Cole McGinnis the Dirty Series

Set in contemporary Los Angeles, this series follows ex-cop turned private investigator Cole McGinnis, his lover Kim Jae-Min and a cast of supporting characters. Available as an ebook or paperback at Dreamspinner Press, Amazon and other fine bookstores.

Dirty Kiss
Book 1 of the Cole McGinnis Series)

Cole Kenjiro McGinnis, ex-cop and PI, is trying to get over the shooting death of his lover when a supposedly routine investigation lands in his lap. Investigating the apparent suicide of a prominent Korean businessman’s son proves to be anything but ordinary, especially when it introduces Cole to the dead man’s handsome cousin, Kim Jae-Min.

Jae-Min’s cousin had a dirty little secret, the kind that Cole has been familiar with all his life and that Jae-Min is still hiding from his family.  The investigation leads Cole from tasteful mansions to seedy lover’s trysts to Dirty Kiss, the place where the rich and discreet go to indulge in desires their traditional-minded families would rather know nothing about.

It also leads Cole McGinnis into Jae-Min’s arms, and that could be a problem. Jae-Min’s cousin’s death is looking less and less like a suicide, and Jae-Min is looking more and more like a target.  Cole has already lost one lover to violence—he’s not about to lose Jae-Min too.

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Dirty Secret
(Book 2 of the Cole McGinnis Series)

Loving Kim Jae-Min isn’t always easy: Jae is gun-shy about being openly homosexual. Ex-cop turned private investigator Cole McGinnis doesn’t know any other way to be. Still, he understands where Jae is coming from. Traditional Korean men aren’t gay—at least not usually where people can see them.

But Cole can’t spend too much time unraveling his boyfriend’s issues. He has a job to do. When a singer named Scarlet asks him to help find Park Dae-Hoon, a gay Korean man who disappeared nearly two decades ago, Cole finds himself submerged in the tangled world of rich Korean families, where obligation and politics mean sacrificing happiness to preserve corporate empires. Soon the bodies start piling up without rhyme or reason. With every step Cole takes toward locating Park Dae-Hoon, another person meets their demise—and someone Cole loves could be next on the murderer’s list.

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Dirty Laundry
(Book 3 of the Cole McGinnis Series)

For ex-cop turned private investigator Cole McGinnis, each day brings a new challenge. Too bad most of them involve pain and death. Claudia, his office manager and surrogate mother, is still recovering from a gunshot, and Cole’s closeted boyfriend, Kim Jae-Min, suddenly finds his teenaged sister dumped in his lap. Meanwhile, Cole has his own sibling problems—most notably, a mysterious half brother from Japan whom his older brother, Mike, is determined they welcome with open arms.
As if his own personal dramas weren’t enough, Cole is approached by Madame Sun, a fortune-teller whose clients have been dying at an alarming rate. Convinced someone is after her customers, she wants the matter investigated, but the police think she’s imagining things. Hoping to put Sun’s mind at ease, Cole takes the case and finds himself plunged into a Gordian knot of lies and betrayal where no one is who they are supposed to be and Death seems to be the only card in Madame Sun’s deck.

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Dirty Deeds
(Book 4 of the Cole McGinnis Series)

Coming MARCH 28, 2014 from Dreamspinner Press

Sheila Pinelli needed to be taken out.

Former cop turned private investigator Cole McGinnis never considered committing murder. But six months ago, when Jae-Min’s blood filled his hands and death came knocking at his lover’s door,  killing Sheila Pinelli became a definite possibility.

While Sheila lurks in some hidden corner of Los Angeles, Jae and Cole share a bed, a home, and most of all, happiness. They’d survived Jae’s traditional Korean family disowning him and plan on building a new life—preferably one without the threat of Sheila’s return hanging over them.

Thanks to the Santa Monica police mistakenly releasing Sheila following a loitering arrest, Cole finally gets a lead on Sheila’s whereabouts. That is, until the trail goes crazy and he’s thrown into a tangle of drugs, exotic women, and more death. Regardless of the case going sideways, Cole is determined to find the woman he once loved as a sister and get her out of their lives once and for all.

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Down_and_Dirty_RhysFord_smallDown and Dirty

A book in the Cole McGinnis series

From the moment former LAPD detective Bobby Dawson spots Ichiro Tokugawa, he knows the man is trouble. And not just because the much younger Japanese inker is hot, complicated, and pushes every one of Bobby’s buttons. No, Ichi is trouble because he’s Cole McGinnis’s younger brother and off-limits in every possible way. And Bobby knows that even before Cole threatens to kill him for looking Ichi’s way. But despite his gut telling him Ichi is bad news, Bobby can’t stop looking… or wanting.

Ichi was never one to play by the rules. Growing up in Japan as his father’s heir, he’d been bound by every rule imaginable until he had enough and walked away from everything to become his own man. Los Angeles was supposed to be a brief pitstop before he moved on, but after connecting with his American half-brothers, it looks like a good city to call home for a while—if it weren’t for Bobby Dawson.

Bobby is definitely a love-them-and-leave-them type, a philosophy Ichi whole-heartedly agrees with. Family was as much of a relationship as Ichi was looking for, but something about the gruff and handsome Bobby Dawson makes Ichi want more.

Much, much more.

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dirty_heart_cover_smaller_blogDirty Heart

Final book in the Cole McGinnis Series

Former LAPD detective Cole McGinnis’s life nearly ended the day his police partner and best friend Ben Pirelli emptied his service weapon into Cole and his then-lover, Rick. Since Ben turned his gun on himself, Cole thought he’d never find out why Ben tried to destroy him.

Years later, Cole has stitched himself back together. Now a private investigator and in love with Jae-Min Kim, a Korean-American photographer he met on a previous case, Cole’s life is back on track—until he discovers Jeff Rollins, a disgraced cop and his first partner, has resurfaced and appears to be working on the wrong side of the law.

