Dirty Laundry et al….

I have no idea if et al is even being used properly here but fuck it. I shall be a pseudo-intellectual and use it that way. *grins*

In the flurry of rankings and the tussle with Whiskey and Wry, I forgot the thing I was going to do today….release Dirty Laundry’s cover.

So…without further ado… Here it is. Once again, done by Reece Notley*.


Oh…and Bobby IS getting his own book. His “person of interest” is introduced some place in Dirty Laundry.

* In case I’ve forgotten to inform all of you… I’m Reece Notley. *nods* It’s the name I do my art under. I’ve done all the covers for my books with the exception of Dirty Kiss which was done by the incomparable Anne Cain…she who fricking rocks a palette.


22 thoughts on “Dirty Laundry et al….

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Tantalizing and pleasing to the eye. I like the hint of neon glow in the title letters. The covers are all classy. You are blessed with many talents.

  2. shadowkiss

    I just love all of the covers in this series! Amazing. I forget, how much older is Cole supposed to be btw?

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