Eastward Ho!

Well, tonight is our last night in Vegas and then we’re heading to the Grand Canyon for one night. Weather here in Vegas is actually pretty good and the Venetian is a lovely place to stay. Thankfully they still fire up the waterfall across the street at the Mirage so it’s all… FIRE FIRE!

I am easily amused.

Heading to Denver is a lot of fun. I’ve got a couple of the San Diego Crewe with me: Steve, Maite and Jacob… as well as author CS Poe.

So far, no one’s killed anyone… that I know of… so! Life is good.

a brief pit stop

I am actually gearing up for a very busy two weeks but I wanted to stop in and say hey to everybody. There is a lot of things going on the background most of which is good news but it involves a lot of moving parts and cover reveals and just kind of everything moving very quickly.

Yesterday was a major slog of writing and my brain can hurts for it. You are probably are going to read this on Monday so please know that Saturday kicked my ass.

What is going to happen starting Thursday, October 12 is a road trip to Denver, more specifically GayRomLit, and we will be doing some videos and other stuff along the way just to keep people entertained and possibly evidence in case we’re arrested.

I’m not saying that we are going to be arrested but just in case.

I am going to be hauling a lot of swag out to Denver but I’m also keeping some back so I can have easily mailable swag packets. When I come back, definitely let’s look at making some of those go out instead of sitting in my spare bedroom. Because they do not need to take up residence in my house.

I hope all of you have a fantastic week. I am hammering away at Sin and Tonic but I did take a few hours off to go see Bladerunner 2049 and that was absolutely fantastic.

We do have a new cat. Her name is Harley. I did not name her so don’t look at me. I call her HarleyDoodle or honey girl. The dog both loves and fears her. She is an eating and pooping machine. Less than two years old, she has already had a litter but has been fixed. but fitting in fairly decently.

One last thing before I leave you guys for this post, I want to talk to you about being aware of the state of your breasts. And this conversation really has to be had by both men and women. I urge you all to pay attention to your body and to maybe take a look at the lemon chart below. If you find any anomalies in your upper or lower bits, go talk to your doctor. And you might have to be forceful about it. Especially if you are a guy. But definitely have these conversations.

Happy Coffee Day and Some Rambling!

I am heading to GRL 2017 (GayRomLit) in Denver in a couple of weeks. Well, not really Denver. Eventually Denver. We’re going to start off driving from San Diego — did I mention this was a road trip to Denver? — stop in Vegas for a few days, then do hops to the Grand Canyon and Durango then through Colorado Springs to arrive at the event’s hotel.

I haven’t made this trip in decades. Actually, I haven’t made this particular trip ever but have done pieces and parts of it so this reiteration isn’t too bad. Funnily enough, it does follow a lot of where Mad Lizard Mambo happened so that’ll be interesting. Just like it’s always amusing in my brain space to drive up to LA because I go through Kai’s Pendle run there.

Speaking of Pendle runs, as many of you know my schedule shifts and changes depend upon what I can get my brain to write. I do about four books a year and this year I actually got very sick for a long time so books got shuffled and deadlines moved around a little bit. But we do have a schedule for next year and a new one for upcoming releases.

Which I will release in a couple of weeks because I want to make sure I have all of my ducks in a row before I do that.

I also just realized I haven’t made coffee yet. So I’m going to do that in a little bit. The dog however requested I scratch his back.

If you are going to be at GRL, please be sure to visit near the bar area on Friday, October 20 at 6 PM where Jordan L Hawk and I will be holding a reader event. Even if you are not attending the retreat, you are more than welcome to join us. It is at the Marriott Denver Tech at 4900 S. Syracuse. I have a bunch of stuff just throw it people for the event and I think so does Jordan. I am waiting for one more piece of swag and then I will post a picture of everything that will be given away. I will be trying to make available the things to send to readers following the event because I know not everybody can go.

I will also be in Indianapolis second week of November — around the fifteenth. We are going to see if can get a group together to have coffee with and to chat about books so as soon as I know something about that I will post it here.

But right now I really need coffee.

P.S. Happy national coffee day.

Answering A Question About Cole’s Rick from the Dirty Series…

Yesterday on Facebook a reader asked: Just re reading Dirty Kiss and started wondering about Cole and Rick! How and when did they meet? What was Rick Like? Etc. Any possibility of a prequel?

I answered this there but I was asked to also share it here on my blog. People have asked me about Rick before so really, it’s not out of the blue. Please understand that for me, the books are about Cole and Jae but asking about Rick is a very valid question and a good question.

Here is my reply:

I will not write about Rick and Cole. Mostly because that’s a story best left to the imagination of the reader. I don’t think I can go back to that time in Cole’s life.

What I can tell you about Rick is he was a good guy, a bit vain and sometimes a bit demanding but he laughed well and heartily and loved fully. He was an artist in his own right and generous with his affection towards friends and of course, his boyfriend, Cole. Rick was tender-hearted, loved romantic movies, cried at commericals sometimes and was a bit sentimental in the best of ways. He could cook a little bit, would sometimes forget to pick up his shoes after taking them off in the living room and adored dogs.

He loved red balloons, carnivals so he could go on all the rides and eat cotton candy—or rather, steal most of Cole’s— and silly amusements. He liked walking on the beach at sunrise, and embraced everything life had to offer. He was the kind of guy who’d eat off your plate while at the same time, slide half of his food onto yours in exchange. Sometimes he would be careless with someone’s feelings but he would always try to make amends. He wasn’t perfect by any means but he did love Cole.

And there were sad times and regrets, especially around the holidays when he wasn’t with his family. He came from a typical solid Midwest family and was raised to treat people fairly so it pained him deeply when his own turned their backs on him.

Rick would be the first person to tell his Mac to fall in love again. He loved Cole that much. He would want Cole to find a lasting happiness and live a long, glorious life with someone who cared for him deeply. He’d approve of Jae and probably would have loved to have known him.

Bob The Cat T-Shirts are Now in The Shop!

Many of you have asked for a Bob The Cat shirt and well, here it is. Both quirky and disdainful, carry your very own Bob with you into battle, on coffee runs or even while getting a drumstick cone from the ice cream truck you’ve chased down the street in your T-Rex fluffy slippers.

There is a variety of items to choose from and more coming in the future…whenever I’ve got some time. Hoping to get some Hellsinger stuff up and maybe a shop shirt from Potter’s Field, Rook’s place of business.

As always, there is a nominal 25 cents charge off of the wholesale price for the shirts just to cover any licenses and/or fees. I’m not looking to make money, I’m looking to put cool stuff on your chests, laptops and things you drink from!

Link to Bob
Link to the General Store Front


The Tom of Finland Trailer is out!

We should never forget those who bled for our rights, those who came before us, those who laid the stones down for a path we now dance across.
Every word, every drawing, every kiss we openly share is a freedom brought to us by the struggles of others.
Celebrate their lives and their accomplishments…and most of all, never ever forget them.