Jan 25 Borking Report: The Potato has Borked!

Today’s a rather odd weathered January 25th and the first borking day in over a week. Last week, it was too cold and then the Potato had a quick pop down to the vets because his “allergies” were just getting out of control. Now, mind you… did all the things to contain his allergies then in the back of my head I remembered, he had a skin infection once that looked like this.
Because Cairn Terrorists DO get skin infections. They are such delicate grubby beasts.
So he went to the vet, got a few shots — including his boosters — was made a HUGE fuss over because he’s a darling pupper and no one can say otherwise. No really, the techs and vets down there love him. And he loves them. He’s very friendly. Just agoraphobic or something. But he does well and he came home with a few meds to take and a dreaded shampoo bottle for frequent baths.
Today however, it was Auntie Jessica day and while it was a bit nippy in the morning, he headed out and went for his Bork with tail held high and a bounce to his step.
A bounce he still had when he came back because he ran about and cavorted like a mad thing and finally wound down enough to say goodbye to his Auntie. His Auntie Jessica who gave him a BELLY RUB! He got his meds in some cheese and all was right with the world.
Right now, he’s snoring away and enjoying the nice weather. In a few hours, there will probably be lawn guys to bork at and his day will be complete.
From his Auntie Jessica:
I think Gus missed his walks! He was so happy today! He said hi to a lot of people out this morning on walks. I hope he’s feeling better after the vet last week!
Best, Jessica

Brief Update: Dinner and Gus’ Grumpy Vet Visit

The Potato Gus had to go to the vet because his skin infection came back. He loves the vets’ office. He loves his vets and the techs. Not so much love for the construction workers across the street. Borking ensued. Andi took him because not only was I stressed to hell and gone, I had a conference call and this was a pop up appointment they had come up right when I called. So off the Gus went and… he got all his boosters, a shot for the infection, two types of meds, and a bottle of shampoo which he will be scrubbed with every other day for a couple of weeks. They also cut his back nails because they were too long… because I can’t cut them and our mobile groomer rage quit on us after they left off Gus’ muzzle and a strange dog walked by when they took him out of the grooming van so he went Cujo with borking rage. No one was hurt but she was definitely… grumbly. And of course I said… we TOLD you he had to be muzzled if out in the open. I didn’t hold it against her but we never saw her again.

They said he might not be hungry and will be a bit stiff. He’s definitely stiff from the shots. He always is. BUT he is NOT off his feed.

Dinner last night was a hacked mac-and-cheese. This is the first time I’ve made “homemade” macaroni and cheese and well, I was all… fuck the recipes. Too many opinions on it and I knew the flavours I wanted to bring to the dish. It came out well. Very tasty and very much on point with the profile I wanted it to have. Seasoned to hell but that’s what I wanted.

Lastly, I wanted to leave you this, a gorgeous animation / artistic short with dinosaurs done from a naturalist POV. Can’t give enough credit to Julian Johnson-mortimer. The sheer artistry!


Shoyu Noodles… or Sorta Cantonese Soy Sauce Noodles

Not going to give you a long drawn out story about how my grandmother used to make this after working a long day in the cane fields because first, my maternal grandmother was Portuguese and secondly, she never made shoyu noodles in her life. But it’s a favourite of mine and can be found in a lot of Chinese restaurants in Hawai’i.

Shoyu Noodles


  • 1½ to 2 cups protein of your choice (cut into bite sides pieces, optional)
  • 2ish cups prepared thin yellow egg noodles
    (can be Taiwanese Noodles / Yakisoba, etc. I suggest “fresh” Yakisoba noodles because they are easy enough to find and you can simply run them in hot water to break them apart) You could actually also use the wider chow fun rice noodles but you’ll be making chow fun instead.
  • 1 medium onion, sliced thinly. Can use shallots
  • 8 oz mung bean sprouts (can use more if you like)
  • 5 stalks green onions, mince the white part and cut the green parts into longer sections. Separate.
  • 2 cups chopped bok choy, or any sturdy green of your choice.
    Like on choy, yu choy, mustard greens, collard greens, tatsoi)
  • 2 tablespoon minced ginger
  • 2 tablespoon minced garlic (or more if you like)
  • 3 tablespoon shoyu / soy sauce
  • 3 tablespoon koikuchi / dark soy sauce (If you can’t find dark soy sauce, double up a bit on the regular and add more oyster sauce…or even a bit of black bean sauce if you can find that. It’ll change the flavour a bit but still be good.)
  • 2 tablespoon oyster sauce
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • salt / pepper to taste
  • cooking oil
  • toasted sesame seeds (optional)

You’re going to need a bowl to put the cooked veggies in while you cook the noodles so.. head’s up.

Cook the noodles per instructions if they need boiling. If using the precooked yakisoba noodles, simply run them under hot water until they separate. If not yakisoba, then once the noodles are cooked, dry them well and then add a little bit of oil to the noodles and toss lightly. Let them cool.

