More surgery! Ahead anyway…

So in the ongoing surgical news… in about a month and a half, they’ll be opening me up again and poking into my bladder to repair the sieve from that end. Until then, it’s stay the course, try to be healed more, don’t break anything, don’t catch anything, and most of all, don’t go stir crazy.

AND they dropped the new Indiana Jones trailer which… ah, Harrison Ford is a old school hard yes for me. Always has been.

I’m going to be making curry stew tomorrow. I’ll try to remember to post pictures. Cooking is hard because well, unbalanced still and I’m working off a new round of surgical gas which makes me even more scattered than normal. I’m like a drunk hummingbird.

7 thoughts on “More surgery! Ahead anyway…

  1. Sadonna

    OMG! WTH? You need a break from surgeries! I really really hope this is the final procedure. Enough already! Gentle hugs and sending you positive energy and healing vibes. Please take care of yourself <3

  2. Donna FOSTER

    I love Harrison Ford! Old school hunks are the best. Saying prayer 🙏for your recovery and return to good health, you’ve been through the wringer sideways and backwards these last 2 years. I am a BIG fan of ALL your books. Will we ever get “Bear’s HEA from 415 Ink series? He is so deserving.🤗

  3. Petra Rajgelj

    What you’ve gone through this year is just.. I don’t have words for it really. I admire your spirit! Hugs

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