Today’s Borking Report!

Well, I totally forgot to post Monday’s Borking Report, that’s on me. Totally on me. But I counter that with there was a lot going on what with surgeries and meds and then all of the other stuff but the Potato DID go borking.

He also went today.

The Cairn Terrorist is MUCH more bossy with Auntie Paige. Very very bossy. Borking has become even MORE serious and should be taken at a hard run… which he knows he should not be doing. But then how do you stop a furry tank when he’s got the power set to 11 and the stubborn set to 12?

There was MUCH borking and he came back home, happy and borked out, confident the street was safe now he’d done his round of protection spell casting.

From his Auntie Paige:
Gus had a mighty Bork right after this picture was taken. He was staring down a dastardly crow who paid him no mind. 🙂 Otherwise he had a lovely roll in your neighbor’s grass.

Best, Paige

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