Monday’s Borking Report… Or When My Dog Decided He’s An Olympic Runner

Delayed Borking Report from Monday!

Things have been… well, my body decided my manageable state shouldn’t be manageable so… well, here we are 😀 The Potato, however, has been a delight although he does need a good scrubbing.

He was ready for his Auntie Paige when she got here. He does need to get up close to see who is there but I’m certain eventually he’ll be able to scent her better. It depends. Some people he KNOWS like Meegan McNelly, his Aunty Holly, Jennifer Wolfe, Bru Baker, Bee Nels and her kids / husband Tim and of course his Irish Scritcher, TA Moore… as well as others. But it takes him a bit. He does love his Auntie Paige but he also is VERY much aware that she cannot wrestle him back once he goes into full tank mode.

Because apparently Monday was ENGAGE TANK MODE!

This is when the Potato decides that despite his 14 years on this rock, he was Tamakoce Te’Hila personified and takes off running. Once he hits a stride, good luck pulling him off of it and apparently off they went.

It’s not good for him. He IS old and his joints will ache. He also pulled something in his left back leg but he LEEROY JENKINed his way through his bork and came back quite smug.

Borking is VERY serious business after all.

We’ll be skipping tomorrow because I have to get labwork done and then the Badger needs to go get his neck looked at. Coffee will definitely be had.

From his Auntie Paige
Good morning! Glad to see you two! 🙂 As I mentioned Gus wanted to run today despite my protests. Hopefully his foot is OK. Let me know if he needs a rest from walking on Wednesday.

Best, Paige

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