Dim Sum Asylum Cover Reveal and Excerpt… Now a Full-Length Urban Fantasy Novel! Coming June 9 from Dreamspinner Press.

And the lovely and fantastically talented Anne Cain​ JUST sent me the final piece, the cover.. so here you go, Roku MacCormick and Dim Sum Asylum. Now a full-length novel and coming out on June 9, 2017!

Dim Sum Asylum is now up on Amazon for pre-order. (Cover will be updated as soon as Amazon gets around to it) AND the Dreamspinner Press link to follow shortly. Just remember, if you purchase a paperback through DSP, you get the ebook for free. So watch the sales and take advantage of DSP’s two-for-one offer.

When I wrote Dim Sum Asylum for Charmed and Dangerous, I really want to revisit the world at some point. About a year ago or so, Lynn West at Dreamspinner Press said… hey, you know Dim Sum Asylum? I want it as a book. So, an additional 85,000 words or so, Dim Sum Asylum is now a full-length novel and I got to play with all the growly, scaly things I wanted to. And man, it was fun. The original story is woven into the novel and I tried to keep as true to the original as I could but there were some changes. A few. *grins*

And a Bonus Saturday Excerpt from the new Dim Sum Asylum. Continue reading “Dim Sum Asylum Cover Reveal and Excerpt… Now a Full-Length Urban Fantasy Novel! Coming June 9 from Dreamspinner Press.”

There’s This Guy Now LIVE on Audible!

There’s This Guy is now live on Audible! Narrated by Greg Tremblay.

And it can be found at: http://www.audible.com/pd/Romance/Theres-This-Guy-Audiobook/B06Y3C7KQS

There’s This Guy
How do you save a drowning man when that drowning man is you?

Jake Moore’s world fits too tightly around him. Every penny he makes as a welder goes to care for his dying father, an abusive, controlling man who’s the only family Jake has left. Because of a promise to his dead mother, Jake resists his desire for other men, but it leaves him consumed by darkness.

It takes all of Dallas Yates’s imagination to see the possibilities in the fatigued art deco building on WeHo’s outskirts, but what seals the deal is a shy smile from the handsome metal worker across the street. Their friendship deepens while Dallas peels back the hardened layers strangling Jake’s soul. It’s easy to love the sweet, artistic man hidden behind Jake’s shattered exterior, but Dallas knows Jake needs to first learn to love himself.

When Jake’s world crumbles, he reaches for Dallas, the man he’s learned to lean on. It’s only a matter of time before he’s left to drift in a life he never wanted to lead and while he wants more, Jake’s past haunts him, making him doubt he’s worth the love Dallas is so desperate to give him.


Mandala Entries and Winner!

I got a lot of entries, some of whom squeaked in at the last minute but honestly, I am so very amazed at the wide range of talent you all have. Now, the winner was chosen by a random number generator and that winner is…..


Congrats Ron! You win a $50 Gift Certificate to the etailer of your choice!

But wait! There’s More!

Everyone who sent me a mandala wins a $10 USD gift certificate to the etailer of their choice!

So, if you want to claim your mandala prize, please email me at rhysford(at)vitaenoir(dot)com and let me know where to send it to!

Thank you all and every one of you rocks!

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Mandala contest closed!

I will be posting the entries tomorrow at some point! Today’s my mom’s birthday and I’ve got some wording to do.

In case you were wondering, it’s hot in Hawai’i, or at least where my mom is right now. We’re also experiencing a bit of a heatwave in San Diego. Or at least a massive amount of sun. I know, it’s a rough life.

That being said, I’m on the brink of a sex scene so…. *cracks fingers* wish me luck.

Mandala Colouring Contest!

Be sure your entries are in! I will be posting the entries and drawing the winner when I get back into the US!

In other news, I got eight hours of sleep last night. Or thereabouts. Close enough. We’ve been doing a lot of wandering but I’m getting some writing in as well. Because you know, wording is important.

What are you all up to?

Back in the UK!

I am back in the UK. The Salon du Livre was fantastic. Dreamspinner Press and Reines-Beaux were lovely for hosting us and it was a lot of fun. Tiring but fun. We had a huge influx of French readers as well as meeting a few French authors, including the lovely and adorable Rose Darcy (whose books I want in English so I can savor them).

At the moment I am in Swindon and planning out the day. Which will probably include a lot of coffee, chatter and maybe Indian food. Or at least a chippie shop stop. Curry sauce. That might be necessary.

I also have to visit with my godcairn, Halle.

There’s a lot of stuff going on over at home… politically. Bah. We just need to ride this out and try to keep each other and the environment safe.

I’ll have pictures once we get all organized. Much love.

The Glorious Cairn Princess Halle… Oh, and three of the Five. Penn, Tamm and Lea.