All My Narrators. On One Platform. Time for a Giveaway.

That’s right, friends and fiends… ALL of the boys are on Twitter now. Okay, men. Our men with their silken, lovely voices and the acting talent they bring to the mic! Player Three has entered the game as Tristan James joins Twitter.

So to celebrate, I’m going to offer up THREE audiobook codes (in honour of the three guys) for your listening pleasure. Leave a comment below with your favourite line spoken by one of the three guys and be entered to win one of the codes. Doesn’t even have to be one of my books. Just something they narrated.

Haven’t heard the guys? Then comment and let me know which book they’ve done you’d love to hear.

Lastly, be sure to reach out and give the guys a hearty thank you for their time and efforts. They really bring everything to the mic when recording our books and work their damned hearts out.

Greg Tremblay:

Tristan James:

Spencer Goss:

Winners will be drawn on late August 3rd via random number generator.

29 thoughts on “All My Narrators. On One Platform. Time for a Giveaway.

  1. Janel Carr

    “And Miki’s probably mellowed a bit since you’d met him.” When Forest side-eyed her, she amended, “A bit. The words I used were ‘a bit.’”

  2. Elizabeth

    My favourite line is Greg Tremblay’s “Kill him, my children,” from Buried Memory by Adam Wright. It’s very old-style evil villain. It made me laugh out loud the first time I heard it and earned me a few strange looks. Worth it!

  3. viveremarie

    “Sarang hae yo” in Cole’s attempts at Korean. I’m learning Korean through his attempts! (A horrible platform for that, I know.)

  4. I grinned, foolishly happy all of a sudden, then scowled. “Oniichan, that was a good word, right? Wasn’t that brother? Or was that demon? Oni something.”

    “Aish.” Ichi got out of the car and slammed the door behind him. “You need to learn some Japanese.”

    …GT’s inflection and accents were PERFECTION for the entire book (as usual) but especially here – every time I get to this section his voice for Ichi’s reaction tickles my funny bone and makes me grin. 😀

  5. Fabiana

    I can’t choose just one line.
    I love Tristan and Spencer. They narrated two of my favorite books: Tequila Mockingbird and Fish Stick Fridays 😊.
    Right now i’m re-listening Tristan James on Duck Duck Ghost,
    while I wait for Absinthe of Malice to be release on audio.

  6. Val Barden

    Tristan James line in Slow Ride. ‘Nope. Miki gets pissy when he’s mad.” The way Tristan pops the p on nope is priceless!

  7. jenf27

    I just started listening to audio books, so don’t have a favorite line. But, if I got to choose one of their audio books, I would select Dirty Kiss.


  8. Josie

    I absolutely LOVE Greg Trembley’s narration of “Blue Days”, particularly when Dwyer is describing Takeo’s personality and his interactions with people.

    “People would come to him, bursting with enthusiasm, and he…killed it…dead. He could suck the life out of any room he walked into.

    I really liked the book when I read it, but all the nuances and layers that Greg puts into these lines brought the characters to life for me in a way my mind could not.

  9. I can’t pick a line. There is too much pressure. They are all fantastic. I have bought each of the books as they come out on audio, so just have to wait for AOM.

  10. Elizabeth B

    I can’t recall the exact quote, but Kane and Miki are about to go to bed together for the first time and Kane tells Miki to take s good look because he’s staying. Love that Irish purr.

  11. I haven’t gotten to listen to very many audio books. I absolutely loved the Cole McGinnis series, so I’d love to start with Dirty Kiss.

  12. Toni

    I’ve just started listening to audio books (and I don’t know why I waited so long!) and I’ve started getting some of my favorite books on audio. I don’t have a favorite line so far. I just started listening to Tequila Mockingbird (yes, I’m listening out of order…) and loving it so far. I’m excited for the rest of the Sinners series and the Dirty series as well.

  13. PJ Sherven

    I am a h-u-g-e audiobook fan, and am so glad to see the volume of books available keep increasing in your genre. As the owner of few hundred audiobooks, let me tell you the narrator makes all the difference. Greg is always consistently good and I appreciate his work. Tristan turns my knees to jelly; especially when he speaks with that beautiful rolling Irish accent! More please,,,,

  14. Bethany

    Another huge audiobook fan and I think I have all of your books in my library. But I only found you because of how much I love Greg Tremblay’s voice. I followed his work and discovered yours! I don’t have a favorite line but I do have a favorite voice – Bobby’s distinct growl is exactly how I imagined him. I was prepared to not like Spencer Gross out of loyalty to Greg but he won me over in Fish Stick Friday. Now I am anxiously waiting for the latest Sinner’s gin to go audio. Thanks for bringing great narrators together with your wonderful books.

