Tuesday’s Bork! Or… A Once-Clean Cairn Terrorist Says Screw You to Being Clean

So the Potato got a bath and a minor trim yesterday because he was grubby and reaching the point of potential matting of his face. This is thing you’ve got to watch out for with Borking Potatoes, especially ones who like to roll in wet grass. No one likes a tangled weave on their heads… or an unshaven butt which needs to be tended to once their business is done.
He wasn’t brushed out but to be fair, it was late and he was enjoying being damp and rolling around. Nothing as happy as a post-bath Scottish Borker.
He also needs a second harness because the orange one is filthy. Because… he rolls around in wet grass and damp dirt! So after the bath yesterday, guess who comes rocking back from his Bork with filthy paws? Yep, the Cairn Master himself, Angus Missouri Blue.
Who promptly slipped out of his harness, came rolling into the living room and made general mayhem of joy and snorking noises. Also, he pooped outside. Again! Which is great because… it was on grass. Will wonders never cease.
We also forgot to put his collar back on. So he went out nekkid as th day he was born except for his kit.
From his Auntie Jessica…
It’s hot out but Gus did a lot of rolling around in the wet grass! He actually pooped on the grass today too instead of in someone’s driveway! I hope he gets plenty of water and rest now.

What Day Is It?

I seriously lose track of time. I did before the pandemic as well so that’s not surprising.

Let’s see… news. I have a procedure scheduled for Aug 2nd which hopefully will yank me back among the living and thriving. If not, there’s alternatives we can do. I’m fine just… trapped in a cycle of icky shit that really prevents me from doing a bunch of anything.

Gojira the New and Horrible apparently seems to be having a REALLY hard time settling in. She might have to ruminate on things a little bit. To be honest, she lurves her big brother Badger, ignores the Potato, and gives Harley ample respect. Which is all good. She will also probably eat us out of house and home before she’s fully grown.

Spent Monday in the Firebird for a bit. Got him gassed up and washed then did a short toddle over down to Balboa Park… which I’ve absonded with for the Southern Rise Court in Kai’s world. It was really a pleasant day and everyone was out just enjoying the great weather but most of all, being courteous to one another about masking, etc.

Well, for the most part. We are opening up here in California but there are cautionary measures which I fully endorse.

Most of all, I don’t want anyone to lose anyone in their family. Not a bad thing to want.

Tonight’s dinner is actually chicken long rice but no long rice because well, the store didn’t see fit to pack it into our groceries so it’s over calrose rice instead.

Which is NEVER a bad thing.

I am hoping to plot something out this week. Or maybe just try to get my brain facing forward. It was great to have Tengu back because he’s been in the shop getting all spiffied up with a whole new rear axle and a bunch of other work. So it’s kind of like learning how to drive him again because he’s a bit of a tighter response but very quick off the line. He handles absolutely amazing but still, it’s a lot of power and you’ve got to be very aware of that when you hit the gas pedal.

That’s it for this Second Monday. Really, if you celebrated with a long weekend, hope you had a great one. If you did not get a long weekend, then you deserve one.

Or ice cream.

God, don’t get me started on the ice cream ordering debacle we had. But it’s ice cream and that’s never bad.


Grandma OK from ReacTing and A M/M Couple Discuss Being Gay in Korea.

I follow this channel for a variety of reasons but one of the main ones is for Grandma OK. Usually she and Zoe are reacting to food or videos but this time, Grandma meets and talks with a gay couple for the first time. She is always supportive and fierce about everyone loving who they want and it’s good for Koreans to have these discussions out in the open. Of course she asks questions that are common to ask in a society where gays are not very visible. And she’s very thoughful in her listening. I simply adore her.
Part 1
Part 2