Monday’s Borking Report…

Monday’s Borking Report!

After a long stretch of too-cold weather with periodic episodes of a sick Auntie Paige and a lazy Potato, we finally had a Bork!

Yesterday was kind of busy because the Potato’s Auntie Abby came by to help do some stuff around the house (’cause I am on restricted activities) so the Potato got some scritches and love before Auntie Paige showed up.

One look at his Auntie Paige and it was pretty obvious Gus wanted to go for a bork. So, he got all kitted up and went out the door… only to discover the Instacart delivery guy was coming up the walk. So… a MIGHTY bork before they even hit the sidewalk. Abby grabbed the bag and Gus made sure the driver knew he best be on his way because the Potato was going to throw some paws if he came near the Aunties.

Well, he borked up a fest then continued on his merry way. From what I could hear, he grumbled a bit just to warn people he meant business and then they were off.

He came back to even more scritches, a lot of love, and a doggy ice cream.

It’s hard to be a Potato….

From his Auntie Paige:
Gus had a mighty Bork today! There really wasn’t much to bork out at, so that’s nice. He had a relatively peaceful walk until we got to the end of the street and that’s where the mighty bork came out. Of course that’s all aside from the delivery driver but you heard that commotion.
Best, Paige

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