Sometimes The Good Guys Wear Blue

This encounter is taken from a body camera worn by Volusia County sheriff’s deputy Justin Ferrari. It has been edited to show the rescue of a woman and her children during a gun battle with her husband. The entire video can be seen on other channels but I’m only posting the edited version for brevity’s sake. The full video can be found here. If you watch the full video, you will get a sense of how fraught this kind of situation is.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes The Good Guys Wear Blue

  1. Jan

    We sometimes take the good guys (and gals) for granted until we need them. I hope this guy had a supportive partner or spouse to go home to that day. I hope when he put away his duty weapon, stripped out of his uniform, and sweat-soaked vest there was someone who was there to listen or maybe just ease the burden of the day away. Imagine having to be ready to make the right life and death decisions every day with no margin for error. Yeah, thanks to the good guys.

  2. Kendra Patterson

    I think the press needs to be showing these videos more than the videos where cops screw up. Then maybe people wouldn’t be so afraid of the police.

  3. In real life I’m a 911 dispatcher and it’s things like this that keeps us going. When you see the news it’s only the sensational part and not always the good. I remember about a year ago You Tube was up in arms because an officer in our area pulled a baby out of the arms of it’s father before taking him down.

    The child was about 2. The man was extremely high had two felony warrants and had just taken the officers on a pursuit for two counties. He also used his baby as a shield to get into the store. – the video showed the fact that the child was used as a shield and if you listened you could also hear the man threaten to kill the child.

    What did the people see … the officer pulling a screaming child from his father’s arms. To safety I might add, but you get the point.

    Not every officer is good and they are all only human in the end. That being said, they put their lives in danger everyday to try and protect us. We need them.

    Thank you for posting this video. It meant a lot.

    1. Taking him in custody, they tazed him and arrested him. – Just clarifying the taking him down comment – they didn’t shoot him.

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