strong coffee preferred…

I am probably going to ramble today just because I wanted to touch base and see how everyone was. What I probably am going to do is share links and other things that I find interesting because I keep meaning to do that and I forget.

Monday is coming quickly and I will be showing up for the hospital in the cold dark morning so hopefully they can fix everything that is broken. Okay to be fair just the internal organs situation. Everything else that’s broken is not their fault.

I think the thing that I missed the most actually is driving because I do enjoy it. When I am finally free of this relentless medical crap I fully intend to go on a road trip.

and you know what I really need is a good grilled cheese sandwich. Now mind you I like my grilled cheese sandwiches like I do my macaroni and cheese. Mac & cheese comes from a blue box and grilled cheese sandwiches are white bread with American cheese, preferably on the edges and too hot to eat but you bite into it anyway and burn your tongue.

I actually have to get more American cheese because we’ve been using it to pill the Potato who had a very nasty bout of infections but it is clearing up rapidly. He is definitely slowing down and his seasonal allergies that also give him the skin infection really hit him hard this year. Still, he is comfortable and happy so that is all I can ask of the universe.

I also really miss being able to cook because standing for long periods of time is problematic. I did however sharpen my knives because that’s a good meditative thing to do and I have a few older knives that I really don’t use anymore but I should sharpen them as well.

It is been very cold and I keep the living room — well the whole house — at about 69° to 70°. This is kind of necessary because both Badger and Gus have joint issues that get worse if it’s too cold, just like me. Goji and Harley pretty much sleep on the couch on opposite ends but Badger usually can be found on the corner of my bed where the heating vent hits. We have a forced air heater so we can at least maintain a good temperature in the house.

That is pretty much everything for this morning. I do need more coffee and I also know that these kind of read like an email but hey, I should be better at communicating. I realized that what I’m working on needs to start a different place but I also have to figure out exactly what angle that would be so wish me luck.

3 thoughts on “strong coffee preferred…

  1. Jane

    Hopefully you’re getting toward the end of the surgeries. Good luck on Monday and take care.

  2. Retdatlast

    The grilled cheese has to be slightly burnt. That’s because the bread has been over-buttered. Oh, and you need a bowl of tomato soup (made with milk, not water) to go along with that.

    Fingers crossed for Monday.

    Stay warm. (-41C wind chill here this morning…or -41.8F)

  3. Donna Foster

    I’m saying prayers for you to finally have all your health fully restored.🙏 You have truly been through the wringer, so to speak. You are so brave!

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