As much as Cole’s fought to put the past behind him, he’s soon tangled up in a web of lies, violence, and death. Jeff Rollins is not only trying to kill Cole’s loved ones, he is also scraping open old wounds and long-forgotten memories of the two men Cole loved and lost. Cole is sure Rollins knows why Ben ruined all their lives, but he isn’t looking for answers. Now Cole is caught in a cat-and-mouse game with a cold-blooded killer with the key to not only his past but his future.

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Dirty Bites eBook and AudioBook
(Link to Dreamspinner Press Set)
Danger. Desire. Loss. Love.

In every story, there are a thousand more bound up and waiting to be told; here are just a few from the Cole McGinnis Mysteries.

As a heartfelt thank you to the readers who fell in love with Cole McGinnis, Kim Jae-Min and the rest of the cast, Rhys Ford takes us on an adventure in this collection of stories and vignettes. In this eBook and audiobook set, Jae shares his heart as he learns to see, to love, and to accept Cole and the way life changes, sisters of the heart look on the boys they love, and key players in Cole’s life are interviewed about the man who brings mayhem and love into their world. This collection features special notes from Rhys Ford as well as Greg Tremblay, the narrator of the series, previously shared stories from blog tours, holiday posts, and spotlights an all-new story written exclusively for the celebratory collection.

So, sit back and enjoy a taste of Cole, Jae and everyone else in Dirty Bites, a Cole McGinnis Special Collection.

As a heartfelt thank you to the readers who fell in love with Cole McGinnis, Kim Jae-Min and the rest of the cast, Rhys Ford takes us on an adventure in this collection of stories and vignettes. In this ebook and audiobook set, Jae shares his heart as he learns to see, to love, and to accept Cole and the way life changes, sisters of the heart look on the boys they love, and key players in Cole’s life are interviewed about the man who brings mayhem and love into their world. This collection features special notes from Rhys Ford as well as Greg Tremblay, the narrator of the series, previously shared stories from blog tours, holiday posts, and spotlights an all-new story written exclusively for the celebratory collection.



217 thoughts on “Cole McGinnis the Dirty Series

  1. Luv’d, luv’d, luv’d Dirty Kiss!!! Cole and Jae are a wonderful couple…*sigh* Great stuff! Can’t wait for Dirty Secret….More from this couple will be greatly appreciated….*grin*
    I do have a question for ya….at the end of Dirty Kiss Jae says…”Saranghae, agi” to Cole and Cole asks what does it mean and Jae says learn Korean…What does it mean? I tried to Google translate it and the translation comes up as Saranghae, agi…..AYE!!!!! thanks!
    your fan,

    1. Ah, thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it! Soooooon!

      Heh… ah, saranghae, agi means I love you, baby. *winks* It’s a little hard to work for if you are a reader but I didn’t want to tell a non korean speaker what it meant because well, then cole would know too. If you were able to find out what it meant, then it was like a special scene at the end of the credits.

      Heh… romanization is so very hard sometimes. It kind of changes things, yes? *winks*

      1. Devony

        Okay I am reading Dirty Secrets again & I have to ask…when Cole is in the parking garage being shot at by the bad guy & ya mentioned something about Cole blinking & the bad guy moving like a stone angel & suddenly being only a few feet away from him…was that a Dr Who nod?! ‘Cause I sooo missed it the 1st read through lol

      2. Devony

        Ha!…I knew it! 😀 I swear the angels are still the creepiest of the villains *shudders*…right up there with clowns & those dolls ya just know are watching you !@-O

  2. hahahaha I like to drove my self insane tryin to get Google and everything else translate that for me….I figured it was I love you but I still hadta know…ha, ha, ha Tryin to leave us guessin…like Frankly my dear I dont give a damn….. hahahahahahaahhahahahaa You sneak you!!!! Thanks for sharin with me! Now, what are ya doin wastin time with me when you could be more write more good stuff….hahahahahah

    thanks for takin time for this!
    hugs from your fan,

    1. Heh. Mostly today’s been eaten up with Cat Care and running around doing errands for Cat Care. Dead tired. I’ll probably sleep hard and then worry some more. :::grins:::

      Promise, working on Dirty Laundry.

  3. Patricia Grayson

    The world you’ve created is a unique one that is not familiar to many non-Korean readers, and you do a marvelous job of showing it to us.
    Concise writing for the jacket ‘blurbs’.

    1. Heh. The editing staff at Dreamspinner has a lot to do with the blurb writing. I give them an outline and a beginning blurb and they polish that puppy up. Really, all credit goes to them. *grins* I am glad you enjoy the books. I hope that they are approachable and that they keep you company for a little bit. 😀

  4. Verena

    I’ve heard so many great things about Dirty Kiss that now I really need to read it. As soon as I have finished typing this, I will buy it 🙂

    1. Aw, thank you so so much! I appreciate your support. Please, enjoy it and I hope the boys keep you entertained and intrigued for a few hours. Haato!

  5. Verena

    I just finished Dirty Kiss and I absolutely loved it!!!! I really can’t wait to read Dirty Secret (and Dirty Laundry :-))

    1. Heh… well Dirty Secret is out soon and Dirty Laundry is currently being wrestled with. I think it’s winning. *grins* But I shall overcome! Promise! I’m glad you liked Dirty Kiss! I hope the others do not disappoint you and you like them too! Haato!

  6. Jessica

    Hi Rhys,

    Just wanted to give my support and say I’m so excited that Dirty Secret is coming out this month! I will be downloading the day it is released. I’ve been dying to know what happens next in the lives of Jae and Cole and how their relationship develops. The plot for this book sounds so interesting!

    1. Hi hi! *waves* and thank you!

      Jae and Cole. These two are giving me headaches and heartaches. Their relationship is definitely developing and don’t forget, Cole’s parents are in town. *grins* so…… there you go. *winks*.

      Working on Dirty Laundry right now, book three in the series. Today is going to be a day off because I’m going to go get some ink finished but I’ll be back on it this evening. Probably whimpering but still… writing!

      I hope you enjoy Dirty Secret. Let me know what you think!

  7. Mihaela

    Hi Rhys!
    I am at page 162 of Dirty Secret and only stopped by for a second ’cause I had an idea… (and yes, snickering is not nice!). And while on the site preparing to share my idea, just saw the best news: there is a book three! YAY! Possibly four? And eight? *wink*
    No words to say just now – as I am in a hurry to get back to reading – how much I love Jae and Cole!
    Thank you !

