So… Back from the Hospital. Again.

Long story short… I got sepsis and it hit hard last Thursday. Kinda sketchy for the first couple of days because well, it was like being run over by a train… very sharp pain, like being sliced by a ringing cymbal and deep chills. High temp and general fuckery. But strong antibiotics helped calm it down and I was released on Sunday.

I still feel like I’ve been run over by a train. Go figure.

You all are probably as sick of hearing about medical stuff as I am experiencing it so let’s talk about other things.

I do feel like my brain is slowly cracking loose of the shell formed aroouond it. Yeah, it’s been a hard haul these past few years but the grey matter has shown signs of arousal… excitement even about writing. or rather at least constructing scenarios which is always good.

On the reading front, I’m going through the JJ Graves series which are a nice light cozy set about a small town coroner and her sheriff husband. Good constructed plots. Nice twists. There’s a bit of a twee thing going on with a faux-sentient laptop but I’m hoping that dies down soon. It’s kinda icky. It’s bordering on being a Cousin Oliver so I’m just sort of skimming at those bits but the rest of it is damned solid for a brain delve.

Finished TA Moore’s Dirty Job (Book 2 of the Dirty Deeds series) I really love that the MCs are not good guys. I do. Link to it here. Honestly, go check out the series. Such tight writing.

The Potato went to the vet on the same day I was entrenched in the ER. He has a fungal AND a bacteria skin infection so he has all the drugs as well as eye stuff because on top of everything else, his tear ducts don’t work.

Been playing Pokemon. Trust me. When you’re stuck in a hospital room, you either Pokemon or Read and Pokemon was easier because I hurt too damned much to keep anything I read. I’m getting kind of bored with the selection of pokemon popping up in the game. Needs a bit more excitement. Okay, for me it’s like stamp collecting.

That’s been pretty much my week. My arms are mottled with bruises from IVs and attempts to IV and also blood draws…and attempts to draw blood. Better than it was the last time but still, I come home looking like some kid got at me with a purple marker. Do not eat the food at the hospital. That’s all I’m gonna say.

7 thoughts on “So… Back from the Hospital. Again.

  1. Jane

    I’m so sorry to hear that you keep having surgery. I hope that you are well soon. This has got to be a bummer.

    I miss your writing and especially the Kai Gracen series which is one of my favorites.

  2. Petra Rajgelj

    I wish I could help somehow. I’m holding everything crossed that this shitstorm you’re going through stops soon. You are one of the bravest people I know (if only on FB) and you have every right to complain. All I can do is send you hugs.❤️

  3. Retdatlast

    Yes, hospital food can kill you.

    Stay away from it (and from operating rooms.)

    Sending positive vibes your way and that of the Potato.

  4. Michael simone

    I’m awfully sad to hear that you were in the hospital again!
    I’m glad you’re out now.
    I hope you get better soon!

    I’ve been having withdrawal’s from reading your work for several years now.
    You are above and far away my favorite author! In fact, you are one of the best all time authors I’ve ever read!
    I own every one of your books you’ve published in paperback, as I refuse to by an electronic reader and read books digitally! It’s just not the experience I love holding a book in my hand and not having a screen push an electronic light into my eyeballs.
    I’ve been a Senior IT technician for the past 28 years, so, I know technology, however, I’ve gotten my fill looking at computer screens in my professional life, I don’t need another computer screen to look at in my personal life

    I’ve even gone to any lengths I can to purchase any compilation books with short stories by you, just to be able to read your work again!
    I’ve been waiting… And waiting… Maybe not so patiently… For Bound: Chinatown Demons to be released in paperback.
    Is there an address to your publisher or something that I could have to contact them and demand the release of Bound: Chinatown Demons on paperback??

    When will book two of Chinatown Demons be published? I know you’ve gone through one bad health problem to another these last few years, but wondered if you’ve been able to start it or work on anything, perhaps in more recent months?
    Anyway, I’m happy to hear you’re wanting to get back into the swing of things with your writing!!!!!
    I really … REALLY can’t wait!!

    Although the T A Moore books sound interesting, I’m not a fan of her writing style. Which is strange, as your my favorite author, and you obviously like it. But the short stories I’ve read by her, in the compilation books I’ve gotten to read the short stories in them you had written, were really awful in my opinion. And the one or two books I’d gotten by her in the past, I sent back when the writing style was such that I couldn’t even get into the stories.

    The JJ Graves series sound interesting, but from your description they’re heterosexual stories in nature, and I’ve lived too long in my life having to stay afloat in a sea of heterosexual domination, blasting my psyche and making me feel less than or not apart of, that I’ve only read gay based MM stories for the past decade.

    I’ve never been a gamer, so I’m not a pokemon fan either… Lol
    But I’m glad it was able to help while you were in the hospital.

    I’m also really sorry to hear about your dog being sick.
    I know how a dog becomes a part of your family.

    My dog is not a pet!
    My dog is my kid! My baby.
    And when he’s sick or there’s something about his health that needs fixing… No expense is too great to help him get better!

    I just took my dog to the hospital today for a 11,000.00 TPLO surgery on his back knees cause the ACL ligaments are torn. He can still walk, and it doesn’t cause too much pain, but it’s gotten worse and on his left hind knee I hear the bones clicking together in the knee socket so have discontinued taking him for walks.

    Anyway, I’ve been wound so tight for weeks with anxiety and stress because of the surgery, which was supposed to be today.

    Well, having to take sleeping pills the night before to get even a few hours sleep, and probably making my dog filled with fear as my brain goes to the worst case scenario, with the anesthesia worries, and then smoking half a pack a cigarettes sitting waiting in my car for word the 3 hour surgery was successful, the surgeon came out to say they couldn’t do the surgery today and had to postpone it 2 weeks cause he has a bad allergy rash infection on his inside thigh and groin and they couldn’t chance any infection near his knees. So, I’m going to have to go through this whole stressful process again in two weeks. So now he is on antibiotics.

    Plus my dog went through a horrible emotional trauma with the whole thing, and coming out of the anesthesia etc. Now I have to put him through that again?? I’m so upset.

    Anyway… Sorry to go on this extended diatribe.

    Please get well soon!
    Your writing is very missed!!

    1. Thank you and so much love for you. I’m the holdup on Bound 2 because of well, no brain. BUT you’ll probably be okay to hear I’m working on it 😀 And hopefully soon.

      I’d say for Tamm, give the Dirty series a try. I think you’ll love them.

      The JJ Graves books are pretty much good mystery reading. That’s kind of where I’m at in the moment and they give a break from all the stuff.

      And oh god yes, my pets are my babies. TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!

      I trily appreciate you for reaching out. Thank you!

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