A Borking Potato and Char Siu Tofu

Today’s Borking Report….
Monday mornings are not the best Potato time and really who can blame him. The house was up early and he shuffled off outside to have his morning constitutional then shuffled to his living room bed. Then his Auntie called and there was a brief tussle in dressing him. It’s like dressing a limp toddler who doesn’t want to wear anything but his dinosaur underwear and who cares if we’re going to see grandma?
He had a lovely bork, came back and cavorted while we talked about tofu and how to prepare it… and I find out Auntie and her BF are using papertowels and their hands to press the water out of their tofu.
I gave them an unopened tofu press and said, welcome to the not doing that. We’ve been using tofu presses for centuries and maybe let’s not go backwards and use rolls of towels. Save the environment. Also, just twist the lever, put it in the fridge and walk off.
I also introduced her to char siu and chili crisps… and told her how to prepare it for pressed tofu. Well the char siu. Chili crisps go on anything.
Having a tofu press is great for removing all that excess water and then being able to soak it in a marinade or sauce to give it flavour. You also want to press the water out so you can deep fry the tofu after rolling it into seasoned cornstarch (potato starch works too) I think they call it corn flour but not to be confused with masa… a totally different corn flour.
Auntie also caught him in FULL BORK so…. this is him policing the neighbourhood and telling the lawn guys what to do.
From his Auntie Paige
Good morning!
Gus did not know I was standing by him for this picture and was shocked by it! He had otherwise been engaged in a good general Bork to tell the neighborhood to behave!
Thank you so much!
Best, Paige

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