Halloween Borking Report!

Yesterday’s Borking Report…

Sorry for being late but it was Halloween and there was a ton of stuff going on. Like all of the stuff. Despite this, the Potato was primed and ready to head out, hovering at my heels when I went to unlock the wooden door for Auntie Paige. Literally scolded us before we could chat, waited patiently for her to grab his leash and then it was… feck ya, ma… ah’m away.

He had a good bork and when he came back, Paige and I talked about Portugal and the benefits of spending more time in Porto than Lisboa as well as the food she encountered. And of course, the booze. Because well, if you haven’t ever been hammered off of ginja, were you REALLY in Portugal?

She got fat and happy about the cheese and the other fare… as well as discovering my mother’s people are very much carnivores and while she’s vegetarian, there was still plenty to eat. And of course, drink.

So a good time was had by all….

From his auntie Paige:
Good morning and happy Halloween!

Gus pooped in the middle of the sidewalk and only took a short break from borking to do so. Otherwise we didn’t find much to Bork at!

Thank you so much! See you Friday!

Best, Paige

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