    Oh, yes… the idea! Actually, I was thinking how much I would enjoy reading about Bobby as well! Some retired, yet still in great shape, former cop and friend to Cole and Jae, with a penchant (maybe more?) for spanking and chaps? Sold! *hint, hint*

    1. There is a book three and at this time, I don’t know where the end is but I’m not going to worry about that right now *winks*

      Thank you for reading Cole and Jae. I appreciate it so much.

      Ah, Bobby…. he will have a story. Heh…. we’ll see about the chaps.

  8. Mihaela

    Just finished the book! You better have the Laundry ready…. 🙂
    Thank you – am looking forward to meet Cole and Jae ! Will you have them traveling to Tokyo?

    1. Laundry is at the half-way point. No, they won’t be going to Tokyo but brother will be making an appearance. *grins* Maybe. heh. I am glad you liked Dirty Secret!

  9. Christa

    I really enjoyed both books. Thanks for the call out to Adrien. It came at a funny time, because I was thinking about the similarities between your books and my other two favorite series by JL and JCP. You’re in very good company.

    1. Heh. Thank you. I’ve known Josh for a long time and wanted to give him a shout out and since Cole and Bobby were heading to Pasadena so….. good time for it. Josh’s a good guy.

  10. SouthernAngel

    I just sat down and read Dirty Kiss and Dirty Secret in one sitting. I am so pleasantly surprised and truely happy with the way you have written these books. It is so far out of the normal M/M romance, and has that awesome Pi vibe which I adore. Now, when will the next book be out? Since I know there must be one coming. You ended Dirty Secret just right for another one. Please do not make us wait too long:) Happy writing!

    1. Rhys Ford

      Hello and thank you! I’m working on Dirty Laundry right now so it really shouldn’t be that long. Hopefully. *crosses fingers* I do have another book coming out… new series. It’s called Sinner’s Gin and will be released in December. DL hopefully will be behind it after a couple of months.

      So happy you liked Cole and Jae. Thank you so so much!

  11. Denni

    Stayed up last night to finish Dirty Secret….had to. Even burned the brownies because I couldn’t tear myself away from the pages =^,^=

    Then the last page…you evil wench. We’re holding your feet to the fire until you finish Dirty Laundry! *did I mention the evil author part?*

    Seriously tho, I’m loving these characters and looking forward to Sinners Gin. Now…back to Dirty Laundry…write, write, write…

    1. Hello, love!

      Ah, would you believe I am at GayRomLit and writing Dirty Laundry? I swear, writing as we speak.. sorta.

      I am so glad you liked Dirty Secret. Seriously, so much thank yous. I can honestly say right now, I wouldn’t feel the fire but I’ll be glad to share the chocolate cake we stole .. okay they were giving it away at the Karaoke night thing. Cake was from MLR.

      I shall wear my evil author hat proudly. *bows*

  12. Theresa Turner Pla

    I’ve read many many M/M Romance books, but never came across such a lovely romantic and suspenseful books as both Dirty Kiss and Dirty Secret. I found myself wanting the best for both Jae and Cole and hope at the very end of it all that they hold on to their love. It’s so strong. These two books were funny, thoughtful, sexy and full of adventure. The cat was even hilarious. I can’t wait for Dirty Laundry! Will there be something like Dirty Little Ones in the future. I would love to see Jae and Cole as parents. Of course after Jae’s family deal with him being gay. You are my new favorite Author!!!! And believe me when I say that I’m gearing up for the new series you have coming out soon. Thanks for the great stories.

    1. Aw, thank you so much. I am so glad that you liked the books. They were so great to write and so lovely to have out there.

      Heh… Neko is a brat. But oh so much fun with her too. *grins* I hope you enjoy Sinner’s Gin. Miki and Kane… so great fun! Heh.

      Yep. Dirty Laundry. I am halfway there! PROMISE! Haato.

    1. Thank you! I’m halfway thru… actually more than halfway through the third book. Sinner’s Gin, the first book in a new series comes out in December. Hopefully Miki and Kane will tide you over. *hugs* *grins*

  13. Darla

    I have to say that I though the opening of Dirty Kiss with Cole on the run from the shot gun toting bondage grandma was the funniest thing I had read in a lond time….and then the penis in the bottle>>>>Need I say more…can’t wait for Dirty Laundry. Already preordered Sinners Gin! Happy Holiidays!

    1. Awwwww… thank you so much. I enjoy doing the opening scenes for Cole’s books. *grins* Ah, I hope you enjoy Sinner’s Gin…. *grins* Dirty Laundry is in for review so *crosses fingers*

      Have a good Holiday!

  14. I’m a late comer to reading this series and it has gone into my faves list. Absolutely love the cast of characters you have created and Cole-Jae are such a beautiful couple with adult issues to work through (that I hope they always continue to work through even if slow and difficult at times). What I especially love about Cole and Jae is who they were at the beginning of the first book is not who they are at the end of the 2nd. They have both grown due to being in their relationship but obviously still have some ways to go. Hate stagnant, perfect characters. The supporting characters (damn that Bobby and his scene stealing) are awesome – even the Cole-Neko love/hate relationship works so well 🙂

    Looking forward to the next book.

    1. Thank you for reading the books! *hugs* I’m glad you found them. Cole and Jae are definitely trying to work things out and I hope their characters grow as the series goes on. And God no, Cole is so not perfect. *grins* And Bobby… oh he will be getting his own book some time in the future. Cole and Neko…. so much hate/love. *grins* Heh.

      Next Dirty book will be April/May. Sinner’s Gin, first one of the new series is out in two weeks 😀

      Thank you again!

  15. Maryann

    I love both series and can’t wait for the next installments. Thank you so much for stories that have actual plots and real grit to them.

    1. Thank you. I try. But oh, there are some INCREDIBLE authors out there. I assume you already know Josh Lanyon? If not, get thee to the Lanyon. Seriously. He rocks. And oh god… soooo many. I can’t even count.

