More surgery! Ahead anyway…

So in the ongoing surgical news… in about a month and a half, they’ll be opening me up again and poking into my bladder to repair the sieve from that end. Until then, it’s stay the course, try to be healed more, don’t break anything, don’t catch anything, and most of all, don’t go stir crazy.

AND they dropped the new Indiana Jones trailer which… ah, Harrison Ford is a old school hard yes for me. Always has been.

I’m going to be making curry stew tomorrow. I’ll try to remember to post pictures. Cooking is hard because well, unbalanced still and I’m working off a new round of surgical gas which makes me even more scattered than normal. I’m like a drunk hummingbird.

Ah, once more into the… surgery ward?

So again in the long line of stuff happening, next week will be another round of let’s see where Rhys is broken and fix it. Maybe. If we can find it.

I can tell you I’m looking forward to actually sleeping a full night but let’s not get too crazy.

The weather’s been odd. Cold at night then amping up to a nice balmy mid 70s in the day. Which is great but oh man, I miss rain and fog. That’s why I do love going up to San Francisco because it’s my favourite kind of weather but dear lord, too expensive to live there. Tamm’s always trying to get me to move to Donegal but as lovely as that place is, it’s a bit too small for me. Also, I like having hot and cold running wifi. 😀

On the writing front, I am healing my brain a bit and plotting. And day dreaming a lot which is actually a good sign because disconnecting is the space I write in. There is this… layer? I don’t have a good word for it but it’s the mindspace where my imagination exists or rather the oddness of words and what I see. That seems to be opening up a bit more.

Mind you, I’ve also been having to share the couch with Badger who is of the opinion that if I bring something to cover my knees with, it is now his and he rakes it into a pile to sleep on. So far, I have lost one blanket and one sheet. I’d lost an additional sheet but I reclaimed that this afternoon.

Harley has spent her evenings hunting the tiny possum we have living on the hill. Actually what she’s doing is death-staring out of the sliding glass door as the wee possum trundles by. None of our cats go outside. Well Badger gets taken to his catio but we don’t let them roam free. I think Harley is just incensed that there is something outside and it either has to obey the house rules and come in or feck off.

Gojira the baby is now larger than both of the others combined. I swear to God she is. She’s a chonker and well, still in the chaos goblin mode of a teenaged cat.

My COVID is long gone and I have some residual coughing from the cold thing I had along with COVID. Of course, I have to take a different COVID test so I can go into surgery but I also have to do bodily fluids tests as well so going to knock that off tomorrow morning. Which means someone going to be sticking a bunch of needles in me and there’s this one guy who is always angry and salty at the lab. I’ve decided if I get assigned to him, I’m going to ask for a re-do.

And now Badger’s pissy because the dog went outside and he didn’t. Because he wants to go to his catio. Oh, and possibly even more salty because all the cats got some flea meds. It’s warm during the day so there’s been some insect activity. Like a plague! Waiting for the frogs.

If you’re in the US and celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a great time sharing a meal with friends and family. If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I still hope you have a good meal with people you love or even share a can of sardines with your cat.

Much love to all of you and I’ll keep you up to date on the body shenanigans once I learn more. 😀


Newsletter or Blog? Dogs and Ducks…

Covid’s been fun. So has the chest cold. Good times.

Currently I’m waiting for the rice cooker to finish so I can toss some hot dogs into the steam and let them warm up. Red hot dogs. Which some people tell me the East Coast also has. I’ll take their word for it. They are however the best kind of hot dogs.

Also if you got a duck from GRL, the deadline has been extended because people were taken down by a number of plagues. Once I get all the outstanding ducks, I’ll post them, pick a random winner or five, then spam the link out 😀


You know what helps dry clothes? If you turn on the dryer. Follow me for more insane life hacks! Like a classic golden oldie, do not choke on your own spit!

Due to my own plague-ridden existence, the Potato has not been on borks but it’s also been cold as hell. Right now he’s lounging on his dog bed. He is also going to get a hardcore grooming on Wednesday afternoon. Dunno what kind of trimm I’ll want her to give him but he should look tidy and sweet. It’ll last for about a hot minute before he rolls in wet grass or dirt but I will have tried.

I also have realized I haven’t even seen movies I’d wanted to see like the new (old now) Thor and the recent Ghostbusters. I mean sure shit’s happened but mind candy. I also need to restock my kindle but the sicknesses have wiped out my strength. And my ability to stay awake long enough to read. I do need too find a good mystery series I can binge on.

And someone remind me to get Thanksgiving stuff. I do love a good turkey.

And you know the worst part about laundry? FOLDING! Why is it so hard? And why do we act like we have to go down to the river to pound our clothes against rocks?

Goji has just joined us in the living room. It will be only a matter of time before she chooses violence and chaos. She had been napping on my bed with her brother, Badger. I guess she’s charged up and is ready for mayhem. I love and adore her but shit, she’s very well named.

