You know, I can spell that word—Wednesday—but to this day, I still end up sounding it out in my head as I spell it. Wed-Nes-Day. Go figure.

I’ve lost a lot of my brain with this cold. My fingers can’t seem to remember which letters go first and where. It’s very annoying. Hopefully I’ll come out the other side in a day or so. Just headaches and a bit of sniffles left.

theres_this_guy_rhysford_smallThere’s This Guy is almost upon us. Three Weeks! This will be out on 17 March 2017! I hope you enjoy it. My take on a contemporary.

I decided I’m going to do colouring book pages of mandalas for the tour. The purpose / reason being Jake’s transition from a lifeless grey-scale world to one of colour and vibrant emotion. Which is kind of what the cover symbolizes.

Link to TTG on DSP

Hoping for Third Party links soon.

Also, do not forget…

If you are in the UK, TA Moore and I will be having a meet up with readers on 22 March at about 6ish pm. I’m looking for someplace near the Kings Cross station so it’ll be easier for people to get in and out. I’ve got a few spots in mind but if anyone has suggestions, that would be great. I’ll select one and announce it. I figure coffee and some light noms? Someplace we can talk without shouting over pub or screaming people.

I will be at the Dreamspinner Booth at Salon du Livre (Paris Book Fair) with TA Moore on 25 March 2017 from 12-2. I will also be at the Reines-Beaux Booth on that Sat AND Sunday and I will share those times when I get them.



This cold / flu…. whatever it is… is kicking my ass. I have a fight scene I want to expand in Dim Sum and I’ve just refilled my coffee. I am armed with pretzel sticks and the dog has a Kong ball full of peanut butter.

I am going in.

Whatcha all up to this weekend?

Rhys Ford’s There’s This Guy now up for Pre-Order on DSP! And on sale until Feb 18!

theres_this_guy_rhysford_smallLook at what just hit Dreamspinner Press for pre-order!
It’s also on sale until Feb 18. eBook is $5.24 and the paperback is $11.24.
And with ALL Dreamspinner Press books, buy the paperback and get the eBook for free!

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Paris Book Fair (“Salon du livre”)

From February 10 to 17, all paperbacks are 25% off. In addition, there is free shipping available to those who choose to pick up their paperbacks at the Paris Book Fair when they use the coupon code PARIS17. (The Paris Book Fair takes place March 24 to 27, 2017.)