Home again… from the Sick Wards

Well, long story short… last Friday I ended up in the ER with a swollen face and was admitted to the hospital for MRSA and another resistant infection name I can’t recall off the top of my head. I came home today, ate some food and crashed.

Seriously, I’m begining to think I need my own room or something there. Or at least tattoo my vitals QR code to my wrist.

I’ve got a lot to catch up on, including what I was writing. Hope you all are doing well and if you’re in the rainy weather like I am, you’re staying dry.

Coffee, Ear Ache, and Rabbit Holes

Well, I still have my ear infection and the progress is going very slowly. I don’t ever have them so it’s a pain in the ass to manage. Still, docs are on it.

I do have coffee and life is good. I also had a black “mink” blanket I used to cover my sore knees but apparently a Badger needed it more. Said Badger is quite comfortable apparently. Also, he gives no fucks.

Now it’s no surprise … or it shouldn’t be… that I love cooking shows. Usually competitions (but not Cut throat Kitchen for personal reasons… actually no, I don’t like Alton Brown but that’s a personal choice… he’s too much of a hipster asshole to people and that irritates.)

I used to like him but he’s gotten meaner over the years and I wince at it. I don’t like that kind of sarcastic to do damage and sneering kind of behaviour. Also, see my dislike of Gordan Ramsey. And that Bar Rescue guy. But that just could be how they’ve groomed his appearance. It’s very much like that guy living down your street in Brooklyn who wants you to think he’s “connected to a Family” when in fact, his mom is more kick ass than he is.

Hopefully, that’s their “persona” but… yea, do not like. Of course, not like they’re staying up at night, awake and worried about what I think. Hell, they are what they sold me… paraphrased from TOOL.

I digress. This was supposed to be about Rabbit Holes and cooking. Because you know what I really love? Long videos of Japanese hole in the wall to bustling restaurants showing their kitchens and a day in the life of working there. I have no idea why but it is a soothing thing to watch yet another place make udon noodles. Or dashi. I’m there for it.

And if you are as well, here is a ktasudon place that looks fantastic!

Monday’s Borking Report…

Monday’s Borking Report!

After a long stretch of too-cold weather with periodic episodes of a sick Auntie Paige and a lazy Potato, we finally had a Bork!

Yesterday was kind of busy because the Potato’s Auntie Abby came by to help do some stuff around the house (’cause I am on restricted activities) so the Potato got some scritches and love before Auntie Paige showed up.

One look at his Auntie Paige and it was pretty obvious Gus wanted to go for a bork. So, he got all kitted up and went out the door… only to discover the Instacart delivery guy was coming up the walk. So… a MIGHTY bork before they even hit the sidewalk. Abby grabbed the bag and Gus made sure the driver knew he best be on his way because the Potato was going to throw some paws if he came near the Aunties.

Well, he borked up a fest then continued on his merry way. From what I could hear, he grumbled a bit just to warn people he meant business and then they were off.

He came back to even more scritches, a lot of love, and a doggy ice cream.

It’s hard to be a Potato….

From his Auntie Paige:
Gus had a mighty Bork today! There really wasn’t much to bork out at, so that’s nice. He had a relatively peaceful walk until we got to the end of the street and that’s where the mighty bork came out. Of course that’s all aside from the delivery driver but you heard that commotion.
Best, Paige

Today’s Borking Report….

Today’s Borking Report!

It’s been a bit since the Potato has gone on a bork but weather and events just made it difficult. However, today was a Borking Day and after some hard grumbling, the Potato realized he actually DID want to go Borking. So he was dressed and raring to go off with his Auntie Paige.

It was a good long bork and there were people strolling about which he did take offense to because we have a storm brewing and they need to be indoors! Gus was quick to tell them to take shelter before the winds and rain picked up again. Then he came home, got lots of belly rubs and scritches… and had some ice cream.

And of course, even more scritches and love. Because it’s a spoil the Potato day.

From his Auntie Paige:

Friday! Woohoo! 🙂 Gus celebrated with a good Bork to remind the neighborhood who’s boss. He rubbed the mask off his face on a lovely patch of grass but I put it back on.

Thank you so much!
Best, Paige

Recovery Doing Okay… need more grapefruit / pineapple green tea.

Okay to be fair, I really don’t need a green tea because I do have a pineapple refresher from Jollibee’s right now. And that’s a delight.

There has been a few revolving guests in the house over the past few weeks following my surgery and I am ever so grateful for the help. And the fact that I can get better sleep but also, sometimes there is someone to let the Potato out in the morning and give the girls brekkie. I probably need more sleep but it’s hard because I don’t trust my body to behave yet so… we’ll see how it goes.

I do think the Potato is very sad to see his Aunties leaving every time they go because he does love the attention and I can’t get down on the floor with him right now. And I can’t for a few months. Which makes me sad because you know, dog scritches. I want him to know I love him and well, I make sure he gets scritches where I can reach. He was supposed to get a bork today but it’s a holiday and Auntie Paige had all of her appointments call out so it didn’t seem right to drag her out of bed for one walk so we’ll do stuff later this week. He will get a bork in.

But that’s today and well, the house is now empty. Gus has gone into his room to sleep and most of the cats are snoring away. Badger for some reason is grooming himself while sitting on the bookshelf.

I am going to immerse myself into Japanese Demon mythology for a project now so… have a good Monday!


Today’s Borking Report… 10 Feb 2023

Today’s Borking Report…

It was warm enough and the Potato was moving well enough to go on a Bork. He’s gotten a few new beds with thicker memory foam and it’s a flat surface instead of the curved beds he’s had in the past. This of course means that Harley can claim a corner as hers and they can share the sleep space.

He was definitely happy to go on a Bork when his Auntie got here and the world was informed of his presence within moments of Gus leaving the house. As it should be.

It was a lovely day and the Potato had a great time!

From his Auntie Paige:

Gus started borking in the middle of this picture! He definitely fulfilled his borking requirements for the day. 🙂

Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re doing well after your procedure!

Best, Paige