  16. Karin

    I loved the mcginnis series too…….. I’m gutted now, I’ve read all your books, when its the next one out? Brilliant, fabulous… Thank you =) xx

  17. Christy

    I just had to let you know that I am having a serious love hate relationship with your books. I absolutly love everything about them and I hate having to wait for each addition!! I am rereading the Dirty books in anticipation of the release this spring …. Cole and Jae just melt my heart and I love Bobby to the moon and back! For some reason I keep seeing him finding his HEA within the band known as Sinners Gin
    Thank you so so much for what you do. As long as you keep em coming, I will gladly keep reading them … over and over and over again!

    1. Hello, love!

      Heh… ah, sorry… you have to wait until April for Dirty Laundry *winks* And Bobby will find his *person of interest* in DL…or at least meet him. But that’s for another book.

      I’m glad you like them! Really! Thank you!

  18. Jus had to ask-sorry if someone had already asked this question & I don;t know the answer…Will it come out in future Cole & Jae’s story of why Ben did what he did?? And will your work be done in audio-it would be sexy to hear the male narrators!

    1. Hello! Heh…

      I probably will tell the readers why Ben did what he did. Eventually. *nods* And as far as audio, um… that’s up to Dreamspinner. I have no idea but I’m not really a HUGE NAME so I don’t think it would be feasible. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a very sexy voiced guy and have him record it for you. *grins*

  19. Cookie

    Found Sinners Gin first- OMG I love Miki and Kane- and they led me to Cole and Jae. I love both couples and can’t wait for more books. April/May can’t get here soon enough!

      1. Cookie

        And now I’ve been playing on the blog and found both DL excerpts. Can we negotiate for March?

  20. Christina

    Hello Rhys! I just finished reading Dirty Kiss and Dirty Secret! I LOVED them!!
    You make me so happy with your stories! Cole and Jae are great company during my college exams!! Now i just can’t wait for the next book! I’ll get it for my birthday which is in May! One great birthday present for me!!!
    You are an amazing writer Rhys, did you know that??

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I’m glad you liked Cole and Jae. *cheers* Heh… Hopefully next book will hit your “taste buds” too. And again, thank you! So much!

  21. Damn that throws you for a loop, a sudden call from Nihon! Not only that but a possible Oniichan or otouto too boot! You have been forgiven now for having mama Claudia shot….so are Cole and Jae off to Japan? Also if they are will there possibly be steamy Ryoukan scenes? Hehe I love this couple they just fit so well with each other! Also scarlet makes me fall off the couch laughing….well her and Bobby both. Neko almost sounds like my cat Aiko…except for the kissing and nonbroken tail part..Aiko is cute black has a broken tail and can’t decide if she’s human, a dog, a flying squirrel, or an owl lol. Oh yes and also IS IT APRIL YET? Have a good night!

    1. Smooches and yay! Great name for a cat! Aiko. Heh. Love! *grins*

      Claudia is fine. Promise. April will be here soon. No the boys aren’t off to Japan but oh, perhaps Japan will be coming a little bit to them. *winks*

      Good morning and thank you! 😀

  22. Treasure

    I had assumed when I read Dirty Kiss that saranghae, agi meant I love you , but hadn’t really thought about it again until I heard Jae Joongs album and he sings that line in “All Alone” I’m even more convinced now that Kim Jae Joong belongs in one the books

  23. Aimee

    Hi! 🙂 Just wondering, is there (or when will there be) an excerpt released for Dirty Laundry?

  24. mimi

    Dirty Kiss was the very first book I read from you and … I fell in love … with your books.
    I couldn’t put it down. I loved Cole and Jae but I also like the others characters they made me wish sometimes as I was reading that they were real and that I could meet them and be a part of that little family. As I read Dirty secret I fell deeper for your way of writing you made me laugh, cry and rage.
    I usually don’t write to authors to tell them what I think of their books, But after reading Dirty laundry I just had to let you know that I read you books and that I LOOOOVE them but I mostly wanted to thank you for sharing them with us, with me.

    1. Hello and HUGS!

      I am so happy you liked visiting with Cole and Jae. Ah, they’ve been a fun… pain in the ass to write. *wins* Heh…. I wanted the reader… you… to feel the possibility of them and if you found them entertaining… then I am ever so glad.

      Thank you so much. Truly.


  25. Maryann Kafka

    Just finished DIrty Laundry. A heartwarming, heartbreaking and exciting read!!!! Hope there is more to come. I think Bobby needs to settle down maybe Ichi??? Thanks for keeping Cole and Jae true to each other. I think Neko needs a friend!!

    1. Ah, you definitely wanna go up to the top of the menu and read the “blog chat” and the interviews under Dirty Series *grins* Yes, Bobby will be getting his own book D

      Thank you for reading and liking the books! So much thanks!

  26. KJP

    So obsessed with Jae and Cole. I’m not Korean but grew up in a Korean home (my step-mother). It’s the little things I notice, so spot-on. I love the familiarity of the culture and the amazing characters. I’ve read all your books so far so just waiting, waiting, waiting…Aish.

    1. Aw, thank you. I hope to provide a solid base of “Korean” in the books but at the same time, make it approachable to the average reader. I am so touched you find familiarity in them. Thank you. So much. And working on Dirty Deeds right now. So….soooon 😀

  27. Petra

    Just finished all 3 in the “Dirty” series. Can’t wait for the next one! Any estimate for when Dirty Deeds may be released? I’ll have to read slower next time 😉
    Thanks for this great series and keep ’em coming…

    1. Aw, thank you and many hugs! I am working on Dirty Deeds right now. Literally. 😀 So I hope you can wait just a bit longer. *grins* There are interviews with Bobby and Jae under this tab and a free short story! *hugs* Thank you so much!

  28. Debbie

    Hi, absolutely love Cole and Jae! Could you please let us know if there’s a book 4 in the McGinnis series and when it would be available. I HOPE SO AND SOON SOON!!

    1. Smooches and thank you!

      There will be at least six books total in the Cole and Jae series as well as a Bobby/Ichiro book.