AWOL. Back Now.

So… I realized I haven’t dropped into your inbox for a bit. I’ve been at GRL and visiting with TA Moore and Bru Baker. A huge shout out to my baby brother, Greg Tremblay as well as AC Mink who was a godsend and a great support during the slog thru my first outing as a human being in several years. I also have to thank Venona for the coffee because guys, Portsmouth at oh-dark-thirty without coffee is a pain in the ass.

Traveling meant having plans on how to deal with the ongoing medical issues I’ve been having and can I tell you that it is like planning a beach landing during high tide. Literally. Some days went well while others… like the plane trip over to DC… did not. The first few days were really rough. Hella rough and managing to deal with all of that and really interacting was a bitch. My masking and socializing skills were fucking rusty as hell and I was grumpy. I’m surprised Tamm didn’t just drown me in a vat of unsweetened tea. I bribed her with Sparkling Ice drinks which she does love and can’t get in Northern Ireland.

Aside from the body stuff, GRL was a fun time and I purposely took it slow. Listened to my body tell me to go lie down and listened to my brain when it said; enough with the people and noise. Aspergers is a bitch like that. Noise can hit like waves and after a bit, it feels like you’re drowning so being careful about taking in too much is always good.

But ah, when you want to stay and have fun but your body and your brain are all… NOPE! Be healthy! Get some down time.

There is a COVID plague currently working through the GRL attendees so… that’s kind of bothersome but hopefully everyone will get well quickly and no one will have it too bad.

The staff at the hotel was fantastic and our room was really nice. We didn’t have any problems although rooming with two unpackers can be a funny experience. Both Bru and Tamm put things away so they’d be safe but then can’t remember where. I’m used to it with them. Housekeeping was always told, just take out the trash and change the towels. Anything further than that would be hazard pay because you’ve got three authors loaded down with books, swag, and luggage…and a fully stocked bar of coffee stuff, a tea kettle, and a shit ton of snacks. Hazard pay.

All in all, a good time was had. And most of all, I got to see some of my favourite people…and feed them crispy pata. Which is always a fantastic experience.

Now to get ready for the bestest holiday in the world… Halloween.

You Asked For It, And Now It Is Here! ‘Nother Sip of Gin and Dirty Bites, Together in One Double Book!

I wanted to do something cool with these because you know, if you’re going to get 400 pages of short stories, it should have something fun about it… and so I’ve gone Classic with a “Flip Book Paperback” combining both works! AND as an extra bonus, I’ve included Cole and Jae’s Wedding Story as well!

Release Date is Sept 13th! And I will be bringing some to GRL so if you’re going, track me down at the convention!

WHOOOO HOOOO! I am so very happy to bring this to you!

Purchase at Amazon or Dreamspinner Press.

‘Nother Sip of Gin
For Crossroads Gin rock stars Miki, Damien, Rafe, and Forest, life is a Möbius strip of music, mayhem, and murder. Through it all, the sweet, hot moments between tours with lovers, friends, and family keep them sane, healthy, and happy. This Sinners collection features short stories spanning the entire series, from before the first note to after the lights go out.

Dirty Bites
Danger. Desire. Loss. Love.

In every story, there are a thousand more bound up and waiting to be told; here are just a few from the Cole McGinnis Mysteries.

As a heartfelt thank you to the readers who fell in love with Cole McGinnis, Kim Jae-Min and the rest of the cast, Rhys Ford takes us on an adventure in this collection of stories and vignettes. In this ebook and audiobook set, Jae shares his heart as he learns to see, to love, and to accept Cole and the way life changes, sisters of the heart look on the boys they love, and key players in Cole’s life are interviewed about the man who brings mayhem and love into their world. This collection features special notes from Rhys Ford as well as Greg Tremblay, the narrator of the series, previously shared stories from blog tours, holiday posts, and spotlights, a story written exclusively for the celebratory collection, and an invitation to Cole and Jae’s wedding.

So, sit back and enjoy a taste of Cole, Jae and everyone else in Dirty Bites, a Cole McGinnis Special Collection.


Bound: Chinatown Demons 1 is in Paperback!

