4 thoughts on “ChatGPT and Sorted…

  1. lea

    I follow a guy on TikTok and insta (Bobby Hicks of @ retrorecipeskitchen) that does recipes from the mid 1900s and he’s started occasionally doing a recipe and asking us to guess if it’s an actual recipe, or an AI generated one. I can’t always tell.

  2. Sandra Graves

    The chances are any “generated” recipe simply wouldn’t work with my dietary choices. But, it would certainly be interesting.

  3. Retdatlast

    Love this series…been following the ‘normals’ and the ‘chefs’ for many years. (Though, by now, the ‘normals’ are pretty chefy.)

    They are a hoot when they do Pass It On or when they review ‘pretentious’ ingredients’.

    Highly recommend this series.

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