Char Siu and a bit of Rambling…

I’ve got one week or so left before my hopefully last surgery. Seriously, I just wanna get back to sitting in traffic, paying too much for gas, and complaining about people in the Starbucks drive thru. Hopefully that will happen soon. I’m also sick of this whole thing dominating my life so I’ve spent the last few days working on projects and well, God, does my brain hurt.

So let’s talk about char siu. Possibly one of my favourite dishes in the world, especially when made into manapua / char siu bao. There’s just something about the sweet savoury pork and the yeasty steamed bread that hits the spot. Or even just a good glaze heavy char siu on rice. It’s fairly easy to make but oh, everyone has their own version. I highly recommend following Made WIth Lau. I do not follow the leave it out for 8 hours method but I do recommend letting it sit in the fridge then let it get to room temp before cooking. Also, sugar syrup for the last baste and if you are looking for red fermented bean curd, it CAN be purchased at many Asian online markets and even Amazon.


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