Morning and Happy Friday…
It’s been a long week here with a variety of ups and downs. The biggest down is the weather because fucking hell, it’s like fucking hell. But we are staying cool and hydrated.
There’s a lot going on but I can’t share any of it yet so… I’m waiting until I have a couple of dates…
AND… I DO have a surgery date which will (if successful) heals me up in time for GRL! Which is awesome.
Lastly, Bound is in paperback and well, Xian and his complicated life has just gotten even more interesting. Grab a copy if you’re wanting that in your hot little hands!
Chinatown, San Francisco.
A different place — another time— and where the city’s streets keep secrets, shadowy mysteries.
SFPD Inspector Spencer Ricci needs to dig through after he finds himself on a case involving a dismembered, mummified man in a restaurant’s locked storage room. Spencer drags around a lot of baggage, including an ongoing battle with the bottle and a long career as an LAPD detective he’d set fire to in a blaze of booze-soaked mistakes. San Francisco is supposed to be a new start but his old ghosts haunt him, beckoning him back into his self-destructive bad habits. Bad habits that include contemplating doing dirty things with the wrong kind of guy and this time, it’s a sleek, cold-tempered medical examiner named Xian Carter with a complicated reputation.
For a century-old demon, Xian Carter is content with his secretive life. Hiding his nature from the mundane world, he blends in with the city’s inhabitants as best he can but even the best of predators make mistakes. Delving into the mysteries of the dead provide a welcome distraction from endless nights and hiding in plain sight amuses him, until something supernaturally wicked comes knocking on his door with an extremely hot, broody Inspector close behind.
Murder makes for strange bedfellows and this one is no exception. The twists and turns of the case leaves Xian and Spencer on a wild goose chase after clues but Xian can only hope there’s a human at the end of the trail—because the last thing San Francisco needs is another predator.

All Rhys Ford’s eBooks are on sale for $2.22! Only at Dreamspinner Press

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Writing et al. Or etm. And a recipe for Shoyu Chicken

I keep gathering up the brain cells to get stuff down on paper. I also have to finish rereading Bound so I know where to go from there. I’ve got bits and pieces of things started so I have plot lines at the ready and all I need is for my brain to show up. Which hopefully soon.

Surgery day is set for Aug 17.

But writing has to happen before then. It truly is a habit that has to be hammered at every day. It’s too easy to let a bit of writing fall to the wayside and then you fall out of practice even if your mind isn’t ghosting off in some other realm. I don’t mind it wandering outwards… my brain that is… so long as it brings back good material.

Mine is like a goofy cat that brings its owners’ a leaf and claims that they’ve hunted and killed it.

I hope everyone has been staying cool or warm … depending on where you are. It’s cooled off here nicely and the house i sopened up. A lovely breeze is coming thru and well, we have had a late night skunk waft every once in a while. But all in all, still lovely.

And apparently the Tribal People eat another one of my people’s foods… Shoyu Chicken. I haven’t seen it yet but I imagine there might be some conflict with their palates. I could be wrong. Depends on who makes the shoyu chicken. I’ll include my recipe for shoyu chicken after the video. 😀

Hilo Shoyu Chicken

  • 1/2 cup dried shiitake mushrooms or to taste. If large and whole, cut into slices
  • 4 (1/2-inch thick) slices of peeled ginger or 6 T of shredded frozen ginger
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 cup shoyu (soy sauce)
  • 1 cup brown sugar or 1 1/2 white sugar
  • 5 pounds chicken thighs
  • Sliced green onions for garnish

Brown chicken then add rest of ingredients. Bring to boil, then simmer for 30-45 minutes. Serve over rice.



Skipping the UK Meet for Surgery… :(

I am saddened to announce that due to health issues and doctors wanting to carve me up a bit more, I have to skip the UK Meet this year. Trust me when I say I am so disgustipated for missing the Meet. Please have fun without me and go bother the Five (TA Moore, Paula Rogers, and Andi Lee) for me. I’ll still be sponsoring the USB Drives and adding things to the collective files there. Raise a glass of whiskey in my name if you desire. And yes, damn I am so so sorry to miss all of you.

Friday Musings… And GeolRim

I just wanted to stop in and say hey. Mostly because a lot of times I get caught up in the whole healing / sleep process and man, it’s knocking me for a loop. Yesterday I went to yet another specialist to see if there’s a “final” surgery.
Because fucking hell, there needs to be a final surgery. We just don’t know when and where it’s happening.
I just got my Comic-Con San Diego badge in the mail. I am a registered Professional and sadly, I cannot attend. Which does give me a sad but hopefully next year.
Been watching The Boys because well, I love the satire and violence but mostly because I love Karl Urban and now that Jensen Ackles is also there…. hot damn.
I’m also kind of yearning to watch old Kdramas like Coffee Prince and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Probably for happy nostalgia. Because well, those were great kdramas and well, SKK had the BEST gay-denial-lovers ship ever.
Also… great “Geolrim” ship video. Expert scene cuts. They weren’t THIS overt but as you can see, plenty of definite intimate scenes. The two also ended up being voted as Best Couple on an award show, “tying” with the other main couple in the drama. Just saying…
I do also miss cooking. Like there are so many things I want to make. Especially collard greens with hamhocks and sausage but no can do for right now.
The Potato also was shorn down for his Summer ‘Do and because he’s got allergies / skin issues. Got more meds for him and he’s doing great. He also got a very intense bath with huge scrubbies and was put out by the whole thing… until he could get out, get rubbed down by a towel and rolled about the living room floor.
Because that’s what he does.
So… What’s Going On in Your World? Give me a snippet of something you did today.