Today’s Borking Report… and man it’s cold!

Today’s Borking Report!
I just got the picture for the day. Auntie Paige had a small dog poop emergency this morning and it kind of threw the day off but it’s all better now. We got her a London Fog Latte from Starbucks after the Bork as a pick me up for the morning. Because she deserves it.
It was chilly this morning and of course the Potato has been shorn. It’s sweater time and I need to go dig out his thicker clothing for the upcoming Winter months.
There was much borking today and we were scolded for talking a little bit. There are rules! When he came back, the Borker insisted on having his Auntie undress him. He wouldn’t come to me but eventually got stripped down to nekkid and he could roll about.
And right now, he’s eaten his dinner and is snorfling about to head over to his living room bed. There’s been a lot of shuffling about today. Just wandering about and settling in for naps everywhere he can. And of course, he just went to investigate the back yard a bit because well, I’m sure he’s telling the possums and other wildlife that it’s time for bed.
Also… our “trash neighbour” is a lovely man named Rich who brings the bins up for us. We also call him the trash faerie and every other week or so, I send gifts to him and his family. Mostly ordering in things that they’ve never had or stuff from the Asian bakeries that I know they would like. Sometimes a cheese and meat board. Because it’s a tremendous help and he’s a dear. Gus does like him.
From his Auntie Paige:
I’ve captured Gus’s enemy on the photo today. He was not happy about that noisy truck! Sure he also barked at your trash neighbor but the carpet cleaner was the real issue.
Thank you so much for having me as your walker!
Best, Paige

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