Hocks and Greens Again…

I have O’Jenn Beshter visiting and she wanted hocks and greens so we’re having that for dinner. It’s simmering right now and honestly, it’s a good end of the year dinner.

There was high hopes for writing this weekend but visitors and cooking and well, talking. They just did the trolley tour of San Diego and saw the ice skaters and grabbed some boozy hot chocolate.

Nothing much else is going on. It’ll be interesting to deal with the New Year. I always watched the Rose Bowl Parade with my sister Jenn (the one who passed) so it’s kind of odd to see it and not hear her sniping about how the judges were wrong about voting one float as an award winner and not the other. Most of the time, I would agree. One of our faves was a dragon from… I thought it was a Thai company but I was wrong. But here is the dragon.

It’s always interesting to see art in unexpected mediums. I mean sure, those people are masters at it because they’ve been working with flowers for decades but still, just the manipulation of the medium is awesome.

Nothing much else is going on. Tomorrow is the end of the year and I am glad to see its butt over the horizon. Hope you all have a great New Year’s and that your coming months are fantastic.

2 thoughts on “Hocks and Greens Again…

  1. Sandra Gravess

    I used to love watching the Rose Parade. If I awaken early enough to see it, I’ll think of you and Jenn.

  2. Katie

    I went to CalPoly Pomona and worked on our float every year while there. It was amazing to watch the drawings develop, the steel frame continuing through sculpture, flowers and sleeping all night in Colorado Blvd to have a good spot to watch the parade.

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