Today’s Borking…er… SNORING REPORT!

It’s been a long week for the Borking Potato. He went into the vet for an emergency visit because he had an ear / eye infection flare up along with his allergies. A shot or two later and a bunch of meds, he came home and we began to get him to feeling better.

His Auntie Paige is on a trip but he did have his Auntie Abby drag him into the tub for a good scrub today. Despite getting treats (and well ear meds) he sulked in the guest room on his bed there the rest of the day.

Coming out for more evening meds, the Potato chowed down on some high protein grain-free dog food and then crashed for a nap.


He actually just woke himself up by snoring and accusingly eyed us as if we did it. His Auntie Abby also washed his bed so it’s all fluffed up and he’s pushed it halfway off the memory foam when he snorkled around to get comfortable.

It’s hard to be a Potato.


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