Holy Crap…Dudes…Sinner’s Gin hits Top Ten

Fucking hell, this morning… Sinner’s Gin hit number 8 and 10 in its genre categories on Amazon. Dudes… I am… okay truly, I am so very grateful and damn… words. I can’t haz them.

Thank you. It’s all ’cause of you. *does happy dance* Thanks, guys. COFFEE FOR ALL!

Ps. Patricia love, send me an email please 😀 rhysford@vitaenoir.com

40 thoughts on “Holy Crap…Dudes…Sinner’s Gin hits Top Ten

  1. Verena

    I knew people would love it. It totally deserves to be number 1. I need to do more pimping. 😀

  2. ivarisha

    Congrats! and be sure – you deserve it! the book is great! So emotional, so captivating. I love the scene between Miki and Donal. Like all you works – worth reading 🙂

  3. ivarisha

    I like all Morgan family 🙂 They are noisy, crazy, loving, caring, free, wise… kinda perfect?

    1. Thank you love. It’s been a crazy ride with this book. It’s either loved or hated. Actually that’s kind of been all of my books 😀 Smooches.

      1. Angel

        Now if only you can work faster and give me more amazing boylove, we would be best friends:D But seriously, please write faster?

      1. Angel

        *passes hot toddy made with the good brandy and honey* This will sort you out real fast:) Feel better soon!!!!

      1. Angel

        Taking your laptop to bed would be more fun, specially if you are high on flu meds.

  4. Conny

    Love your books. Can’t wait for the next one. I do agree with Verena, you deserve to be number one. At the moment Sinner’s Gin is Nr. 5 on the top 100 List (Gay & Lesbian) in Germany. Hope you fell better soon.

    1. Oh god! Thank you! *HUGS* Wow. Thank you. I appreciate it from you all over there. So so so much. *squishes*

      I’ll feel better soon. DAMN IT! I want to finish writing this book!

  5. lydia

    i’m not surprised. this was an outstanding story. any idea when we will see more? i hope the morgan brothers and kel will pop up again. thanks for the great read. lydia

  6. I’m not surprised either! IT was an AWESOME story and I fell in love with the characters—they all came alive for me thanks to your superb writing! I couldn’t put the book down. Congratulations 🙂


  7. treasure

    Doing a little happy dance here in my chair for you. The book and you so deserve the love.

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