And… the rain is gone…

I woke up to rain this morning and honestly it was awesome. I do so love rain. Sadly, it appears to be gone now. Maybe we’ll get more in a bit.

Today will be spent working on some graphic stuff and doing blog posts for the Silk Dragon Salsa blog tour. I’ll be posting tour dates in a bit. As soon as I do that graphic. It’ll be a Kai story told over seven parts. A serial. I just have to figure out which part of his life I’m going to be digging into.

Oh yes, the sun’s coming out. SOOO blinding. Honestly, I’m a cave serpent. The dog’s supposed to go borking today and I’d grabbed his raincoat but now it’s iffy if he needs it.

Other than that, we’re going on the same treadmill as everyone else here. Wear a mask. Vote. Hydrate. Don’t be an asshole to people. Eat your veggies. Be kind to animals. All of that. 😀

Hot. Cold. Warm. Rain. Psyche. Just a few drops…

Nothing’s really changed in the at home stay in place and provide pets for the cats thing we’ve got going on here. The world is continuing to go through growing pains and I’m watching the social landscape shift. I can only hope that we come out of this stronger and with a focus on everyone having equal rights. I can’t believe we still have to fight for that but… here we are.

Whatever you do, if you are an American… please go out and vote. Do whatever you need to do to make that happen but just go do it.

We also need to be in a place where we can all heal. I am in that place right now. Too much outside pressures and just crap in the world can shove someone off their foundation and it’s important to stop and take some time to fix that. Find your footings again. Don’t lose sight of the person you want to be.

In other news, I’m hoping to have the Silk Dragon Salsa ARCs soon so I can do a blog tour and ask blogs if they’d like to review it. And if you are a member of my facebook group (link is on the sidebar) you know I do an ARC lottery there.

That’s kind of been taking up my life at the moment. Just scraping down old wounds, letting them heal and most of all, trying to figure out why I keep getting my ass kicked in Pokemon training battles. Okay that’s easy to figure out because I don’t have strong competitors but they are pretty. *grins*

The Revolution WILL Be Televised…

A lot of non-Americans don’t realize one thing.
All of this? It’s kind of a family argument.
Sometimes, shit’s gotta go down at the dining room table for the family to work their crap out. Like kicking the pervy uncle out or finding out your older sister is actually your mom. Or that your mom’s secretly been trimming your dad’s nose hairs every night.
Or that someone in the family has been hurting some of the kids and everyone’s been covering up for them.
And that shit’s gotta stop.
This is stuff we need to do. This is how America might need to grow and adapt because we really are fifty countries (and also some territories) banded together with our own problems and issues and cultures and laws and just everything.
Yet so much holds us together. Everything from sports, cotton candy, arguments over In-N-Out being better than Five Guys or Shake Shack (In-N-Out hands down for those in the back…and we’re not even LOOKING at Whataburger… that’s a shady shoutout to my Texas peeps).
And we are stronger moving forward together, even as those among us want us to be torn apart because for them, they thrive when people are oppressed, under-educated and suffering.
If you are worried about paying your bills or getting medicine for your children, you cannot spare the energy to speak up for those who are being beaten down. We in the family who do have that time, that energy, that voice need to speak up, need to march, need to push back and say… no, you will NOT do this to my brother, my sister, my mother, my father or even that stranger.
That is what it means to be American. To have that fight, and to continue that fight even after battling for so long… because it is the right thing to do.
So, we’re going to do this thing. We are going to continue to push until we break down the walls put up to hem us in, to make us smaller, to make some of us lesser than others.
We are a very young country as countries go. And we have so much to do to clean up this dining room table but damn it, that’s exactly what we’ve got to do. And that includes, making sure every single one of us is safe and thriving.

Damn it, Brain… get it together!

So I’m going to recalibrate.
I started Saint.
I wasn’t happy with it.
I restarted Saint.
I realized it’s getting way too soapboxy and I’m not in the headspace to write about Luke and James.
Which… is fine but now I have to pivot and think.
So I’m going to start something else and hopefully you all agree to follow me there.
Because I’m gonna go Murder.

Friday’s Borking Report!

Let’s bring some normal into my life because today was…. BORKING DAY!

Today’s Borking Report!
It’s very cool here today which is nice. His Aunt Jessica is switching his Borking Days to Monday and Friday so come next week, the Borking Reports will be earlier. Right now, the Potato is passed out in the middle of the floor. He was very energetic coming back today.