In a wok or a large skillet, put a little bit of oil and brown the meat with the sliced onion / shallots. When browned, add the greens, the white part of the green onions, garlic and ginger. Salt and pepper to taste. A few shakes will be good. Once this is all browned and cooked down, put them into that bowl I warned you that you’d need.

Next, brown the oiled noodles in the hot pan. They’re not going to get very brown but if you can get a bit of char on them, good.

Once they are a bit more golden, add the soy sauces, oyster sauce, and sugar. Mix well.

Add bowl of meat and veggies, mix well and then add the bean sprouts and rest of the green onions. Once the bean sprouts are a little wilted, it is ready to serve. Can top with toasted sesame seeds if you like.


Jan 11 Borking Report!

Today’s Borking Report…
So he had to be woken up, taken out for potty then get dressed for his Auntie. And as soon as the Potato was fully kitted up, he realized it was AUNTIE JESSICA was coming and he positioned himself for maximum Borkers.
I cannot communicate the joy he has when he sees her. And it’s kind of sweet because he really has the joy for everyone who visits. Cairns by nature are a bit stoic and while happy to see you are kind of the… Hey! How are you doing? rather than the effusive OMGILOVEYOUWANTTOBEINYOURNOSTRILS … which I have had in the past as well. Gus doesn’t want to be in your nostrils but he would like to be laying out like a beached turtle on his back getting scritches.
Or going out for a quick Bork and then coming home and getting some scritches. Either way, scritches are welcome.
But he did go potty before he left AND apparently potty again when she arrived because you know, it makes us look like we did NOT let him out. Little bastard 😀
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus was just so excited to see me today! He went poop right at the beginning of the walk. Maybe that’s why he was anxious to get outside! We had a nice walk and I’ll see him soon!

First Borking Report of the Year!

We haven’t had a Borking Report in a long time because of the Holidays and Auntie Jessica getting COVID. She’s all better now and thankfully had been vaxxed so it wasn’t too bad but still, distancing happens! Masking works! Eat your veggies.
You would have thought the Queen of England had arrived to have tea with the Potato when she opened the front door. Doggo lost his shit. He was borking up a happy storm and just so freaking loving her appearance. Without even a backwards glance, he was gone and telling the world his Auntie was back.
And when he returned, we discovered someone in the neighbourhood apparently used fish emulsion on their lawn and the Potato came in smelling like a can of sardines and the dredged up debris from Kane’ohe Bay. So it was a good Borking Day when AUNTIE JESSICA IS BACK and I SMELL LIKE DEAD THINGS! are combined in one morning.
Luckily it was 99% on his coat…thank god he was wearing his coat… so he got spritzed with deodorizer which then of course drives Goji insane because it’s her crack and Harley got to rub on his harness… because she’s missing a screw and loves this dog to the Nth.
But… a Good Potato Day was had.
From his Auntie Jessica (who we laughed with when he came in reeking to high Hell):
Gus was so excited to see me today! Sorry he got really stinky! He just loves rolling around in the grass. I’ll see him soon!
Best, Jessica

Home. For. The Holidays. A Four Horsemen / Kismet Short Story.

Let’s end the year with the Four and Kismet. I needed to scrape 2021 off my psyche and head into the world with a fresh step. Heh. No cat litter puns intended but there we go.

So, you can find the page for the story here. Or download the PDF from here. Have a great New Year’s. Stay safe. Stay happy.

Home. Four. The Holidays.

What I’ve Been Watching…

Recently I’ve been trying to get back into writing and doing okay at it. Slow going but the rust is coming off and it’s good to stretch the brain. So I’m having a decent amount of output but still slower than I like. I’ve discovered listening to Rob Zombie apparently helps so… there you go.

But in between the angst of scraping yet another word from my brain, I’ve been watching mini-spotlights on Japanese restaurants. The small diner kind of places that have been around for a long time. Very relaxing but also, inspiring. Well, inspiring to cook. Have a look. There are English captions on most of them and those would be helpful if you’re not familiar with Japanese food. Enjoy!

Today’s Borking Report

Today’s Borking Report…
Now we’ve missed a bunch of Borks because the weather’s been too cold and too wet. There’s a certain temp point where we don’t let the old Potato go out because it’ll mess with his joints and well, the rain isn’t great for them to walk in. We don’t want to get Auntie Jessica sick! But today was a good day and when he came out for his morning tawdle, I got him dressed for his Bork (minus the mask and leash) and he sat by the door to whine a bit about the lack of Auntie.
Who appeared an hour later so I don’t know what he was complaining about.
He hadn’t seen her in a few weeks… a couple of weeks at least… and he was raring to go. I don’t know what he was complaining about to her but it was a bit of a scold because we DARED to speak to her before they left. Borking is serious business. Talking can wait until he comes back.
And when the Potato DID come back, he was over the moon happy, got undressed, cavorted, had some water, rolled around, and got belly scritches. So today has been a good Potato Day.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus had so much fun today! There were no dogs out but he did bark at a snoopy Christmas decoration! He’s so cute. I’ll see him soon!
Best, Jessica