Coffee, Ear Ache, and Rabbit Holes

Well, I still have my ear infection and the progress is going very slowly. I don’t ever have them so it’s a pain in the ass to manage. Still, docs are on it.

I do have coffee and life is good. I also had a black “mink” blanket I used to cover my sore knees but apparently a Badger needed it more. Said Badger is quite comfortable apparently. Also, he gives no fucks.

Now it’s no surprise … or it shouldn’t be… that I love cooking shows. Usually competitions (but not Cut throat Kitchen for personal reasons… actually no, I don’t like Alton Brown but that’s a personal choice… he’s too much of a hipster asshole to people and that irritates.)

I used to like him but he’s gotten meaner over the years and I wince at it. I don’t like that kind of sarcastic to do damage and sneering kind of behaviour. Also, see my dislike of Gordan Ramsey. And that Bar Rescue guy. But that just could be how they’ve groomed his appearance. It’s very much like that guy living down your street in Brooklyn who wants you to think he’s “connected to a Family” when in fact, his mom is more kick ass than he is.

Hopefully, that’s their “persona” but… yea, do not like. Of course, not like they’re staying up at night, awake and worried about what I think. Hell, they are what they sold me… paraphrased from TOOL.

I digress. This was supposed to be about Rabbit Holes and cooking. Because you know what I really love? Long videos of Japanese hole in the wall to bustling restaurants showing their kitchens and a day in the life of working there. I have no idea why but it is a soothing thing to watch yet another place make udon noodles. Or dashi. I’m there for it.

And if you are as well, here is a ktasudon place that looks fantastic!

5 thoughts on “Coffee, Ear Ache, and Rabbit Holes

  1. Have you watched My Kitchen Rules from Australia? I watch it on Prime here in Canada. I’m on season 6 (of 12) and really enjoying it. 😊

  2. Michael Simone

    Hopefully, when you say you have a “black mink blanket” that it is NOT made or real mink fur!!! If so, you’ve lost a devoted fan!

    1. Okay…. 1. “mink” was in quotes because it’s being used ironically.

      People often use quotation marks to add emphasis to certain words but they’re actually subverting their intended meaning. Quotation marks around words can instruct the reader to think the words mean something other than what they say. It’s like adding a wink to your statement, so people know you’re kidding

      2. If so, you’ve lost a devoted fan!….

      Okay… and bear with me here while I unpack my brain because I had a reaction I need to process. 😀

      Whenever someone does this to me or says this to me, it gets my ruffle up. I know it’s stupid. Because here I am agreeing with you that I wouldn’t own a mink anything other than perhaps a live one as a pet. A part of me is all… bothered I’m being judged and I’m not sure if it’s because I come across as someone who would own a mink blanket? I dunno. I have to process.

      But I do get very growly about stuff. I know that about me. AND I also know I’m hypocritical in this because I own leather jackets, leather shoes, and the inside of my Firebird is upholstered in black leather so… I’m being a hypocrite there. It’s like where is the line in the moral / ethics sand for me, right?

      I won’t eat horse or whale meat. I’m still on the fence about kangaroo meat or octopus. And even shark… I am loathe to eat it because oddly enough, it’s a Hawaiian spirit animal.

      So… to get back away from the inside of my brain case. “Mink” blankets are actually the term they use for a certain kind of Asian blanket. Although I think they also use them regularly in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Well and the US I guess but I don’t know if people call them mink blankets.

      Usually they are very gaudy with animals and stuff on them. Or even the Virgin Mary. Although I have seen some very nice ones. 😀 I only have plain ones. But man, some of them are insane.

      1. J JR Reich

        Do you watch Midnight Dinner? It’s not a cooking show, but the stories center around a diner in Tokyo. I love it.

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