Brief Rundown of LA and Rebel News!

So I owe the blog a really long post about hitting Los Angeles with Greg Tremblay and well… sheesh, everything we did. And everyone we met up with.

I want to say thank you to everyone who came out for the Reader Dinner on Friday! It was awesome! Fabulous time and god, all the food. Seriously, all the food. I’ll post pictures of food at the end. Or in the middle. Or something.

Dragging Greg around Los Angeles was fun and we did a Pendle Run so he could see where dragons were born. The Firebird is great to take on long drives and with some good music, life’s even better.

We met up with Tristan James for drinks at the Normandie Club and chatted about projects. And then went to leave but only to hook up with another narrator, Amy Landon, at a restaurant on the corner where we did a quick bites and chat.

Most of the LA trip was kind of strolling around and kicking back. Our last dinner was at Sushi Enya, which is a place I highly recommend if you want great, pretty affordable sushi. We didn’t take pix at Enya mostly because… it was kind of just a dinner of talking and well, damn fine fish and beer.

In other news, I’m officially announcing Tristan James will be narrating the 415 Ink series and he’s started on the read of Rebel.

And man, I need more sleep and coffee. But… I’ve got Savior on deck then Kai 3 is right after!

4 thoughts on “Brief Rundown of LA and Rebel News!

  1. zamaxfield2013

    I am so sorry I missed you guys this time, I was a bit under the weather last week and I missed EVERYTHING. Next time, LOVE Y’all bunches.

  2. Food, Glorious Food!!! All those dishes look scrumptious. And I’ve been tempted to make a BCD Tofu run to my local place… Thanks for holding that fantastic Friday dinner with you and Greg and friends. 😀

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