Sometimes The Good Guys Wear Blue

This encounter is taken from a body camera worn by Volusia County sheriff’s deputy Justin Ferrari. It has been edited to show the rescue of a woman and her children during a gun battle with her husband. The entire video can be seen on other channels but I’m only posting the edited version for brevity’s sake. The full video can be found here. If you watch the full video, you will get a sense of how fraught this kind of situation is.

All My Narrators. On One Platform. Time for a Giveaway.

That’s right, friends and fiends… ALL of the boys are on Twitter now. Okay, men. Our men with their silken, lovely voices and the acting talent they bring to the mic! Player Three has entered the game as Tristan James joins Twitter.

So to celebrate, I’m going to offer up THREE audiobook codes (in honour of the three guys) for your listening pleasure. Leave a comment below with your favourite line spoken by one of the three guys and be entered to win one of the codes. Doesn’t even have to be one of my books. Just something they narrated.

Haven’t heard the guys? Then comment and let me know which book they’ve done you’d love to hear.

Lastly, be sure to reach out and give the guys a hearty thank you for their time and efforts. They really bring everything to the mic when recording our books and work their damned hearts out.

Greg Tremblay:

Tristan James:

Spencer Goss:

Winners will be drawn on late August 3rd via random number generator.

Caution: Some ‘Murican Discussion Ahead

I’m not one to go heavily into politics here because well, let’s face it, I’m an author, not a pundit. You come to me for your murdery bits and fried rice. I know this. It is not a surprise. But indulge me for a thousand words or less.

I’m pretty far left Democrat in all things but I do demand the right get respect and acknowledgement. The country needs balance. We’re too big, too unwieldy of a nation not to require at least two shorings to hold us up on our feet.

That being said… as you knew there was a “but” coming… I do admire and respect Sanders. I think he’s a decent guy. I would love to see him change the world for the better. And I can also say that about a few Republicans so keep in mind, I’m not a down the party line voter. In this case, and if this is a surprise to you, I personally would be shocked, but I will be voting for Hillary.

I have some pearls in the back if you need them to clutch. Go on. I can wait.

See, it matters to me what people have to say and how they’ve voted in the past. How much experience they have and how willing they are to listen. I want my representatives in the government to know how to comport themselves and speak concisely and knowledgably about what needs to be done. I need someone who understands not everyone is like them. Some people struggle, having to choose between food or utilities while others don’t even realize there’s a gas bill. A lot of people attend public schools and go to Ivy League colleges, others go to private schools and go to Ivy League colleges. Still others don’t go to college. Some write. Some act. Some weld. Others sell you used cars.

But we’re all here. In this America.

Thing is, I’ve seen a hell of a lot of elections. I come from a very political, world-view-minded kind of state. I also come from a family of immigrants and an indigenous family from before the USA existed. I am a person of somewhat colour from a mix of cultures. I have gay and lesbian and “other” friends. I know poor and rich people both in money and in life.

What I don’t want to know is fear. I don’t want those I love to know fear. Hell, I don’t even want those I dislike to know fear. What we need is unity and to remember what it means to be American.

Being American isn’t where you came from, how much you have or don’t have or how much you know. It is fundamentally about living in a place where you are free to explore what life can give you. Life, by nature, isn’t fair. I’d be a naïve fool to say otherwise but there are opportunities and we, as Americans, can certainly seek them out.

This country was built on a variety of people. It will continue to thrive with a variety of people. People from different cultures, religions, palates, and lifestyles. In order for this Great Experiment that is us to work, we need to compromise and understand. I’ve said this before and probably will again—we cannot enter into a discussion to dominate the person next to us.

It cannot and should not be done. The moment you hope to “win” a discussion, everything is lost.

We need to identify what is important for all of us to survive with (and sometimes despite) one another and look for common ground. There is no Us v.s. Them. I don’t think a lot of people get that. There isn’t a versus in this equation. There’s no minus sign. And a division sign, well that’s just fatal.

