Dirty Laundry et al….

I have no idea if et al is even being used properly here but fuck it. I shall be a pseudo-intellectual and use it that way. *grins*

In the flurry of rankings and the tussle with Whiskey and Wry, I forgot the thing I was going to do today….release Dirty Laundry’s cover.

So…without further ado… Here it is. Once again, done by Reece Notley*.


Oh…and Bobby IS getting his own book. His “person of interest” is introduced some place in Dirty Laundry.

* In case I’ve forgotten to inform all of you… I’m Reece Notley. *nods* It’s the name I do my art under. I’ve done all the covers for my books with the exception of Dirty Kiss which was done by the incomparable Anne Cain…she who fricking rocks a palette.


22 thoughts on “Dirty Laundry et al….

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Tantalizing and pleasing to the eye. I like the hint of neon glow in the title letters. The covers are all classy. You are blessed with many talents.

    1. thank you. the glow was set up by Anne. I needed to replicate the original feel so the reader knew it was all the same series.

  2. Verena

    WOW!!! It’s perfect! I think it’s my fave cover in the Dirty series so far.

  3. Treasure

    Nice! This is the 1st time we’re seeing Cole’s face isn’t it?

  4. shadowkiss

    I just love all of the covers in this series! Amazing. I forget, how much older is Cole supposed to be btw?

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