*stabs this book*

Book Title: Whiskey & Wry

Words Written: 55,000
Words Used: 5,410
Hours spent Writing and Editing: 118+
Number of Reboots: 5

Number of changes to Male Lead Love Interest’s name: 7
Number of changes to Male Lead Love Interest’s sanity: 2
Number of changes to Male Lead Love Interest’s employment: 2

Amount of times Writer has muttered at book to just fucking behave and go forward: Numerous
Amount of times Writer has told Old Man Dog to get out from under the computer desk: Infinite

Looks Cat gives me when I begin to mutter: Priceless and stinking of “You’re crazy”.

18 thoughts on “*stabs this book*

  1. Angel

    So it’s all going according to plan then? 😀 (post Christmas boredom, I can’t stop trolling)

    1. Not for the Dirty series would you believe. It’s easier with Cole’s first person. *nods* The create couples for each book is problematic because they have to “fit” into one another.

  2. Angel

    I think you need to dedicate more time to some Kpop for inspiration…and eye candy…omnomnomnom…

  3. Treasure

    wait so Miki and Kane aren’t the leads in every story in the series? Hmmmm I thought they were going to go solving each mystery like Jake and Adrien. Is Dude going to be in each book? and as I spiral off into a tangent, how are Miki and Kane doing taking him for his big boy surgery?

    1. Ah, each book will deal with a different couple… *hint* You’ve already met one of the leads in each of the following books in Sinner’s Gin. *grins*

      Miki and Kane will play a central part in each book. *nods* You’ll be seeing a lot of them. Everyone’s interconnected.

      Dude will be around. *nods* I’m probably going to chum a Miki and Kane novella at some point. There was just so much to deal with in the book… and I couldn’t deal with ALL of it. Miki’s a special little baggage. *nods* So you’ll definitely see a lot of those two boys.

  4. Thank you! I feel like a failure when I do all of the above things (except for the dog stuff, because we don’t have a dog). But if you do them, then I don’t feel so bad. 🙂

    1. Oh no, don’t feel like a failure at all. I figure if you haven’t written yourself into a corner or had to retrofit a story, THEN you’re doing something wrong. I think it means you can see the story lines. *grins*

      Trust me, you don’t want the dog stuff. It was a… REALLY, dude? Just go lie back down. 😀

  5. chrysalis1975

    You poor Angel! It sounds like this one is taking the stuffing out of you :-). You’re tough, though, and you’ll wrestle these darn characters into shape 😉


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