Going to GayRomLit? Find me and get a Neko!

Who’s going to GRL in October? (my brain’s stuck on Yaoi Con in September)
See these Neko arigurumi by SwallowT? Be sure to come grab one from me because… there’s gonna be a contest. And a really nice set of prizes.
But you can only enter if you have one of the arigurumi. And there are only 100.
13775846_1204860839538291_5868825232725171014_nDetails to follow.

18 thoughts on “Going to GayRomLit? Find me and get a Neko!

  1. Sadonna

    OMG!!! So cute! My black kitty has taken to hiding again unless it’s just me here ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Rhys!

    This sucks! I was set up to go and all my favorite authors weren’t making it. I know I chatted with you when the audio book for the last McGinnis came out. Know I bummed. I’ve cancel everything all ready too! Have a blast! I will miss not seeing you! I’m glad you are going though.

    Smooches! Laura

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  3. Paula R.

    I’ll be there, probably walking around with a lost and excited look on my face(it’s my first convention). Hope I get a chance to meet you!

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