Recovery Doing Okay… need more grapefruit / pineapple green tea.

Okay to be fair, I really don’t need a green tea because I do have a pineapple refresher from Jollibee’s right now. And that’s a delight.

There has been a few revolving guests in the house over the past few weeks following my surgery and I am ever so grateful for the help. And the fact that I can get better sleep but also, sometimes there is someone to let the Potato out in the morning and give the girls brekkie. I probably need more sleep but it’s hard because I don’t trust my body to behave yet so… we’ll see how it goes.

I do think the Potato is very sad to see his Aunties leaving every time they go because he does love the attention and I can’t get down on the floor with him right now. And I can’t for a few months. Which makes me sad because you know, dog scritches. I want him to know I love him and well, I make sure he gets scritches where I can reach. He was supposed to get a bork today but it’s a holiday and Auntie Paige had all of her appointments call out so it didn’t seem right to drag her out of bed for one walk so we’ll do stuff later this week. He will get a bork in.

But that’s today and well, the house is now empty. Gus has gone into his room to sleep and most of the cats are snoring away. Badger for some reason is grooming himself while sitting on the bookshelf.

I am going to immerse myself into Japanese Demon mythology for a project now so… have a good Monday!


2 thoughts on “Recovery Doing Okay… need more grapefruit / pineapple green tea.

  1. Retdatlast

    Lovely to hear from you. So pleased to know things are getting better

    Japanese demon mythology, eh! Sounds…good?

    Are we going to meet another Bob the ‘cat’??? Sigh…now that’s a pet I really would like to have. (Meaning no disrespect to The Potato.)

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