No one is going to magically go away if one person wins a crucial vote. We’re all still going to be here.

Together. In this boat. Rowing.

So we either row together or we go in circles. Our choice.

Or sink. We can do that to. But once again, our choice.

But the conditions of that boat is what’s key here. Look hard at the promises and decisions being made to and in front of you. Look really fricking hard. Search in your heart and really look at things. We need to keep our focus. Keep the rights we have and fight for equality for all people. We need to make sure our people… ALL of our people… do not go hungry and have a place to call home. The American Dream is a lofty one but the American Reality is within our grasp, especially if that Reality is achieved by all of us pulling together. We are a nation of strong-willed people and have risen to challenges before. We can rise to the one ahead of us. I know we can.

We have before.

For God’s sake, look at the changes just in the time I’ve been alive. Look at how far we’ve come, steering this lumbering, multi-headed beast of a nation. We can do this.

Vote. Vote not for what you’re afraid of now but for what we can be proud of in the future. Look to the world we want to leave ourselves in four years…in eight years… in two decades. But most of all, in this time, look to your neighbour. See that person standing next to you for who they are. Not for the clothes they wear. For the food they eat. For the language they speak to their spouses. For the colour of their skin. Or for the gender of who who they love. Look instead for the dreams they have for their lives. For their children and even for their parents.

We all want the same thing… a good life, a happy life and a safe life. Let’s make that happen for everyone…because we can.

Funky Friday

DSCN5732I’ve been in a mood of late. It’s a flat, stale mood with punctuating stabs of blergh. A lot of this has to do with crap in life but a lot of it is really just my brain not wanting to turn over. Like a bad starter in a beat-up car.

Someone I kinda know asked me why I write. Not how or what but why. It’s actually a pretty good question because really, if you want to test your ego, I’d suggest writing a book. Because sometimes the resulting pie-splatter is like a poisoned bukake special at the two-for-one massage parlour.

There are some benefits though. For every really shitty review there is usually a balance, someone telling you they liked XYZ. There are some people I know will be shitty to me. And some who won’t be. It’s kind of a crap shoot but eventually, you soon learn people’s names and then you can say… oh yes… THAT person. Or oooohhh THAT person.

But does that make me a better writer? Reading praise and/or bashing? Not so much. It does lead me into a bad head space….which is so not good when trying to write.

Why… why do I write? Or rather why am I not writing at the moment?

Sometimes it’s the words. Or the scenes. Because sometimes I can totally see a scene and want to capture that. Other times, it’s like staring at a world coated in that chalkboard paint where everything rubs off and I’m left with nothing but powdery crap on my skin.

I will admit, when I started writing…. I had no idea the depth of hatred people have for a book. It’s astonishing. Balance that with the positive of someone really touched by something strung together out of nothing but words.

Guess which one I remember more? Go on. Guess. Take your time. I’ll wait. *grins*

Yeah, the negative but to be fair, too much of the positive can lead to a bit of arrogance no one truly needs. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I think the truth of the matter doesn’t lie in the positive or negative, as much as I dwell on whatever my brain grabs in the moment. Instead, the why of writing pretty much comes down to the story. And what I want to tell.

I’ve forgotten that part of the equation. For all the good, bad and the pressure, I just want to tell a story. I’ve books coming out. Two of them. Kai and Half Moon 2. They’re written. They’re done. I’m going to worry and fret over them like I did Absinthe of Malice and everything that’s come out before that. And everything that will come out afterwards. But when it’s all said and done, it’s whether or not I’ve done my best.

I usually do. I’ve tried and I’ve written the best I could do. At least the best place my mind could take me during that story’s time. And I need to be okay with that. *grins*

I did however make failed quesadillas the other day but that’s not my fault. How was I to know they sent me this vegan cheese that refused to melt and too thick organic tortillas?