Today’s Borking Report… 10 Feb 2023

Today’s Borking Report…

It was warm enough and the Potato was moving well enough to go on a Bork. He’s gotten a few new beds with thicker memory foam and it’s a flat surface instead of the curved beds he’s had in the past. This of course means that Harley can claim a corner as hers and they can share the sleep space.

He was definitely happy to go on a Bork when his Auntie got here and the world was informed of his presence within moments of Gus leaving the house. As it should be.

It was a lovely day and the Potato had a great time!

From his Auntie Paige:

Gus started borking in the middle of this picture! He definitely fulfilled his borking requirements for the day. 🙂

Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re doing well after your procedure!

Best, Paige

2 thoughts on “Today’s Borking Report… 10 Feb 2023

  1. Katie

    Does his bed have heat? I use K&H heating pads for animals. They don’t get as hot as regular pads to be safer for animals. If you’re unsure about them, there are nonelectric pads that accumulate and reflect body heat. Both can be comforting for an achy animal.

  2. Retdatlast

    I feel slightly jealous. Am I seeing correctly? The Potato wears Burberry????

    Hope that was the last of the surgeries and that, along with the better weather, you also feel better.

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