Bean Burrito and Happy Potato

Can I tell you all that half a carnitas quesadilla and a small bean, cheese, and sour cream burrito with green salsa tastes soooooo good. And I probably should also give credit to the pain pills I took but hey, stomach is holding up.
Doggo is also eating his dinner in a much delighted state.
I’m sleeping a hell of a lot. Like I get up, do some meds, take blood sugars, eat, stare at some videos then tap out. Which apparently is what I’m supposed to be doing but it’s so not me. I’m all… I can do all the things…and my body is all… sure you can, Shirley… here’s the fucking bed.
Uterus being gone is odd. Like the constant pain that was there is missing. There’s other pains, different ones but the sharp edging all of the stuff from the past few years is not there. I spent so much time dealing with it, handling it while at conventions and work so it’ll be interesting to see how I do now it’s not there. Years of it and well, despite all the horrific complications, that piece being gone is nice.
The tubes are annoying but hey, kidneys gotta kidney.
Smooches to everyone and hey, share with me a picture of a pet and tell me about them or your favourie animal!

3 thoughts on “Bean Burrito and Happy Potato

  1. Cherry Starr

    Hi Rhys. Happy you are home. The thing that sticks in my memory after my hysterectomy was I had so much more energy after recovery. It was like I was no longer bleeding out so my body didn’t have to spend all it had making more blood.
    I can’t figure out how to send you a picture of my fur babies here. Maybe I can do it on Facebook. Stay Safe.

  2. staphysagria owlglass

    Wishing I could send you Max’s purrs, he purrs so loudly, I nicknamed him “the purrinator”. Feline purring is supposed to have beneficial effects on their human personnel. So I hope your cats give you healing purrs,too. Take care, get better, greetings, yours staphisagria

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