      Dirty Deeds is coming out in March of 2014! So soon, I promise! Thank you!

  29. Devony

    Ok…I can re-read ssslloooowwlly…maybe.
    *wonders if bribing would work…cookies maybe?*
    I tease;) Mostly.

  30. Devony

    *hugs* Thanks again!
    I dunno if authors get that enough? 😉 Without you all sharing your worlds and characters with us, life would be pretty colorless.

  31. Lee Hua

    I just want to say you are a real inspiration. The way you write your characters are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly thought it was a narrative, the way you make it so believable !!:)

  32. Sherry F

    Just read the first 3 in 2 days time…..thoroughly enjoyed and looking forward to #4. Thank you for the entertainment!

  33. Debbie

    I’ve just finished reading book 1,2 and 3 AGAIN because I’m like way past having withdrawal symptoms woman! March 28th feels like forever to wait! LOLOLOL

  34. Debbie

    Thanks. I got to both of them. Every time I read about these two I wish I could get on a plane and meet up with them just to say ‘hi’! I am in awe of your talent that makes your characters seem so real and lifelike!

  35. Shelley

    Thanks for posting the links. I had missed these two shorts and I can’t get enough of Cole and Jae! So glad you are still writing new books in this series, as it is one of my favourites. I’m waiting impatiently for the fourth book in the series. Glad it is soon to be released!

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  37. Debbie

    “Saranghae too, baby,” I murmured into the air, hoping the stars would pick it up and wrap him tight until I could hold him again.” This is one of my favourites!

  38. Maryann Kafka

    Started listening to Dirty Kiss, Greg Tremblay is great with the voices. Love his Scarlet!

  39. Yetzi

    I am new to the Cole Series and I’m hooked. I first read the Sinner’s Series and loved it. I was apprehensive to start another series because once I start your books I can’t stop reading. Well, I gave in and now I’m starting Dirty Laundry and loving every chapter. Thank you for sharing your talent with me, I look forward to future books to keep me company on lonely nights. In the Sinner’s series, wasn’t there a novella coming before Tequila Mokinbird?

    1. Hello! Yep. There is a Novella coming. The schedule goes:
      Dirty Deeds: March 28
      The Devil’s Brew (Miki and Kane novella): May 21
      Tequila Mockingbird: June
      Duck Duck Ghost (Hellsinger 2): September
      Creature Feature 2 (cowritten with Poppy Dennison: October
      Down and Dirty (Bobby’s book: December

  40. Tabitha

    Can’t wait to read “Tequilla Mockingbird” and am looking forward to the next Cole McGinnis book When will “Dirty Deeds” be available on Amazon?

    1. It will be on Amazon on March 28th. But it’ll probably take searching for Rhys Ford Dirty Deeds because Amazon takes a bit to link up. As soon as I get the link, I’ll post it. Dreamspinner will actually release the book on March 27th at 9 pm PST if you get it directly from them. They have a send to kindle function. I usually buy direct from the publisher and then leave reviews on Amazon for authors I buy and like 😀

      Tequila is soon!

  41. Debbie

    It’s now 4pm in Australia and I’ve been doing a search on Amazon since this morning….NO DIRTY DEEDS!!!

  42. Debbie

    I got it, I got it, I got it! It’s now on my kindle and I’m too scared to start reading! Why you ask? Well when I finish this book then what…no more agi for a while! Yes I know I’m bonkers…my husband reminds me on a daily basis! Congrats btw you already have a 5 star rating on amazon! Well done. Ok I’m gonna shut up now and go read!

    1. That was Jackie. She felt sorry for me. *grins* Heh. Working on Bobby’s book next 😀 You’ll see the boys again soon. *winks*

  43. nubiankey

    OMG!! To leave us hanging like that! So crewl!! LOL But seriously, I fricking love this series and can’t wait to see Bobby’s story!

  44. L.J.

    Wow, just finished re-reading book 4. You sure know how to leave us hanging off a “cliff”! And and Mary Calmes shout out – You go!
    Cannot wait for rest of series and the Bobby story! But hummm…. I know in your time we will hear about Ben and why, I think you already teased us a bit with that – Sheila’s clue????
    My readers on and waiting!

    1. You will definitely learn more about Ben as the series goes on. I’ll be answering the question, I promise! 😀

      And heh. I love Mary

  45. Debbie

    I haven’t met you personally and really, you don’t know me from a bar of soap but I’ve been following your reviews on amazon and I feel so happy for you! I’m glad that someone with your gift gets the praise she so rightfully deserves!

    1. *waves* Hi hi!!!

      Pretty much who I am here is … who I am *grins* And I love soap! Ooooo the smells. 😀

      Thank you sweetie. Really. I am so grateful for your support!

  46. cardinal girl, Mn

    I started reading book 4 of the series when I got home from work this morning, was howling with laughter for the first chapter. Woke up this afternoon and finished reading, while the dogs wait impatiently for me to take them out 🙁 I have enjoyed this series SO much. Thank you for all the laughs and tears. I have a few questions: I never saw in any of the books how Maddy lost her legs. She is such a great character. #2- I am a voracious reader of many genres, and wonder how one can become a beta reader. #3 After reading how horribly affected these men are by their families poisonous rejections, and having raised 4 of my own, plus many others, is there a way to reach out to be a “Claudia” to young people in the community ? Thank you for all you have taught me through your books.

    1. Hi hi! And first, thank you for liking the books. That means so much to me! Really.

      Ah, I have a full glut of beta readers myself but authors are always looking for really good content readers. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a new author who’s the scene or an established one who’s asking for fresh eyes. We can always use opinions 😀

      Maddy: I have never discussed how Maddy lost her legs and I don’t know if I will. It’s just not come up. If it does, I definitely would.

      Helping in your community. That’s a really easy one. Volunteer. There are shelters for GLBT youth who have been kicked out of their homes because they are gay and end up on the street. So many cities are struggling to keep kids healthy and safe. It’s a very risky lifestyle. Even an adult centre will have needs, especially if someone is struggling to deal with his or her sexuality and needs affirmation of self-esteem. I highly recommend reaching out in that direction.

