Today’s Borking Report…

Today’s Borking Report!

We skipped Monday because it was a holiday and it would be unfair for everyone to get to sleep in except for Auntie Paige. Even Gus slept in and then had a good day.

And he was ready to get dressed when it was time. All kitted up, he was waiting for his Auntie with so much happiness… also he borked at us for talking to her. Because we’re NOT ALLOWED to talk before bork.

Borking is VERY serious business. Lots of work to be done in a very short amount of time so he needed to get on with it.

He’s such an odd Potato. But we love him.

From his Auntie Paige:
Gus saw a woman with a stroller today across the street going the same direction as us so he spent the time looking over and borking as we walked. She smiled and waved so she must have understood that it’s not personal. 🙂

Best, Paige

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