California, Rain, and Shoyu Chicken

It’s been a long long week and oh, most of it has to deal with medical stuff but let’s not go there.

Instead, let’s talk about other stuff.

We’ve had a shit load of rain here lately and while I love it, up North has had some huge storms and it’s a bit dangerous out there for people. So if you’re up in the very flooded parts of California, please stay safe and dry. And think about those who are outside of shelter. If you’re able to donate towels, bedding and socks to your local shelters, they would appreciate it.

I made shoyu chicken tonight for dinner. In a bag in the oven. Now I do like doing bagged oven chicken but normally it’s more of a savory tomato base. Not too much sauce but enough to coat or a dry rub that mingles well with the chicken juices. There’s something about those natural gravies when they go on top of rice. Okay, to be fair, one of my favourite foods is rice and some kind of gravy or sauce. Hell, even rice and kimchi is a great lunch / dinner.

And oddly enough, if I’m not feeling well, rice and kimchi or hot sauce soothes my nerves and stomach. Probably can blame my mom for eating a lot of kimchi when she was pregnant with me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

My fridge kimchi / kim chee recipe for a quick easy non-fermented kim chee.

Yes I know I flip the spelling. It’s been 50-50 with me since it’s been spelled in different ways during my life time. I’m not married to one or the other so, choose your own adventure there.

Not much else is going on. I have a piece I have to write for an anthology and the ideas are there so hopefully I can get words onto the page!

AND we’re in the Year of the Bunny so… WOOOOT!


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