Of Dogs and Words…

I’ve spoken about Gus Gus before. He’s my cairn terrorist that suffers from an anxiety disorder of epic proportions. We’ve been working on it for some years now and it’s made all the more difficult because cairns are by nature, very stubborn and headstrong dogs.

Gus Gus is no exception to that rule. They are like cats in a dog suit most of the time which makes behaviour modification rather difficult. We’ve come a long way. A LOT of trial and error as different trainers…different philosophies were tried out to help him not go Full Metal Jacket on everything.

No, he’s definitely come a long way.

Right now, he’s sitting on the couch next to me. Today is a “needy” day. A day when he’ll spend a few hours shoved up against my leg and needing a bit of cuddles once in a while for reassurance. Just to make certain his world is doing okay. In a couple of hours, the mail trucks will come by and he’ll go ape-shit in trying to kill the noise but for right now, he’s just a grubby little boy dog that smells vaguely of wet leaves despite the fact he’d had a bath a couple of days ago.

Dogs are kind of like books… well writing them anyway. You never know what you’re going to get and sometimes, you have to fight with it to make it behave.

Whiskey and Wry is such a book. Pity I put Dude in Sinner’s Gin because honestly, all I need to do to make writing this would be a cairn terrorist in the middle of the plot. *laughs*

6 thoughts on “Of Dogs and Words…

  1. Treasure

    No reason not to add another dog. Maybe a nice field lab that can run like the wind.

    And special congratulations to Gus Gus.

  2. Treasure

    Well maybe not a psychotic one, just yanno special. With all all those Morgan cop’s surely one could end up in the K-9 unit? Or maybe the firefighter? They use dogs in arson investigation. Personally I think Donal would love a nice big retriever that would swim with him, and retrieve the pool skimmer when Dude hides it.

    1. Dude is a special kind of dog. *nods* A bit of a thief. *laughs* I based him partially on a dog my mom has who steals EVERYTHING! She even plants things in the garden and he “retrieves” them for her as she goes. She turned around and found a heap of seedlings. He would pull them out, gather them all up in his mouth and follow her down, putting them back down again right behind her. Mojo is a bit of a derp.

  3. Patricia Grayson

    My friend and I met a young man on the beach here — he had a swimming labrador, the man watched the dog swim. We watched the man. Sigh. Better than beachcombing seashells.

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