A Borking Potato and A Quick Health Update

I don’t want to beat a dead kidney to the ground but… okay the kidney isn’t dead but fucking hell, it’s been a trial and a half in dealing with this. Got word I might be sporting all three tubes again because my body refuses to be managed. It’s like it is stubborn or something. So we’ll see. I need another surgery but when is the question. I do have to be in the UK in Sept so come hell or high water… or kidney bags, I’m going to go. Because I haven’t seen the Five in years and my heart and soul is hurting without them.

It was BORKING DAY yesterday and well, stuff kind of got away from me.
Mind you, Gus was raring to go and after struggling to get him dressed… which is something he does ALL the time… for some reason, he acted like he’d been the one pushing us to get him kitted up and we were somehow reluctant to do so.
The Potato can sometimes be an asshole.
But the weather has been cool in the morning and off he went. Trust me, you could hear him. Paige adores him and that’s lovely because the Potato can have opinions, sharing them with everyone… and her… as he goes about his route.
I love him to death but he’s an odd spud.
From his Auntie Paige:
This picture is Gus trying to decide who to bark at: the landscapers or the dog across the street. He chose to do both! 🙂
Thank you so much!

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