Today’s Borking Report

Today’s Borking Report…..

Borking has been irregular, mostly due to me going under knives and gas as well as just plain fuckery but today, the Potato was raring to go.

He got up, a bit grumpy but let’s face it, it’s early in the morning for him and he’s old. Got dressed and was waiting for his Auntie Paige to arrive.

And he was so willing to go this morning…. and he did.

We did talk about him being allowed to roll around in the grass so I gave permission to Paige to let him do that a little bit. Just in case his allergies kick back in but… he came back, happy and satisfied with his patrol.

So a very Happy Sweet Potato.

From his Auntie Paige:
Gus felt accomplished after he borked at a jogger on the other side of the street. They ran past so they must have been scared, right? 🙂

Best, Paige

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