Home Nurses, Milk Coffee Boba, and Internal Organs

I can honestly say I’ve not given my kidneys much thought other than to stay hydrated and making sure I take care of my innards. Now since a variety of medical pros have taken an immersion blender to my guts and I’ve been left with the tangle of tubes, it’s been a constant battle to not only remember these things sticking out of me but also to keep them contained. Home nurses make an appearance like today, go over me like digging for fossils and then leave. But they are nice.

There’s also a barely adult kitten named Goji who has been actually quite well behaved about them and the other two cats couldn’t care less. Mostly they’re disgruntled because I’m more sprawled out on the bed and there’s less cat room for them. Badger did crawl under the blankets for my first surprise nap of the day and sit on my side. Then he decided I was too warm and came out, snuggled then took off.

Surprise naps are commonplace. Usually they hit after food but some days, they pass me buy. Or bedtime strikes very early. Listen to your body… sleep when it tells you but also eat on a loose schedule.

Now today I’m craving more Milk Coffee boba with egg pudding so that’s what I’m going to do. All the cats are asleep. The Potato got a bath from his Auntie and now he’s snoring off the exertion of being in the water. I’m watching Youtube videos of cooking shows and people trying food while drinking lots of water.

All of this tubing should come out on the 17th but that’s only if the CT scan on the 16th is clear. I will TMI and tell you there are things people don’t think about telling you like the disolving stitches actually float out of you so don’t be shocked by them appearing suddenly and sometimes drain wounds take the longest to heal. Also, showers are glorious things.

So that’s the update for today.

3 thoughts on “Home Nurses, Milk Coffee Boba, and Internal Organs

  1. Kathy Stice

    Speaking of TMI, I once had sinus surgery and after a couple weeks, one of the black dissolving sutures came out when I blew my nose. For a few seconds too long, I thought it was a spider!

  2. Nancy Staab

    Those pesky “dissolving” sutures. Reminds me of “Bound” where Xian Carter complained about how bullets would work out of his body.
    Be well!

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