Ask Not For Whom The Potato Borks…

Today’s Borking Report!

It’s been really cold and rainy lately so the Borking Potato has been getting visits and scritches from his Auntie Paige instead of going for a Bork but today, he ventured outside a bit… mostly to roll in the grass and make sure the neighbourhood knew he was still on the job.

It was slow waking up for him because he was so comfy and snoring but I got him kitted up in his new jacket. When Paige got here, we let him decide if he wanted to go. He had a huge week with bathing, borking, and brushing as well as coming up onto my bed to sleep one night because he just wanted to. He used to sleep on my bed every night but… change is bad for the Borker and when I moved my bedroom around, he decided the bed was in a different dimension and he was just going to sleep on HIS bed in my room.

But… he must have been feeling a bit tender inside and wanted up. Went to his standard corner, fluffed up the pillows there and then crashed until it was time to get up. He has a much better time sleeping when he’s on my bed but well, seeing as my body springs massive leaks for no reason, it’s problematic sharing a bed with me. It worked out for him and he woke up feeling much more secure.

And right now, he’s snoring away. He needs a bit more brushing, especially his face but when he came back from his Bork, Auntie Paige visited with him for a long time, scritching his back, ears, and belly. So we have a very content Potato.

From his Auntie Paige:
So good to see you! Gus made it about two houses down before he said it’s ok to go home now. He did plenty of barking and grass nuzzling! 🙂

Best, Paige

2 thoughts on “Ask Not For Whom The Potato Borks…

  1. Retdatlast

    I have got to ask. I realise you live in a different time zone but what exactly do you call ‘cold’?

    BTW: Love the Potato’s wardrobe.

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