Update on Life

Well, mostly I’ve been trying to juggle doctor appointments, words and throwing out my back. It’s been a pain on all levels.

Hopefully today the appointment I have will either put everything to rest and I can go on with my bad self or it will be the start of a long haul of stuff and more appointments, depending on the outcome.

As many of you know… and I’ve been very open about… I have Aspergers and often sink into a depression. Or rather steep down further into it. The meds I’d been given were new to me and well, let’s just say all they did was make me angry and less patient. Like no filter angry. So… I’m switching again.

Now this is something a lot of people will talk about. Finding the right combo of meds to alleviate symptoms so you can reorient yourself. And a key part of that is behaviour modification as well as behaviour awareness. I react VERY badly to wellbutrin and cymbalta. I also get depressed if I have too much of anything peanut related, which sounds crazy but there were studies done on peanuts/peanut butter (as well as non-legume nuts like almonds and the like) and the effect it has on people on the spectrum. A very high percentage apparently are negatively affected by peanuts. Increases depressions, reduces the ability to manage behaviours, etc. Sometimes, sadly … I do crave peanuts, mostly peanut butter cup minis. Every once in a great while. But I’ve wandered off the point.

The point is, new meds making me raging hamster so I emailed my doc (who is new to me for these kinds of things) and said, this shit’s no bueno. So we’re switching it up before I get too far down the road with these.

Bottom line… don’t be afraid to speak up and take care of your personality when starting a new round of meds. Watch very carefully for not only physical changes but also mood swings and mental shifts.

And of course, I forgot to pick them up yesterday so.. .totally my bad. That has to get done.

The back is at the… I’m going to hurt only when you move REALLY wrong but at the same time, all of your muscles are going to ache now because you’ve kept them locked in rigid mode for the last few days because I was a fucktard spine. I’m not supposed to take ibuprofen but my kidney levels are great and well, I hurt. Ibu was taken.

I’m going to be in Florida in a few weeks. Starting in St. Pete’s then moving around a bit before landing in Orlando by the mid-month. And I’ll have one of the Five with me! TA Moore… who is my twin of sorts. Seriously, we were born on the other sides of the world for a reason. God has a plan to keep you all alive and well! Trust me on this. MUAHAHAH. Okay I’m back.

And now I’m gone because this is way too long. 😀

Man… life.

So I am not only brain dead but I also just threw my back out. Like this afternoon. Which is silly because I wasn’t doing anything. Just… life.

There’s a bunch of stuff rolling out this quarter and as soon as I get confirmation about dates and all of that, I’ll share it with you.

Savior is on sale at DSP for $4.89 until Aug 14. AND Rebel is on sale for 99 cents for the rest of August I believe.


Badger is a pain. He plays way too hard but he’s settling into the idea that he’s at home. The adjustment has been difficult for him and well, the dog is frightened to death of him. For good reason because no matter where Gus turns, there’s a cat attacking his ass…which came with a very fluffy cat toy we all call a tail.

I am working on Hellion. Man, Ivo’s a pain in the ass.



Blergh… and Badger

I’ve been lax in posting here. Mostly because we have a new writer cat named Badger who is settling into the house AND I’ve been kind of sour-stomached.

Badger is settling in slowly and making great strides. He was found a few miles away from our house, actually and brought in as a stray. He’d been microchipped and neutered by his previous owner but when the Humane Society reached out to find them, there was no response back so he went into protective custody.

He’d been either in a fight or a dog got him because he has a healing wound on his leg which is a bit purple right now. Not bad considering he was turned in on July 12th so his life’s been kind of a rapid-fire barrage of changes from vet visits to a foster home to the Aquarium at the shelter where he was placed in a room of VERY aggressive young cats.

His hips are a bit tender and his fur is quite patchy and dry. It’ll take some time to get him up to fighting weight and God help us when he does because he’s got HUGE paws and hind legs like a jack rabbit.

Badger’s sketchy about the dog who returns his wariness because well, Gus is afraid of cats and Badger’s already tried to beat him up. So a lot of time is going to be spent reassuring the dog.

Harley Doodle Cat gives no fucks. There was tentative sniffing this morning on Badger’s part but it was too early in the morning for the little girl to deal with him and she gave a small “GTFO” hiss but didn’t do much else.

The dog, however, left the living room immediately.

Dog is NOT stupid.

So there you go. Badger’s in the house. He’s very affectionate but since I’m usually with the dog, he’s giving me a bit of space. He does however come searching me out in the early morning because he’s an attention whore and I’m the only one awake.

Hot and Half Moon Bay

Well, it’s going to be stinking hot here in SoCal this week so I’m very thankful for the AC. Seriously. There’s no need to sit in an oven. Set to dehydrate like I’m a bag of Jeff’s Famous Jerky.

Which is fucking awesome, by the way. I highly recommend it.

Secondly, I’d like to say if you haven’t seen it, the Half Moon Bay short stories are up. https://rhysford.com/half-moon-bay-shorts/


The Sinners Interviews are up as are the Last Call Tour Pieces:

AND in case you missed them, 415 Ink: Ink and Threads are also available for reading: https://rhysford.com/ink-and-threads/

Of course there’s always the old chestnut Tatsu: https://rhysford.com/dragons/
This is the story my mother read of mine. Really the only thing she’s read and of course it’s the darkest thing I’ve ever written. *grins* But just in case you were wondering about the Dragons…

415 Ink Savior On Sale at Dreamspinner Press. Now $4.15 for the ebook. Ends July 21.

Savior, eBook 2 of 415 Ink by Rhys Ford is on special pre-order sale. The price? $4.15, of course! Pre-order sale ends Saturday, July 21 at 11:59 PM ET. http://bit.ly/2O3MXf1

San Francisco firefighter Mace guides his siblings, helps out at the family tattoo shop, and mostly makes sure his brothers don’t discover his dark secrets. He’s sworn off love, but one of the tattoo artists is under his skin in the worst way….



What Day Is It?


Yesterday I made the decision to start looking to bring another cat into our household.

This isn’t an easy decision to make. I’ve had two writers’ cats over the decades… Opala and Yoshi… and well, I miss having a writer’s cat. And it’s not that the other cats in the household aren’t loved and adored because trust me, Harley lacks for NOTHING. I just bought morsel cat food because she decided pate wasn’t to her liking last night so now we’re gonna donate about 23 cans of pate cat food because she turned her nose up at it. The cat lacks for nothing.

But she’s not a writer’s cat.

It’s hard to describe the difference. Maybe it’s the company they give or the opinions they have. Harley has no opinion about anything other than her food, toys and well, chewing on the dog’s butt while he’s eating. I need an opinionated cat. I think that’s the gist of it. And a cuddler isn’t a bad way to go.

So, the search begins. I have a prospect I hope will turn out. I’ll let you all know. In the meantime, cuddle those around you and well, I’m going back to wording.

Savior Cover Reveal and Exclusive Excerpt. Tomorrow! July 13! Only at The Novel Approach

The Novel Approach is hosting the second 415 Ink novel, Savior on July 13th! There will be a cover reveal, an exclusive excerpt AND a giveaway. I’ll be posting the link tomorrow. See what Mace and the other 415 Ink men are doing, and stick around to see Mace lose his heart and mind to the last person in the world he thought he’d fall in love with.