Brief Update: Dinner and Gus’ Grumpy Vet Visit

The Potato Gus had to go to the vet because his skin infection came back. He loves the vets’ office. He loves his vets and the techs. Not so much love for the construction workers across the street. Borking ensued. Andi took him because not only was I stressed to hell and gone, I had a conference call and this was a pop up appointment they had come up right when I called. So off the Gus went and… he got all his boosters, a shot for the infection, two types of meds, and a bottle of shampoo which he will be scrubbed with every other day for a couple of weeks. They also cut his back nails because they were too long… because I can’t cut them and our mobile groomer rage quit on us after they left off Gus’ muzzle and a strange dog walked by when they took him out of the grooming van so he went Cujo with borking rage. No one was hurt but she was definitely… grumbly. And of course I said… we TOLD you he had to be muzzled if out in the open. I didn’t hold it against her but we never saw her again.

They said he might not be hungry and will be a bit stiff. He’s definitely stiff from the shots. He always is. BUT he is NOT off his feed.

Dinner last night was a hacked mac-and-cheese. This is the first time I’ve made “homemade” macaroni and cheese and well, I was all… fuck the recipes. Too many opinions on it and I knew the flavours I wanted to bring to the dish. It came out well. Very tasty and very much on point with the profile I wanted it to have. Seasoned to hell but that’s what I wanted.

Lastly, I wanted to leave you this, a gorgeous animation / artistic short with dinosaurs done from a naturalist POV. Can’t give enough credit to Julian Johnson-mortimer. The sheer artistry!


Home. For. The Holidays. A Four Horsemen / Kismet Short Story.

Let’s end the year with the Four and Kismet. I needed to scrape 2021 off my psyche and head into the world with a fresh step. Heh. No cat litter puns intended but there we go.

So, you can find the page for the story here. Or download the PDF from here. Have a great New Year’s. Stay safe. Stay happy.

Home. Four. The Holidays.

What I’ve Been Watching…

Recently I’ve been trying to get back into writing and doing okay at it. Slow going but the rust is coming off and it’s good to stretch the brain. So I’m having a decent amount of output but still slower than I like. I’ve discovered listening to Rob Zombie apparently helps so… there you go.

But in between the angst of scraping yet another word from my brain, I’ve been watching mini-spotlights on Japanese restaurants. The small diner kind of places that have been around for a long time. Very relaxing but also, inspiring. Well, inspiring to cook. Have a look. There are English captions on most of them and those would be helpful if you’re not familiar with Japanese food. Enjoy!

Andi Lee’s Risky Business Blog Tour Stop and Enter to Win the Tour Stop’s Giveaway!

Hello and welcome! Please introduce yourself to the reading community just in case this is the first time a reader is meeting you….

Hi Everyone! Thanks for having me Rhys. My name is Andi Lee, I come from the UK, and I like to write MM romance with HEAs!

I am well and truly owned by one tiny ferret with a huge personality called Oona (named after the fairy from Legend—love that film!) and I live in a town and have drank in a pub not too different from those in Risky Business.

Tell us a little bit about Risky Business and what spurred you to write it?
I found my first ferret around 2005 in an alleyway on my way to work one day. I picked him up and took him home — I was late for work but everyone thought it was a great excuse to be late! Then I adopted many other ferrets over the years, but on my thirty-first birthday I found another ferret on a busy road (best birthday present ever!) I knew that I could turn these two experiences into a cute love story. When both characters turned up In Mischief Maker Ben was meant to be a background character, but I just loved him paired with Dane and I knew they had to be the next couple.

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Badger… An Odd Inheritance

Badger was my sister’s cat. Jenn loved him, he was HERS and well, I never expected her to die. It’s still kind of shocking and I’m still furious about it for several reasons, many of them too personal to share but in the wake of the hole she left… for good or bad… I inherited her cat.

When he first came home, he was burdened with extremely bad manners, a suspicious nature and an injured back and leg. Something had attacked him and did some major damage but he’d been healing up well. He’d been found in the back of a taco shop which everyone assumes is how he ate but to be honest, the little bastard doesn’t eat anything but dried food so I have no idea how he survived. He refuses to eat people food. Refuses. Isn’t even remotely interested. And he’s picky about the dried food he eats. Iams only. Nothing other than Iams.

When he first arrived, he was very aggressive and warned people off. He hated the dog, hated everyone in the house, and would leap at people’s faces. This was a habit I would eventually break. Actually all of his asshole behaviour would be slowly modified over a period of time by intense snuggling when he was bad and warning him to “make good choices”. He knows what he’s doing. And I also knew he would have to learn he was safe and loved and wouldn’t lack for anything.

Over time, he did realize these things and while he wasn’t a hardcore cuddler with anyone but Jenn, he was content in his life.