  15. Teresa C

    Since i just heard this sentance, and cackled out loud, I have to agree with “a bit. The words I used were ‘a bit’.”
    But, I can hear that p in “nope”, though I think the p I am thinking of is in Whiskey and Wry between Sionn and Kane? “Miki’s mean when he’s pissed, so, um, nope.”

  16. Oooh, there’s so much to choose from! I’m a big audio book fan and I can “devour” several a week. I also a big fan of Greg Tremblay. I love his different voices and especially for all the characters in the Dirty Series, especially.

    The quote I’d like to share, though, isn’t from a MM romance book at all. It’s from a scifi book he has narrated and I listened to it recently so this quote is fresh in my mind, and I laughed when I heard this. The book, The Terran Gambit by Nick Webb, is a space opera slash action adventure, and there are a lot of characters here. He does a distinct voice/accent for each of them. This one Greg delivers expertly with a posh English accent. It’s an Admiral of the Earth Resistance telling the “bad-guys fleet” to f**k off over the comm speakers in the whole fleet, in his own words. LOL! I wish you could hear it.

    “The comm crackled to life again, this time with a distinguished English accent. “This is admiral Pritchard of the USS Fury, speaking for all United Earth ships. Admiral Deodatus, good day to you, sir.” The Admiral’s voice sang out of the speakers as if the British gentleman were simply inviting an old friend over for tea. “I’ve been in contact with Earth Fleet command in Dallas, and I believe I have an answer for your Emperor. I may not have my terminology quite right, sir, my North-American counterparts employ an odd vocabulary at times, but my superiors have directed me to answer you … to suck our hairy balls. I believe they meant bollocks, sir. Also, to get the hell off our comm channel–it’s what we’re using to communicate with each other to blow you out of the sky, after all–do be a gentleman about it.”

  17. Michelle

    “Bacon is not chocolate.” I am a HUGE fangirl of all three of our beloved narrators, but if we’re going for a single line, Spencer just nailed the indignation of a little girl being denied chocolate. 🙂

  18. Colin Hardy

    I really love Fish & Ghosts, I know that Tristan has narrated it so this would be my choice if I am lucky

  19. Sadonna

    Honestly you have the best narrators. I have loved everything I’ve listened to so far. I don’t have Clockwork Tangerine though 😉

  20. kitkat

    Well, I can’t find the quote I want. 🙁 It was about Jae’s photo of Cole.
    So I’ll give you this quote from “Dirty Heart” instead.
    “I wandered out to the fence where the miniature horses were nibbling at something grassy in a trough. One sauntered over, obviously the Aramis of the bunch, and stuck his head out to be scratched. I obliged, finding a sweet spot on his dainty forehead because he leaned against the fencing and made a very unhorselike noise. “Screw Mad Dog Junior,” I muttered at Jae. “I want one.”

  21. bluesmokey

    I agree with Teresa C above. Love all these narrators. They are just so good at making all the characters just pop! So fun 🙂

  22. debby236

    Hi, I cannot pick just one line but know I love audio books. I would love Cole’s first book.

  23. nordicgirl_2013

    It’s impossible really to pick just one favourite sentence when all three narrators have done such phenomenal jobs voicing your written words, but one of my favourites is from Fish and Ghosts: “That dog is about as sensitive as the rocks I found on the bottom of the pond,” Wolf scoffed. “And about as intelligent as the algae growing on them.” 😀


  24. “Ta-Da!” Rook in Murder and Mayhem.

    It was my first time listening to Greg, and that little word (or two?) has stayed with me ever since.

  25. Dee Slate

    So many to choose form, but here’s mine :It’s when Bobby tells Cole he’s seeing his brother, Ichi. “Because I thought -f**k. There’s no easy way to tell tell you this, Princess, but I’m f**king your brother, Ichi” I loved that. I played it at least a dozen times 🙂

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