Well, today is a day of writing, coffee and telling the cat not to shove her chin against the laptop screen because she’ll push it back and break it.

It’s also Greg Tremblay’s birthday! So if you see him around, wish him a merry Cake Day and celebrate his existence. God knows, I do.

Coffee has been made and I’m heading back into 415 Ink: Savior. I’d love to get the cat off of the laptop’s table which is apparently wide enough for a laptop and a cat ass but sadly, the cat ass is heavy enough to push down the table in a very slow descent so I don’t realize it’s dropped a few inches until my shoulders begin hurting. It’s a constant thing. Remove cat. Cat returns as I write. Remove cat. Get caught up in writing, cat ass returns and sits on the Q side of the keyboard. Endless struggle. Said cat ass is about 9 pounds so she’s a bit of a drag on the table.

I’m not even sure why she sits there. NEXT to me is warmer and she’s more likely to be scritched.

New Cat HarleyDoodle is settling in. She and YoshiCat are still figuring out their relationship. They both want to play but well, they’re also both thugs we’d brought in off the street so there’s a bit of Sharks and Jets to the whole thing. Hopefully they’ll figure it out. It’s not a fighting per se but more of a hiss WTF?

The dog is scared of both of them and works to get out of their way. HarleyDoodle leaps on him and attacks his tail and YoshiCat swings by to beat him about the head for shits and giggles.

Okay… coffee and words. I have a snoring dog keeping me company today.

2 thoughts on “Saturday!

  1. Laptop heat from fan. My cats also love to sit by laptop and will mope if I have it moved over too far for cat butts. Which they will then place right on TOP of said laptop till I move it over

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