Dirty Secret Cast

Cast of Characters for Rhys Ford’s Dirty Secret
(Book 2 of the Cole McGinnis series)

(PDF Link: rhysford.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/dirty-secret-cast-of-characters.pdf)

McGinnis Family Park Family
Cole Kenjiro McGinnis Park Dae-Hoon (Scarlet’s friend / Missing)
James Michael McGinnis (father) Seong Ryeowon (Dae-Hoon’s ex-wife)
Barbara McGinnis (step-mother) Han Suk-kyu   (Ryeowon’s current husband)
Colin Mikio McGinnis (older brother) Park Shin-Cho Jason Park (oldest son)
Madeline “Maddy / Mad Dog” McGinnis (sister-in-law) Park Shin-Ji David (younger son / Helena’s fiancé)
Tasha “Tazzie” McGinnis (sister) Dae-Hoon’s brother: Park Dae-Su
Bianca “Bi” McGinnis (sister)
Melissa “Mellie” McGinnis (sister) Kwon Family
Kwon Sang-Min (Dae-Hoon’s former lover)
Bobby Dawson (Cole’s best friend) Dr. Choi Eunhee (Kwon’s wife)
Kim Family Myung-Hee Helena Kwon (daughter / David’s fiancé)
Kim Jae-Min (Cole’s lover) Min-Ho Harris Kwon (son)
Kim Jae-Su (older brother)
Kim Tiffany (younger sister) Miscellaneous Cast
Kim Ree (Serena) (younger sister) Li Mun-Hee (Shin-Cho’s lover)
Neko-chan (Jae’s cat) Choi Yong-Kun (Shin-Cho’s Commander)
Dupree Family William Grey (Retired Police Officer in Pasadena)
Claudia Dupree Dr. Charles Grey / Bhak Chi-Soo) (Grey’s husband)
Sons in order of birth: Brandon Yeu (man blackmailed by Dae-Hoon)
Martin  (kids: Mo, Sissy)
Marcel (Korean girlfriend, Hyunae) Police Officers
Malcolm Detective Dell O’Byrne
Mace Detective Lynn Brookes
Morris Detective Dexter Wong
Marcus (gay son)
Scarlet’s Circle
Scarlet (Crisanto Songcuya Seong)
Seong Min-Ho (Scarlet’s lover)
Shim Min-Cha (Seong’s wife)
Sons in order of birth:  
Seong Ji-Chin
Seong Ji-Hei
Seong Ji-Moon (twin)
Seong Ji-Sung (twin)
Pinelli Family
Ben Pinelli (Cole’s deceased partner)
Sheila Pinelli (wife)
Jennifer (daughter)
Benji (Ben Jr) (son)
Michelle (daughter)

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    1. don’t worry. I think i kill a few of them off… *grins* okay maybe not. if you have any questions, ask and i’ll hunt them down 😀

  2. Jesus Christ. Now I’m terrified going in to book 2. I honestly have to say that, were there to be a test at the end, the only one I’m 100% sure I’d bubble in correctly would be the cat. I can, however, cite every dish of food eaten in Dirty Kiss. Your book sent me to the kitchen at least six times during the read and last night, I finished it at Shin Jung over a bowl of Bibim Bap with pickled moo. In other words, you left me fat and happy. No higher praise can be given.

    1. I think you’ll be fine. Promise! Mostly it’s because there are a lot of family names and people were asking for a cast sheet for reference. : *hugs* heh….

      mmmmmm bibimbap. We just had kalbi the other night. Soooo good 😀 *hugs* heh. Jae! You’d know Jae! I have faith! HWAITING!

  3. Okay, I’m through and out the other side. To paraphrase badly…”You had me at bulgogi.” I’m yours. You own me. Hot Asian men, terminally loyal narrator, pissy cat, pissy cat rescue, hot Asian man rescue, kimchi and banchan and periodic hails of gunfire you can practically set your watch by. I nearly called 3000 miles to make a reservation at Woo Lae Oak and hopped on a plane. (Is it still there?)

    Thanks for three really great reads. It’s clear you treat writing as seriously as story telling, and you’ve worked hard to master your craft. There are a few special authors who weave so deftly, who wrap emotion so tightly, who wind a path both so sweet and visceral that I forget I’m reading and am swept along on a tide of trust. Those writers go into my “Pantheon” collection on my Kindle. Lanyon, Cullinan, Sexton, Lane, Owen, Hill, Sherwood, Rolf & Ranger, a few others…and now Ford.

    With sincere appreciation…thank you!

    1. Aw, thank you. I’m really happy you liked the books! *HUGS* Heh. Sadly Woo Lae Oak in Los Angeles has been closed down for a few years but there are places we go to that are fantastic. Grins. Piggie BBQ! Hap Chae!

      I’m currently working on Dirty Deeds. I shall toss in some bulgogi in there. Well it IS Cole’s fave dish. 😀 Well that and kalbi.

      Thankyou. Very much. Smooooches.

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