      Thanks again. Really.

      Thank you.

  47. Robyn Bragg

    I have loved this series so much! And gifted writer that you are, you blew my mind with Dirty Deeds! My favorite book so far, and that is high praise since I have read the others numerous times. Cole and Jae. My. Favorite. Couple. They have come so far, and I really like where they are right now. But the stinky cliffhanger, really?
    So not nice! Do you have a date for Bobby and Ichi’s book? No rush, well maybe a little rush!! Thanks for a great book!

    1. It is scheduled for release in December and will be called Down and Dirty 😀 Heh. And I am soooo glad you liked the books. THANK YOU!

    1. Yup, I’m catching up with Rhys! 🙂 … well, at least in this one regard. Dirty Kiss and Dirty Secret are out, as you know. Dirty Laundry is almost through editing and mastering, and I’m expecting to see the contract for Dirty Deeds soon.

  48. tempestade

    Just wanted to thank you for your great books, I read sinner gin and later discovered cole and jae, and I loved the books so far, going for dirty laundry now, and already noted when the next one is on sale so I can buy it as son as it is out.
    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  49. debbie

    Honey…Rhys…beautiful woman…talented beyond measure author…I am so ready for Bobby…really drooling for Bobby!!!!

  50. I have begun listening to Greg read “Dirty Kiss” again. I just love when Cole & Jae meet & begin their journey. Greg’s read makes it come alive even more. I know you are going to end this series & my heart breaks because I just love these two.

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  52. Yvette Englund

    Just read all 4 “Dirty” books back to back but now I need to know when the 5th book is coming out? I mean you’ve got to have some compassion here. You just can’t leave poor Bobby sitting there waiting for Cole’s verdict on his relationship with Ichi – not to mention your readers who are left hanging too! I’m hoping you’re furiously working on #5 now? In the meantime I would like to say thank you for a great series and for the hard work and talent you pour into your books. For the last year or so I’ve read mainly the m/m genre and found it to be a mixed bag where talent is concerned. That goes double when you add mystery to the romance. You are one of the few authors who not only givesus what feels like authentic dialogue between your men but also a plot that makes sense and is engaging to read . So many m/m authors seem to forget they’re writing about men. What’s up with that!. As far as m/m series go you are tied in first place with Abigail Roux’ s Cut and Run with Mary Calmes A Matter of Time next. Again, thanks for the entertainment!

    1. Thank you so very much! I am so glad you enjoyed them!

      Yep, I am finishing up Down and Dirty which is Bobby’s book and I am trying to aim for a December release *grins*

      I actually really like mingling mystery, suspense and paranormal into the romance. Like a bit of spice to the chocolate *grins*

      Ah, sooo many good authors out there and Oh my love for Mary! She just released a new book. Sooooo good.

      Thank you again! Truly.

  53. Yvette Englund

    Just finished it and enjoyed it very much. Mary Calmes is an auto buy for me, as are you. You’re right. There are a great many fantastic m/m authors our there and I just love it when I find a new one. Thanks again for being as good as you are!

  54. Maryann

    I am reading the Dirty series again and I can not figure out how old Cole is. I just read in Dirty Secret that Bobby is about 20 years older and I know that Ichi is younger. I am worried the age difference will be a problem for me. Please do not suggest that I not read the coming book because that is NOT an option.

    1. I would never suggest that. That would be a cop out *grins*

      Cole is in his early 30s and Bobby’s about 50-ish, the same age as Robert Downey Jr and Johnny Depp. Ichi is 27-28.

      Too many people write a 50 year old man as if he were the 50s of our grandfathers which is not the case these days. I saw a cover a year or so ago where the main characters were supposed to be older “48-50” and the men on the covers looked like they were very ancient. Which was startling to think of how people view the number 50 when it’s not that reality.

      I think the biggest problem I have with age difference books is that they make the relationship about age differences, skewing it so the older partner seems like he’s ancient and the younger guy seems like he’s just out of high school.

      That is not the case with Bobby and Ichiro. Both are adults and successful at being who they are. They are equals. *nods*

      I hope that helps!

  55. debbie

    My friend Wulf Godluck’s husband just turned 50 a few weeks ago and ladies he is drool-worthy! Wulfy is 27 or 28 and he and Scott have been married for 4 years and still going strong!

  56. Rita

    Loved loved loved all four of Cole and Jae’s books! Read them all in 2 days!!!! Cannot wait to read Bobby and Ichi’s book and hope more Cole and Jae will be on the way too! You’re a new author for me so I have to tell you that I really enjoy your writing. The detail you put into the story and characterization are so appreciated. Don’t get me wrong the smut books are nice (lol) but I like when there’s an actual story to go along with it and you blend it all very nicely. I’ll definitely be checking out your other books! Thank you for your work!!!!

    1. Aawww thank you, love. You know every book has an audience and sometimes smut books ARE nice 😀 I am so glad you like Cole and Jae. Bobby and Ichi will be out in December!

  57. Ruth

    is it December yet? I guess the 100+ degree days are telling me no, but one can dream…..

  58. Ingela

    Just want to pop in and say I love to listening to the great narrated audiobooks for this series. Thanks you for all these lovely characters.

  59. Wolfie

    I love your books. I’ve read and listened to them several times! Was curious about one thing. In the books you mention Cloak and Dagger as being a real place in the McGinnis universe. Have you thought about collaborating with Josh Lanyon to bring English and McGinnis together for a case or dare I say cross over books?

    1. Ah no, I think Josh has plans for Adrien *grins* And I wanted to give Josh a tip of the hat in my books because I do adore his writing and feel he’s a foundational author in the genre.

      And thank you so much for liking the books! It means a lot!

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  61. Pingback: The Importance of Diversity in Queer Romance by Piper Vaughn | Queer Romance Month

  62. Kendra Patterson

    I bought all 4 of the Cole McGuiness books after only reading the blurb of book one. This has never happened before cause I usually want to make sure I like a new author & new series. Read all 4 back to back in 3 days. They were so good I couldn’t put my kindle down. Now I’m anxiously awaiting Down & Dirty. January can’t get here soon enough. I’ll be looking into your other books as well. Thx, Kendra

    1. Aw, thank you, love. *hugs* Heh…. Ah, Cole. So much Cole. *grins* OH! Don’t forget to read the freebies under Cole’s tab up at the top.. and The Novel Approach has a ficlit with Claudia and Scarlet..