Then Jenn died and he became my cat.

He’s changed a bit. More reassured, probably because there was a lot of attention spent on him. The introduction of Gojira into the household meant he had someone younger to romp around with and he became the Older Brother, the Mentor of Chaos and Destruction. They have zoomies and slap fights all the time and sometimes Harley joins in. The dog, however, does not.

There is also outside time in the catio I purchased so he can sniff at the wind and lounge in the shade without fear of predators or losing him. He does ask to go out and is very vocal about when he wants to “Go To The Hamptons”. Sometimes it’s too cold and he doesn’t care but caution has to be taken since he does have healed over damage to his spine and leg and the cold will hurt. He’s never left out there alone and when he’s done with his vacationing moment, he clearly tells you he is ready to return to the indoors.

The oddest thing has been the increased cuddling. He will cuddle with people he likes now. You have to earn his trust. There’s a clear elevation of allowed touch when he likes you and Badger will approach to grace you with a snuggle when he’s felt you’ve reached that trust level. It doesn’t take long. He’s kind of a whore but I think he believes he needs to retain his badass reputation in the household.

Which while he is a powerful and large cat with a nasty hiss, he DOES make good choices and reluctantly behaves.

But he does have I NEED SNUGGLES moments. I wonder if he misses Jenn. He did love her so even with his nasty hissy personality which to be fair, sometimes she was nasty hissy too so they got on. I also know she loved him dearly and inheriting a cat often means you associate that cat with the person you lost. I try not to but I do wonder. And I hope she knows he’s loved and well-cared for. Because he is. He’s really a good cat. He tries so hard and while his nature is abrasive, he’s secure in knowing he can reach out and get love. So long as we keep his food dish full and his water bowl clean, oh and sometimes turn on the water faucet in the bathroom to a very low trickle so he can shove his head under it and drink. He’s an odd cat but I’m thankful for him.

It’s good to still have that connection and I hope to continue to make his life a happy and healthy one for many years to come.

Today’s Borking Report… Tues Oct 5

Finally after many days of not going borking due do weather and well, a socially exhausted Potato, the Gus has gone out with his Auntie Jessica today.
When she arrived, he gave her a bit of a sideeye because he was all… where have you been? But then he went out and had a good long bork, catching her up on the past two weeks. There was a LOT of borking.
He came home, had some water and then got a coconut water wipedown because he’s a bit… ripe. But that’s from the anti-itch spray used on him. He smells much better now and the sunburn he had is healing nicely.
So it was a successful bork and he’s staring out the back window. Because you know, borking is hard work.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Great to see Gus again! He was so happy to get outside. He actually did poop on the grass today instead of the sidewalk! He loved rolling around in all the wet grass.
Regards, Jessica.

Sunday Morning, Go For A Ride…

I’m not a Beatles fan. Can take or leave them but oddly enough, the lyrics stick in my head.

We have company and are going to get dim sum today. Well in a couple of hours since dim sum is a breakfast / brunch thing. It’s a cart restaurant so you’re kind of at the mercy of the Aunties pushing the dim sum around but they’re pretty good about making sure to stop and ask if you want braised chicken feet. And well, other things.

It’s gonna be stinking hot here today because of course it is. The weekdays have been great but as soon as you catch a whiff of a Saturday or Sunday, it goes up 20 degrees. Very irritating.

So we’ll see how things go today but hopefully we’ll be able to move about without too much trouble today.

I shouldn’t start my morning off with the words… Goji, don’t eat the couch but there we are. This is my life.

Fried Chicken and Sunday.

I’m not exactly feeling on top of the world today but I oddly enough wanted fried chicken. Not the outer part necessarily but the inner tender part. There’s a “Southern” fried chicken place inside of a Chinese supermarket here called 99 Ranch. They have great fried chicken. Not as good as Jollibee’s but pretty decent. The key is that it doesn’t get soaked in grease. So that’s going to get picked at for a bit.

I don’t like greasy fried chicken. And honestly, I just want a little bit of it. I am sure as soon as Goji the Eternal Stomach realizes there’s food in the house, she’ll be here telling us all about how she’s been starving her entire life and woe is her.

This cat is NOT starving.

She DOES eat like she is. She unhinges her jaw like a moray eel and bites down viciously into the dry food. I think she’s almost at her year mark but she’s still growing and learning what it means to be a cat, including being loved. She DOES have a bathroom fetish but only for me. I cannot go to the bathroom without her supervision and right before I go to bed, she comes in to demand a bit of snuff… catnip… onto the carpeted stairs leading to the window table they lounge on. She’s settling in and doing the whole kitten thing but man she loves her brother, Badger. Which is good to see.

Now, let’s see if I can eat some dinner before I get a striped stalker sitting beneath my laptop table.