Kinda in A Weird Place

There’s a special Hell… one Dante didn’t seem to find when he was cataloging Hells. It is the digging out of someone’s life and the red tape / paperwork involved in trying to pull together all of the loose threads they’ve left behind.

I’ve been trying to avoid the grief. Which is stupid because let’s face it, it’s water. Emotional water.

I do miss Jenn. I hate going through what she left behind. I’m sure everyone who is pitching in has to handle grief over and over again… and while we laugh, there is a bit of pain with each step.

So, here we are. I am glad I have the Five and everyone else around me. It’s just so fucking surreal and I keep waiting for someone to tell me they were wrong.

And I know that while she’s never coming home, she’s actually GONE home. To the stars and beyond.

Monday Borking Report…And Jenn Update.

First the Jenn Update. She’s doing well. Still under sedation but the surgery went great and she’s actually in the recovery ICU at the hospital. They are easing off sedation and trying to get her off the ventilator. Hopefully I’ll be able to see her waking up soon and complaining that all of her electronics are not there when I go in. I’ll have to at least bring her the phone. Dunno if they’d let her have a laptop in ICU. Also, when she moves out of ICU, we no longer will be able to visit unless they change the rules. But we’ll be able to zoom. So I have that to look forward to. I’ll have to load it on.

I am physically at work today so I did not get a chance to see the Potato off for his Bork today but this morning was chilly and a bit damp so I figured the Blond Potato would have a great walk.
His world’s still a bit upside down but he’s a happy little borker and went off into the world with an opinion and a light step.
From his Aunt Jessica:
Gus had fun on his walk! It wasn’t too hot out so he had lots of energy for barking at everything! He went straight to the water bowl when he got back inside.

Today’s Borking Report

So today is… a very busy and emotional day but The Blond Potato will not be taken from his bi-weekly rounds to secure the neighbourhood and give his opinions. Fresh from his bath and brushout, he left the house with his Aunt Jessica full of vim and vigor…and in FULL BORK!
He’s just gotten back, got lots of scritches and is doing his cooldown roll around the house and looking to see if someone won’t toss him a bit of bacon or perhaps even a full steak. Which well, no. But hope springs eternal.
Still… scritches and love were given.
From his Aunt Jessica who loves him dearly:
Gus had fun borking at everyone today! We were able to keep our distance so he was good. I let him roll around in the grass a little because I know he loves it!
Best, Jessica

Because the Potato needs to Bork….

I’m trying to keep Gus on his routine and one of those things is his Aunt Jessica. Who he really needed to see today. It’s a lot cooler today and he went off on his bork in a typical Potato fashion.
He’s been a very good Potato with everything that is going on and right now in his cool down phase. His bork went well. He even peed. Which isn’t typical but a good pupper behaviour.
From his Aunt Jessica:
Great to see Gus again! He had a fun walk in the nice cool weather. I’ll see him again Friday!

Life… sucks.

So, amid all of the nonsense of life, my sister Jenn (who lives with me) is currently in ICU and very sick. So she’s been my focus for the past few days.

I haven’t forgotten all of you. And I am so grateful for your being here. It’s been a rough few months and I’m hoping to have something for you.

Much love…and there will be a Borking Report tomorrow. The Potato’s walk was postponed on Friday because of what was going on. But he needs his out time.

Kisses to all of you, vote and love your friends.

A Day Ending in Why?

Ever have one of those days? Today is that day for me. So right now, I’m eating a salad and contemplating life.

Actually I’m contemplating watching a sashimi video on youtube.

Watch this space for news. 😀 I’ve got something coming up fast on the horizon that I’ll be sharing.

But for now… here’s a kitteh.

Friday is BORKING DAY! Here is today’s Borking Report!

His Aunt Jessica was running a bit later today so he didn’t hit the sidewalk until nearly 11. In fact, he came to get back scritches and didn’t even see she’d come in. Trundled off to his dog bed and then when she called him, he got SOOOO excited and rushed over to the door. Then, the Borking Potato was off.
They were gone a good while which is nice because it IS cooler and he does need a bit of a stretch. Came back panting and went to drink water as he always does but took the time out to get love from his Aunt before she left.
Now he’s sprawled out on the floor in my bedroom or perhaps the hallway, sleeping off the excursion.
From his Auntie Jessica:
I got Gus to walk a little farther today! He did try to stop and lay down and turn around where he usually does. But I got him up and walking a bit further! We had a fun walk and he’s tired and happy now!

Bad, Dad and Dangerous Blog Tour: Last Stop is: Twinsie Talk!!!

And the LAST STOP on the tour is…. Twinsie Talk!!!

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