      I am really glad you liked it!

  63. Carly McK

    Here’s the thing, I read fast – like six, 300pg books a week while I work full time fast. So when I’m preparing to re-read a series before the latest addition to it is released, I have to make sure I don’t start too early or I’ll be finished too soon and then be left waiting (impatiently) for said release.
    That said, I have been dying to re-read Cole & Jae for about a month now and am at the point where I’m positively twitchy in anticipation and am losing the will to wait until Boxing Day (Dec 26) to start. I used a second re-read of the Sinner’s Gin boys to self-medicate a few weeks ago – but the fix is wearing off.
    All of this nonsense to tell you that I love your guys, and I can’t wait to get my hands on Bobby & Ichi’s story. Forget Christmas – bring on the New Year!
    Thanks for the great reads – I’ve loved them all so far!

    1. Aw, I really hope you like the book. I truly do. *nods* and um… there will be a blog tour… Starting the 30th. It MIGHT tide you over a couple of days. Maybe. 😀

      Try Wolf and Tristan???? Um… heh. I just hope you like the book 😀 Smooches

      1. Carly McK

        I’m dancing with anticipation! Only a few more hours to wait. 😊
        I have read Tristan & Wolf’s books btw – I loved them too. I love everything you write!

  64. Katryne

    Pre ordered Down and Dirty, so looking forward to it. Will there also be a paperback copy of it eventually?

    1. You can actually order the paperback from DSP and it should come with a signed vellum in it. Usually they attach signature pages on the first 25? I’ll have to warn you, I get all distracted signing vellums and I start to draw on them 😀

  65. Mary

    Pre-ordered, downloaded, read & love, love, loved it!!!! I have re-read the other books over & over in the wait for a new book & it was worth it. I love to re-read how Jae & Cole met & their growing love for one another. Now we have Bobby & Ichi. Also seeing Jae & Cole from the outside is so informative as to how much they love & need one another. And Claudia, WOW! Thank you!

  66. Ineztey Garcia

    No words can express how much I love your books. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Just finished Down and Dirty, Wow!

  67. Em

    I just finished reading Down and Dirty over the course of one day. Work kept interrupting me. It is 3:12am and I absolutely squealed when I got to the end. I loved every minute of this book. I am so happy we finally got to hear Bobby’s story. He is so much more than meets the eye when we started this journey in Book One. As a reader, it is such a treat to find out “what was happening on the other side of . . .” while the “main action” was taking place with Cole and Jae. There was such a build up getting back to the cliffhanger from Book Four. There has been no letdown in this series. That is a tribute to your skill as a storyteller. Saying farewell to these characters will be hard.

  68. Katryne

    What are you trying to do to me? Every time I think I can’t love your characters anymore you go and release another book that makes me fall in love a little more. Now I have to go and collect all the little pieces of my heart that exploded with love and put them back together in time for your next release. Thanks for all the awesome work!

  69. So I re-read the series then dove into Down & Dirty. 😉
    Can I say yet again how much I love these people? Revisiting Cole & Jaes journey was great Claudia’s talk to Cole after she was shot made me cry again…Bobby & Ichi just seemed to flow together like they were always meant to which kind of nice. Loved that they acknowledged the want but did not just leap into bed together. Bobbys Marcus …that dude was just all kinds of messed up & I just can’t fathom why he did what he did to Bobby. Just glad Bobby was able to get past that even tho it took so long.
    I tell ya I was about ready to punch the next person who called him basically a no good whore! *scowls*… Yeah I get the concern for Ichi but enough!
    Loved the ending:)… His tat sounds gorgeous!
    Claudia was yet again freaking awesome as she shut down the overload of stupid between Bobby & Cole…LOVE Momma Claudia!
    I was wondering…did you know Bens side of things when you started the series? Or is it something that unfolded as you went?…still going circles trying to figure out what went so wrong with him that he felt the need to take Coles world apart? Looking forward to the last book….and not, because it’s the last book*mourns*
    ….and Mikes gonna be a dad! 0-0 lol

    Yup love the series;)

  70. Ah, yeah, I knew going in what and why Ben did what he did. *nods* The last book will be the end of the series but I’ll do more Cole Mysteries afterwards. I didn’t want to draw out the Ben thing any more. *nods* I felt there needed to be closure.

    And yep, Mike’s going to be a dad. God help him. *laughs*


  71. Michi

    When Greg tweeted that the audiobook for Down And Dirty was off to be edited I literally have been checking Audible twice a day. UGH I am so invested in your stories, I’ve probably listened to every single book at LEAST 4 times each. I even catch little things that I never caught before and I’m sitting here at my desk laughing and shaking my head like, “Ohhhh youuuu.”

  72. Akemi Ashiuchi

    I just read Down and Dirty, and I have to say as much as I loved Bobby and Ichi I missed the Cole and Jae moments. Will we get a 6th book? And will it be in Cole’s POV again because I miss being in his head. 🙁

    1. There will be a final book in the series, Dirty Heart which is Cole’s book about Ben. And then after that, I’ll be doing one off mysteries but the series’ question about Ben needs to be answered. 😀

      Thank you for liking them!

  73. Christa

    Finally closure! I have been waiting so long. I agree with the other reader that I missed Cole and Jae. That being said, I love your other characters. Looking forward to whatever is next.

  74. Bethany

    The Cole McGinnis series has been such a treat. And not just for the romance. I love the descriptions of Los Angeles, Korean and immigrant culture as well as all the delicious sounding food! As an audiobook listener, I have to say that Greg Trembley is an amazing narrator. Really looking forward to the next one. Thank you for sharing your writing.

