auntie Paige:
Good morning! 🙂 I just realized by looking at this picture attached to hear that me and Gus match today! We’ve both got purple and blue on. 🙂
As mentioned, he did all his business while on patrol down the street. Thank you so much!
Best, Paige

Last Borking Day with The Potato’s Auntie Jessica

Last Borking Day With Auntie Jessica
It actually is a sad day at the Cabin today as this was the final Borking with The Potato’s Auntie Jessica. She has been walking him for a few years and he was the only dog who remained her client thru the pandemic. She had other clients come and go but the Potato… who has always been her very favourite… has been with her since the beginning.
She was able to take him for a bork and he told her about his life and he got to scold the workers across the street. A typical Bork for him and his Auntie. The hardest part is, him not knowing this was the last time.
When they got back, she was able to spend a very long time giving scritchies and pets. And that’s when she told us today was her last day with the dog walking company and Gus was her very last walk. She wanted to say goodbye and give love to her Potato as her final hurrah. He will miss her. He loves her dearly and spent a good deal of time rolling around on the floor with her.
Of course, we’re all sobby a bit but I know she will do well. She is hoping to adopt a pit-mix named Bear who has a fear of the outside and we told her to please have them contact us so we can recommend her for Bear’s placement as she’s worked with Gus’ fear aggression for years and is familiar with all of the processes we use to de-escalate and keep him on an even keel.
So a very sad day for the humans and a very happy, satisfying day for the Potato. His Auntie Paige starts on Monday and we’ll see how they get on. I think it’ll be fine.
Best of Luck, Jessica!
From his Auntie Jessica
I had so much fun with Gus these past 2 years! I will miss him so much! I hope he does well with Paige and gives her as much love as he gave me. Thanks so much for everything and I wish you all the best!
Best, Jessica

First Bork of March!

Today’s Borking Report…
This is the next to the last Auntie Jessica walk with the Potato. I wasn’t home for this one but I will be for the last one and then for his first one with Auntie Paige.
But I did get reports that he was a grumpy old man and didn’t want to get out of bed but then… I imagine as always, he saw his Auntie and was like… Dunno who those people are, gotta go now.
I came home and it was warm out so we had all the fans on in the house… house is very cool inside and the Potato just slept thru me coming in and the cats serenading me. Because he’s like that. But once he rambled on it, he gave me a grin and much tail wags… then right back to sleep in his living room bed.
It’s a tough Potato life.
From his Auntie Jessica
Gus was walking fast today! I think maybe he just wanted to get back inside! It was a hot day but I think he liked the heat. Hope he gets plenty of rest and treats!
Best, Jessica