Weds Borking Report… ‘Cause well, I’m late with it.

Weds Borking Report!

I didn’t forget so much as I couldn’t remember to do it. HAH!

The Borking Potato went out on Wednesday and it’s always funny when he’s gearing up to go out. He hates being woken up. Hates getting dressed. Pouts for a bit and then when his Auntie gets here, he stares at her for a little bit. THEN needs to sort of be cajoled to her, because he loves that attention as if to say, I GUESS I’ll go for a bork with you because you obviously need it.

BUT if you talk to Auntie Paige and delay the bork, we get scolded. Very sharply. In no uncertain terms, we are told to shush and let him be about his business.

And then when he comes back, he’s like a puppy who fell into a pile of treats. And he’s very happy. And very tired.

But so so happy.

From his Auntie Paige
I love this photo because Gus and I ate matchy matchy with our purples and blues. 🙂 Hopefully he doesn’t get sore today.

Have a good day! Thank you so much for having me as your Walker!

Best, Paige

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