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  76. Jane Rafferty

    I needed an escape and found this series. I sat down with the first one, finished it, bought the second and so one. You should have heard me scream when I ran out of books! I’m sure your others are just as good but I just love these guys and your style writing them. I’m glad there will be another book, but it makes me sad that I will have to leave the boys behind. But your books got me through a really bad time and I wanted to thank you for writing such a sweet funny story. I’ve now gotten my wife hooked on them. I’m evil like that. 😉

    1. Aw sweetie, thank you! *hugs* The series will end but there will be one off books later. It’s just the series itself needs to come to a resolution. *hugs* I am so glad you like them! Really. Thank you! *HUGS* Smooches.

  77. Holli

    I love all your books!! I can’t wait until Dirty Heart!! I really anxious to learn about Ben and Rick. They both have to be pretty special for Cole to love them both!! I just know this book is going to ROCK!! Cole and Jae are one of my all time favorite couple. I miss them!!! I hope this isn’t the last we hear of them.

    1. Because the arc of the storyline has to come to an end. The question of why Ben shot Cole has to be answered. I’ll be doing one-off mysteries in the future but the arc does have to be answered 😀

  78. Margaret Lethbridge-Cejku

    I just finished reading Down and Dirty: seriously not expecting to take to it with the character shift, but I now think it may be the best in the series! As to bringing the series to a close, I am also begging you to reconsider. Yes, a backstory book with the Ben/Rick trajectory will surely be interesting, but over? Mike and Maddy got kind of dumped, and dumped on-call what will happen when their little munchkin arrives? James just appeared in full and raw involvement – how does his and Bobby’s relationship move forward? And Ichiro’s ink parlor? Seriously, you have so many lines and connections among these characters (Cole, Jae, Bobby, Ichiro), there’s got to be fertile ground for more growth, adventure, and shenanigans! I hope you will reconsider. I’ve really come to love these guys.

    1. The series arc will be coming to an end but Cole and the rest will be back with one-off books in the future. And we’ll be revisiting a lot of old problems and new ones but the main storyline has to come to a close. It’s time for Cole to have closure on that. *hugs* They’ll be around. I promise. <3

  79. LJ

    Okay just finish Dirty Hearts, but should have re-read before posting 😉 But, wow talk about coming full face… Kind of thought that Ben had a thing for Cole or Rick. But hearing how he had to fear who he was, marrying anyone to prove he was not something his brother hated, hating that Cole lived who he was, and making the decision he made in the end, wow! Sad for him, sad for the kids, sad for the big domino effect his life had on others!
    And how sad is it that I really wished Mike and Cole’s father had put on his big boy pants and finally go to one of his sons to support him after he was shot!
    Final … Thought after reading your books. The community seems to put on a strong front of structure, tradition, and disdain for other things, but hidden in the “back rooms”, they take the same turns as everyone else.
    Thanks for the many other wonderful people in your stories that show us there are those who care for you no matter what!

    1. Thank you so so much. I am so happy you enjoyed the book. xoxoxox

      Ah, The McGinnis father. He is… very steeped in his hatred and I can’t say that Mike would see him. He drew a line and told his one son do not cross that so his other son crossed it to stand with his brother.

      BUT there is love there between all the brothers and they have so much family around them. *HUGS*

      Love. And thank you.

  80. tree

    Thank you so much for your work Rhys Ford and that of your voice actor. I am on Audible and have really learned to appreciate the skills of your voice actor, Greg Tremblay. Together you have created a wonderful experience for me. I am listening to book 1 of the Cole series. Today while driving home from visiting a client i was thinking about the mystery and enjoying the fact that the romance and the enjoyable characters have distracted me in such a good way.
    I look forward to watching the relationships grow throughout the series. I am particularly fond of Scarlet. She is a very beautiful soul and her happiness is important to me. I hope she continues to prosper through the series.
    I really enjoy your writing and look forward to many fun filled hours with your series. Again, thank you thank you thank you for your excellent work.

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words! <3 I shall pass them onto Greg who is so fantastic. I adore him. I hope we keep you entertained for many hours to come!

      1. tree

        Oh Rhys it is early October now and I have listened to your Sinners, Hellsinger, and Kai Gracen series on Audible. Your writing definitely does it for me. You allow your characters to explore their vulnerabilities with grace. I live in San Diego and I love blended landscape in which Kai Gracen lives and works. I love that you made him a chimera and look forward to learning more about that. Two days after listening to that book I saw a kitty on the Cat Cafe site an orange who was a rare female and i thought about the chimaera again.
        I hope your creativity continues to flow – you give so much pleasure to people.Have a great day, love, tree

      2. Thank you for all your kind words. And ah, you live in my city! We should have coffee sometimes. Kai is great to write. I loved having roaming pandas through Balboa Park 😀

  81. RMH

    Just finished the series, and I wanted to let you know how much I loved it. It was absolutely amazing!! Fell in love with both Cole and Jae, they’re inside me now, I’ll be reading and re-reading their story for years to come. I’m starting the Sinners series next, and I expect the same results.
    Thank you for sharing their story with us, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll write next.


    I have read each book as it came out. In fact, I read the earlier ones several times in order to prepare for the next one. It was a great ending to the series. So obvious once you think back, and yet I didn’t guess!

    Great job on keeping me guessing. I miss them already.

  83. Hello- please forgive me if this question’s already been asked and answered, but I can’t help but notice that the hairdresser in Fish Stick Fridays (whose first name escapes me) has the last name of Dupree, and I’m wondering if she’s a member of Claudia’s family?

    1. Yes! And you are the first one to ask…that I’ve remembered because I’ve had no sleep. She is Claudia’s sister in law. *grins* xoxoxo Her name is Yvonne. *HUGS*

  84. Jennifer

    Totally amazing series… I’ve read this entire series twice (as well as Fish Stick Fridays – can I tell you how stoked I am there’s a 2nd book coming??). You have such a way with words, like reading something beautiful instead of seeing it in the sky or hearing it through music. Can’t wait for more!!

  85. tree

    I think we should have coffee some time too! Starbucks it is!!! I’ll send my contact information to you at vitaenoir and we can enjoy some of our favorite things. And oh!!! I started Absinthe of Malice last night. I was hoping you would choose absinthe for a title.

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