Sunday Morning in LA

Funny how I can go for a 3 am crash time but when I go to bed early and wake up at the normal time, my body is all… no no no, go back to bed. Hard shaking off the tired from yesterday.

Greg Tremblay’s come to visit from New York and we spent yesterday doing the Pendle Run then had dinner with a bunch of voice actors/narrators he knows. Lovely time! Much fun! All the voices!

Friday was a fantastic dinner with a few readers and a couple of my friends. We went to BCD Tofu (no one got shot or blown up despite being the restaurant I have Cole go to in the books) Today is a trip down to Little Tokyo and char siu ramen. And hopefully more coffee because you know, that’s key.

I’m about at the halfway point of 415 Ink: Savior. The book is unfolding in different ways than I’d expected which isn’t bad but it’s been a … huh, okay that works… kind of ride. Things happen along the way of a book, like the brain grabs at something and folds it into the narrative.

Okay, time to catch up on the bottom of my coffee cup and Sunday. What are you all up to?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning in LA

  1. Cherry Starr

    The agate and copper wire pendants I made for Christmas were a hit and are in high demand for birthday presents now. Two of which are at the end of January. I made one today and plan to make another tomorrow. What you are doing sounds like more fun.

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