Books For Walnut Cove…

Old books

Not news: I had a giveaway on Goodreads. News: A woman named Samantha Martin won a copy of Sinner’s Gin. Better News: She enters giveways on Goodreads are for the library. In her email tome she writes: …All the books I win, buy, etc I add to our library collection. Would you mind if after I read Sinner’s Gin if I add it to our collection?

Dear Samantha, I not only do not mind, I want to reach out to the other authors and readers I come into contact with and ask if they’re willing to ship Walnut Cove a book or two.

Now Samantha hasn’t asked for this. No, I’m being intrusive and am asking for Walnut Cove donations by myself. For you see, libraries are where I started this journey into books. A very small library in He‘eia as a matter of fact.

There wasn’t money for books and my family wasn’t one that valued reading. I caught a lot of shit for it from certain members whom I no longer speak to but there was something inside of me that was resolved to read, damn it. And ah, the He‘eia library was where I started.

Free Books! Dear fucking Gods, it was like nirvana and an ice cream store rolled up in one. I was SIX and they let me have BOOKS! By the way, I just Googled the route I took and found out it was almost a mile and a half from my house to the library. My parents should have been shot for letting me walk that far and back. But enough about their parenting skills. *shakes head* library

The gist of this is LIBRARY!

So when I read Samantha’s email asking me if I minded having Sinner’s Gin added to the ranks of the Walnut Cove Library, I was touched and more importantly, determined she’d have more than my measly book.

Now comes the begging.

I am asking anyone…author or reader… to please send Walnut Cove a new or good-as-new book or two. Doesn’t have to be a lot. And your shipping IS tax deductible as a charitable contribution in the US. She says there is a healthy GLBT readership there and a few YA probably wouldn’t go bad on the shelves there either. Heck, if you’ve got a few bucks in Amazon, use them for cheap books and send those off.

No matter. Whatever you write or read and can spare, please send it off to them. Pass the word around if you can. Anything would be nice.

I’m going to say thank you now for that kid who walks to that library and reads a book that is financially out of reach for his/her family. Because I was that kid and I’m sure more than a few of you were too.

I’d love for Samantha to get more books than she will know what to do with but hey, I’m realistic. If she gets five or ten, that will rock. I’ll be sending her mine and a few others.

She does not know I’ve asked for this. Drop her a note with your books and tell her they are for the Cove or whatever you like. Just say hello and a big thank you for the people working in the small spot of heaven in NC.

Thanks, guys.

Shipping Info:

Walnut Cove Public Library
Attn: Samantha Martin
Post Office Box 706
Walnut Cove, North Carolina 27052

Physical Address for UPS or FedEx
Walnut Cove Public Library
Attn: Samantha Martin
106 West Fifth Street
Walnut Cove, North Carolina 27052

Dirty Laundry et al….

I have no idea if et al is even being used properly here but fuck it. I shall be a pseudo-intellectual and use it that way. *grins*

In the flurry of rankings and the tussle with Whiskey and Wry, I forgot the thing I was going to do today….release Dirty Laundry’s cover.

So…without further ado… Here it is. Once again, done by Reece Notley*.


Oh…and Bobby IS getting his own book. His “person of interest” is introduced some place in Dirty Laundry.

* In case I’ve forgotten to inform all of you… I’m Reece Notley. *nods* It’s the name I do my art under. I’ve done all the covers for my books with the exception of Dirty Kiss which was done by the incomparable Anne Cain…she who fricking rocks a palette.


You’re Number One! And so is Sinner’s Gin.

A person can write alone. When they are wearing the Writer hat, it is a lonely business. However, once those words leave the person, they become more…belong to many more people. And once a story has gone through the layers of Beta and Editing, the person has to set aside the Writer hat and put on the Author hat.

But keep in mind, that Author hat is not of their making. Everyone contributes to it. Every person who purchased the story has woven a stitch into that hat. Every review, every edit and every suggestion made by a Beta is a part of that hat.

And sometimes, that hat reaches such great heights… but not just because of the person wearing it but because of the people who CREATED it.

Sinner’s Gin hit number 1 today on Amazon’s GLBT fiction charts. To be specific…

• #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Gay & Lesbian
• #1 in Books > Gay & Lesbian > Literature & Fiction > Fiction > Gay
• #2 in Books > Gay & Lesbian > Literature & Fiction > Fiction > Romance

So for everyone of you here… I toss the Author hat in the air and say Wooooooot. You have flown me…and Sinner’s Gin… much higher than I’d ever thought it would go.

Thanks seems so small a word. But it’s all I’ve got.

So Thank You. Very Much.




Of Dogs and Words…

I’ve spoken about Gus Gus before. He’s my cairn terrorist that suffers from an anxiety disorder of epic proportions. We’ve been working on it for some years now and it’s made all the more difficult because cairns are by nature, very stubborn and headstrong dogs.

Gus Gus is no exception to that rule. They are like cats in a dog suit most of the time which makes behaviour modification rather difficult. We’ve come a long way. A LOT of trial and error as different trainers…different philosophies were tried out to help him not go Full Metal Jacket on everything.

No, he’s definitely come a long way.

Right now, he’s sitting on the couch next to me. Today is a “needy” day. A day when he’ll spend a few hours shoved up against my leg and needing a bit of cuddles once in a while for reassurance. Just to make certain his world is doing okay. In a couple of hours, the mail trucks will come by and he’ll go ape-shit in trying to kill the noise but for right now, he’s just a grubby little boy dog that smells vaguely of wet leaves despite the fact he’d had a bath a couple of days ago.

Dogs are kind of like books… well writing them anyway. You never know what you’re going to get and sometimes, you have to fight with it to make it behave.

Whiskey and Wry is such a book. Pity I put Dude in Sinner’s Gin because honestly, all I need to do to make writing this would be a cairn terrorist in the middle of the plot. *laughs*

*stabs this book*

Book Title: Whiskey & Wry

Words Written: 55,000
Words Used: 5,410
Hours spent Writing and Editing: 118+
Number of Reboots: 5

Number of changes to Male Lead Love Interest’s name: 7
Number of changes to Male Lead Love Interest’s sanity: 2
Number of changes to Male Lead Love Interest’s employment: 2

Amount of times Writer has muttered at book to just fucking behave and go forward: Numerous
Amount of times Writer has told Old Man Dog to get out from under the computer desk: Infinite

Looks Cat gives me when I begin to mutter: Priceless and stinking of “You’re crazy”.

Holy Crap…Dudes…Sinner’s Gin hits Top Ten

Fucking hell, this morning… Sinner’s Gin hit number 8 and 10 in its genre categories on Amazon. Dudes… I am… okay truly, I am so very grateful and damn… words. I can’t haz them.

Thank you. It’s all ’cause of you. *does happy dance* Thanks, guys. COFFEE FOR ALL!

Ps. Patricia love, send me an email please 😀