Swear to God, I’m not Dead.

Life has literally just been a bunch of adulting and small little things to take care of. Like the dog has a boo-boo under his eye so that means cleaning the spot with wipes, adding drops to his eye and then a salve on the area. He’s been a champ about it but man, I need to get him on a dog walker’s list.

Badger has gotten even bigger. Seriously. He weighs as much as a bag of rice. A large bag of rice. The kind of bag non-Asians ask me why I’m buying if they’re shopping with me.

I also somehow ran out of ramen so I think I’m going to get dinged by my ancestors.

I have enough shoyu though and got some kimchee furikake I’m in love with.

Oh, and I’ve been writing. This book is giving me a headache but I’ve reached the point where I hate it and everything so that’s normal. *grins* Always happens.

I have to do a book culling because my shelves are way too stacked so I expect that will happen soon. Watch this space for details!

What day is it?

I’ve been head down in Word so I’m not even sure what day it is most of the time.  It’s both a good thing and a bad thing because it means I’m working on stuff but I’m also not doing good life-work balance. So I’m taking Friday morning off to go see Avengers.

I haven’t even been playing Jurassic World Alive and they’ve just rolled out mammals into the game. That’s the highlight of my life at the moment… mammals. Prehistoric mammals.

Sadly, the game’s really jacked and the servers are down so it’ll be a bit before I get logged on.

I think that’s something people have to remember to do… take some time to breathe and disconnect but not so much that you don’t get any work done. Writing does tax the brain.

Ramen Assassin is out in a month and change. I’ll be doing a blog tour… hopefully… and I’ve got to figure out exactly what I’m doing there.

Oh, and there’s a possum that uses the top of our fence as a roadway to the other side of the hill. The dog is DETERMINED to go outside and bark at it. The possum could literally give no fucks. He moves along his road and ignores the barking mass of fur down below. Not like the dog would do anything to the possum even if they did meet. He’s afraid of the cat.

Okay, to be fair, the cat’s a bit of an asshole.

Ah, flowers and grumpiness

This cat is pretty much my spirit animal. Well, I dunno about the femme part but then I flip between the whole gender thing so… there you go.

Updates are pretty much going to be the same until I get this book done. Words are being written. Cat bellies are being rubbed and the dog has to be protected from Badger’s bully behaviour.

The Firebird is in the shop getting its carb rebuilt. One of my secondaries wasn’t operating properly and so it would bog down when punching out of first. This is extremely problematic when trying to merge onto a SoCal freeway. That’s when you need that power. Changing lanes and then having the car drop 20 mph instead of accelerating is dangerous. So, my mechanics are hard at work bringing Tengu back up to speed (no pun intended).

Ramen Assassin drops in two months and I’m very excited to see how that’s received. I’ll be doing the standard ARC lottery in my Facebook and reaching out to blogs to see if they want an ARC for review. I’ve got a list. A lot of review blogs get books directly from Dreamspeinner but I do like to send out a few to those I know.

I’ve been having cravings for kalua pig so… that looks to be in my near future.

So I’ve been sick… then at a Book Festival

It’s been a crazy week. And I need to actually update this more often because I’m home and things seem to be churning by really quickly.

Let’s talk about authory things because there is SO much in the works.

I’ve got mass market copies from the printer of ALL the Kai books, Sinners’ Gin, Devil Take Me and dudes, they look so good. I had the pleasure of seeing them for the first time this weekend at the LA Times Book Festival and you know, while I love my Kindle, there’s something special about that vanilla sweet tea scent of traditional paperback pulp.

I’ve just come home from Los Angeles and if you are even in driving distance of the LA Times Book Festival during that yearly event, you HAVE to go. I don’t even care if you don’t come to see us at the Dreamspinner Booth but okay, I’d miss you BUT just the event alone is awesome. I however did not get a sushi burrito and I am bummed. We did drink ALL of the iced tea though.

I got to see some great people and meet new readers so if you came by, THANK YOU!

I am setting Murder 3 aside for a couple of months to work on a sooper seekrit project. I am very excited about it. AND I have to arrange a cover reveal for Hellion in a bit. Ramen Assassin is just around the corner and I really hope that you all have grabbed a copy from the Dreamspinner site when it was on sale. Or any of the other book selling sites. 😀 It’s gonna be so much fun.

I have to do another Castlingo soon and if there’s anything you guys want me to talk about for 77 seconds, let me know. I’ll take down requests and then start working down the list!

And Now I’m Back… From Outer Space…

Well, from the UK at least.

I brought home a lung / cold / thingie so I’ve been down for the count for the past week and well, it’s not been great. Lots of things happening on my end but nothing that’s at the bubbling point to share.

Um… the dog got a severe grooming and he’s sleeping it and a hearty dinner off in his dog bed.

In other news, I and a few other DSP authors will be at the LA Times Book Festival next weekend! There will be mass market copies available of a whole bunch of books so… very excited! I’m glad to be able to offer a lower price point to readers on books. And well, the new covers for Kai… man, they look good in that matte small paperback size. I adore Chris McGrath’s artwork and am so thankful he stepped in to do them.

I will be officially signing books on SUNDAY April 14th at 1 to 2 PM but I’ll be around so come by the booth and check things out! As always, bring anything you want signed and come chat us up!

In Great Britain…

The Cotswolds to be specific.

I am sitting on a lake… well I think it’s a pond really but I’m assured it’s a lake… with a swan and some geese to keep me company as well as the Five.

I’ve got some work done on Murder 3 today and looking forward to having some dinner out. It’s an overcast day but honestly, it’s an nice sit and stare out the window kind of house. I might even take a nap. We’re forbidden to feed the ducks and other water fowl but perhaps there will be some frozen peas accidentally dropped off the balcony because come on…. they’re water puppies!

Rook and Dante are proving to be pains in the asses but I shall wrangle them in. Wish me luck!