Home and Coffee

I really am going to try to use these as a newsletter of sorts.

I am home from the hospital following a very long and brutal surgery. it went very well according to my doctors and now it pretty much is all about rest and taking medications while I heal up. I can share that I am very uncomfortable and there is definitely pain but all in all, the outlook for everything is good. Although I could use more sleep.

there really isn’t too much going on except perhaps the potato has a new bed and it is large enough for Harley to claim a corner. It makes her so very happy to be able to sleep near him because she loves the dog so much. the dog does not reciprocate but he suffers through it.

I am halfway through the Eric Carter, necromancer series and am enjoying it greatly. I will have to finish it soon because I need to begin writing and since it is urban fantasy and I will be writing urban fantasy, that could lead to some conflict in my brain. But I have mysteries sitting on my Kindle for when I need to switch over.

keeping me company through all of this are Japanese cooking shows. I really enjoy Kimagure. Most recently he posted this fish and it is always fascinating to see how he does things.

but that’s pretty much it for today. I am going to try to get comfortable and then maybe crash later because sleep is hard to get. I am looking forward to delving back into stories. I so miss writing.

3 thoughts on “Home and Coffee

  1. Sara

    Glad you are home and that the outlook is positive. Until you are back on track – I will continue re-visiting (via audible) many of your vibrant characters. While I can only imagine how much you miss writing, I am so relieved that you are home and healing. Guarisci presto!

  2. Michael Simone

    During my entire life, most fiction books I read contained only heterosexual characters. Since being gay, I’m in a distinct minority, it’s easy to feel not a part of, and different. So for the past 10 years, the only fiction I read are Gay MM stories and books. Therefore the only authors I read are the ones writing them.

    Although I might really like Steven Blackmoore’s Eric Carter Necromancer series, I cannot find any indication the Eric Carter character is either bi or gay, nor any mention anywhere that there are any gay or bi characters in the entire series, or, in any of the other books by the author. Therefore, unfortunately, I’ll likely not read the author.

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