Wow… I’ve been busy….

Okay and still a little bit sick.

I don’t know what it is about this illness but it’s not shaking me loose at all.

First off, I want to thank everyone who came out to the Los Angeles Festival of Books. It was awesome seeing all of you and a huge thank you for all of the authors who joined us that weekend.

We ate much. Laughed hard. And well, in Paul Richmond’s case, coloured extensively.

I actually am going to be going through the paperbacks I have this week so I can figure out what I have to giveaway. So that’s like housework with books. I need to clean out a bunch of shelves and really locate things because I’ve got a box of books someplace. I just know it.

Dim Sum Asylum is set to hit the internet in three weeks. One of the leading suggestions for the blog tour is a supernatural creature feature alongside a street food recipe… but not combining the two. So no… merrow dumplings.

What do you all think? Wanna learn how to make kal-bi and carne asada?

Food! Er… Soup. Maybe.

Hello everyone!
I made it into work today for a few hours. Nothing horrifically brain-taxing because well, I stood next to my car wondering what I’d done with my tea as I switched the cup from one hand to the next.
Starbucks has a new frapp out. Midnight Mint and apparently S’mores is back. See? I’ve turned into Teen Vogue. The chocolate one looks interesting. And probably enough sugar to send my heart pounding out of my chest.
Tonight’s dinner might be…. soup. Or rice. Or maybe a lot of rice and a little bit of soup. Nothing too taxing.
What’s on the menu for everyone else?

Meet Rhys Ford and TA Moore in Kings Cross, London, UK on 22 March 2017


Meet Rhys Ford and TA Moore in Kings Cross, London, UK
22 March 2017 • 5:30 pm

The Betjeman Arms
Unit 53, St Pancras International Station, St Pancras International, Kings Cross, London N1C 4QL, UK
+44 20 7923 5440

So we can get a good headcount for the pub, please RSVP to
rhysford(at) vitaenoir(dot)com


GRL Brunch Winners! Contact Me!

Reaching out to the FIVE GRL brunch attendees! If I don’t get a hold of you this week, please be sure to ping me so we can finalize out arrangements for you all…us all… me, Greg and you *grins* to have a great breakfast!

Elise Hansen
Becca Johnson (NurseBecca)
Morningstar Ashley
Marcia Gleason
Juli-Anna Dobson

Email me! We’re looking at Friday Morning! Let’s say 7:30? I know…brunch but we’ve got so much GRL stuff to do that day! *grins*

rhysford (@) vitaenoir (dot) com

Have Brunch with Rhys Ford and Greg Tremblay in Kansas City!


Enter to win at the blog post (! Winners will be chosen LIVE ON AIR during the July 2nd live podcast with Rhys and Greg. Comment below to enter. One entry per person. Winners will be notified via email so please include a way to be contacted in your comment.

Need not be attending GRL to win. Day, Time and Location of Brunch to be determined closer to the event. There may or may not be Bloody Marys and Mimosas at the brunch, possibly even whiskey. All entries welcome, regardless of prior relationship with author and/or narrator. Drawing will be random, much like the conversation.