Newsletter or Blog? Dogs and Ducks…

Covid’s been fun. So has the chest cold. Good times.

Currently I’m waiting for the rice cooker to finish so I can toss some hot dogs into the steam and let them warm up. Red hot dogs. Which some people tell me the East Coast also has. I’ll take their word for it. They are however the best kind of hot dogs.

Also if you got a duck from GRL, the deadline has been extended because people were taken down by a number of plagues. Once I get all the outstanding ducks, I’ll post them, pick a random winner or five, then spam the link out 😀


You know what helps dry clothes? If you turn on the dryer. Follow me for more insane life hacks! Like a classic golden oldie, do not choke on your own spit!

Due to my own plague-ridden existence, the Potato has not been on borks but it’s also been cold as hell. Right now he’s lounging on his dog bed. He is also going to get a hardcore grooming on Wednesday afternoon. Dunno what kind of trimm I’ll want her to give him but he should look tidy and sweet. It’ll last for about a hot minute before he rolls in wet grass or dirt but I will have tried.

I also have realized I haven’t even seen movies I’d wanted to see like the new (old now) Thor and the recent Ghostbusters. I mean sure shit’s happened but mind candy. I also need to restock my kindle but the sicknesses have wiped out my strength. And my ability to stay awake long enough to read. I do need too find a good mystery series I can binge on.

And someone remind me to get Thanksgiving stuff. I do love a good turkey.

And you know the worst part about laundry? FOLDING! Why is it so hard? And why do we act like we have to go down to the river to pound our clothes against rocks?

Goji has just joined us in the living room. It will be only a matter of time before she chooses violence and chaos. She had been napping on my bed with her brother, Badger. I guess she’s charged up and is ready for mayhem. I love and adore her but shit, she’s very well named.

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  1. Georgia

    I recommend the Daniel Owen Welsh mysteries by Ripley Hayes. She has a few other series, but this series has the most books (I like all her stuff). Happy reading! Yes, the East coast does have red hotdogs (at least in New York state).

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