From his Aunt Jessica:
It was so nice out this morning! I think Gus had more energy to bark at everyone since it wasn’t so hot. I’ll see him again Monday!

Today’s Borking Report!

I rarely post Borking Day reports here but they are a thing. The Blond Potato goes for a Bork twice a week. He’s a hardcore power walker and his companion, Jessica whom he loves and adores, has to constantly remind him that he’s a 12 year old dog and he’s going to have some aches if he trots at warp speed.

For those of you who are wondering why the muzzle, it’s because he has a fear aggression and it’s a safety precaution. Because I believe people and dogs should be protected from Gus’s inbred genetic seizures of aggression, something he cannot control if he’s overstressed. We do ramp him down and de-escalate but it’s best to plan for every action. He’s also happier for it, feeling safer with it on.

Today’s Borking Report is pretty brief mostly because it’s hot outside. Despite Aunt Jessica arriving early, it’s kind of warm and well, Gus was very much complaining to her about us, life and the cats as they left. He got good scritches before he left so I don’t know what his problem is. He did come home, got stripped down quickly and had some water. Now he’s contemplating life and maybe a mid-morning snack from his kibble dish.

After that, I’m guessing he’ll nap. Because that’s what Furry Tater Tots do.

From his Aunt Jessica: Gus was a bit out of breath today! Lots of borking and very hot out (for the Potato)! Stay hydrated!

Watching the Masked Singer… Oh… and Silk Dragon Salsa Preorder!

I literally have no idea who HALF of these people are but they’re very talented. And gutsy because dudes, I sure as hell wouldn’t do it.

There’s nothing really new going on I can share. Share being the operative word. I did do a cover reveal for Kai 4…. Silk Dragon Salsa. So… much gratitude and awe for Chris McGrath for really capturing Kai in this cover.

Silk Dragon Salsa
SoCalGov Stalker Kai Gracen always knew Death walked in his shadow. Enough people told him that, including his human mentor, Dempsey. Problem was, the old man never told him what to do when Death eventually caught up.

Where Tanic, his elfin father and the Wild Hunt Master of the Unsidhe Court, brought Kai pain and suffering, Dempsey gave him focus and a will to live or at least until everything unraveled. Now caught in a web of old lies and half-truths, Kai is torn between the human and elfin world, unsure of who he is anymore. Left with a hollowness he can’t fill, Kai aches to find solace in the one elfin he trusts, a Sidhe Lord named Ryder but he has unfinished business with Dempsey’s estranged brother, a man who’d long ago swore off anything to do with the feral elfin child Dempsey dragged up from the gutter.

Reeling from past betrayals, Kai searches for Dempsey’s brother, hoping to do right by the man saved him while trying to keep one step ahead of the death haunting his every step. Kai never thought he’d find love or happiness as a Stalker but when Death comes knocking at his door, Kai discovers a fierce need to live life to the fullest — even if that means turning his back on people he calls family.

You can preorder the ebook at:

Paperback will be up shortly. 😀

There’s other things I’m waiting to share… and as soon as we get stuff firmed up, I can do that.

Mostly just working, staying socially distanced and um… working. And coffee! Because you know… Coffee.

Mother’s Day and News

Good Day to you all!

Why the trash panda? Because I adore them. Also, who doesn’t love a pretty trash panda?

Today is Mother’s Day here and I’m waiting for my mother to call back. They’re probably driving to Hilo to go put flowers on my grandmothers’ graves, a very ingrained tradition. The graves should be fairly clean and it’s a nice drive from my mom’s house to the graveyards so I hope it’s a good day.

It’s overcast here right now and I’ve got a lot of writing to do. Sadly, I also ache from doing too much stuff and took some meds to counter the cricks and pings in my joints so Gods help me with the dictation.

I’ll be having a cover reveal for Silk Dragon Salsa coming up this Weds at PRG so watch for the link to that. I’m excited to share what Chris McGrath has done for Kai’s new book and well, it’s coming out soon! July 14th! So soon!

Please be sure to reach out to the women who have given you support and guidance today and tell them how special they are to you. Hell, reach out to anyone who’s done that. Have yourself a good day. And most of all, be good to yourself.

Wonderland City as a Standalone is Out!

Xander Spade fled to Wonderland to escape the devil who took his soul, and fell prey to the Queen of Hearts instead. Now he has a chance to go home—but first he must find a missing girl before all Hell breaks loose.

**If you’ve already got the Devil Take Me anthology, the content has not changed. This is simply issuing the novella as a stand-alone 😀