Today’s Borking Report!

Today’s Borking Report!

It’s been hotter than hell here… and very sticky with humidity. Because of the heat and the old man’s general disposition, he hasn’t been going out but today, The Potato ventured out into the wilderness with his Auntie Paige.

Since it’s still muggy and gross… and I was ordering Starbucks delivery… I asked Paige if she wanted something and our order arrived just before she took the Potato out for his jog so she had a lovely Venti Matcha Latte to come back to after dragging the Borker around.

We were LINGERING too long with a bit of chat when we were told it was time for his BORK so off Paige went with the Commander of the Neighbourhood. Gus Gus has tremendous opinions as well as a skin infection he’s getting over but while the infection is diminishing, his opinions seem to get stronger. Woe to those who do not heed his warnings.

Mostly he just likes telling people off.

From his Auntie Paige:
This photo was taken at the stop sign where Gus likes to stand and announce himself to the hooligans of the neighborhood. 🙂 I was able to stop him from running and rolling in the grass. Hopefully that helps the sweet potato feel better!


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