Not Dead. :D

I keep promising that I will post more often and then I get carried away into doing things or life just ask everything in close for a couple of weeks.

It’s been an interesting or rather a kind of sad time this past couple of weeks because the Potato is definitely slowing down and sleeping a lot. And I know that he is 15 which is ancient for his breed but it is still hard to know that you are reaching the twilight of your dog’s life. We have reached the you can eat anything you want to stage and he still gets excited to see company come through the front door. The weather is warming up so I know that will help with his joints and is Auntie Paige will be here this Friday to see if he is up for a walk. He still got doggie ice cream and his dinners are turkey burger and mashed potatoes which he does eat.

I am looking forward to writing this week because I have been some flashes of what I need to do so it’s important to focus and get that down.

I have been slowly watching a YouTuber who does “historical breakdowns” of foods and time periods. He just posted a one about Hawaiian luaus and I will admit to not wanting to watch it because my people have been done dirty by so many people. I didn’t want to get turned off his channel because he disparaged away or added sugar to it. I just read some of the comments on that particular episode and other Hawaiian people seem to be okay with what he presented so I might go take a look. I have had to stop reading certain authors and watching certain YouTube personalities because of how they presented my people’s food. Mind you there is also a chef who disrespected Sam Choy on a cooking show so as far as I am concerned, that person is dead to me and I hope sand mites burrow up into their sinuses.

Max Miller does do a good job and I wanted to continue to watch him so… Here is one of his videos that explores what ancient Egyptians ate and I really enjoy watching them re-create these foods and every single one of his videos. So if you’re into that, go take a look.


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